Pinterest Boards Upgraded with 3 New Features

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Pinterest Boards Upgraded with 3 New Features

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    Pinterest has announced that they are coming up with three new features for their boards. The introduction of these features will help users become more productive on the platform.

    As of late, Pinterest came up with stats that Pinterest boards are seeing a surge, especially during Covid times. The company reported a 35% year on year growth on the newly created boards monthly.

    Below are the categories that have seen tremendous growth in board creations:

    1. Gifts 
    2. Essential Goods
    3. Baby Products
    4. Home workout
    5. Home Improvement

    The above queries have also seen a spike in searches and saved pins.

    Pinterest has also shared the absolute percentage growth for boards created for some products, as mentioned below:

    1. 95% increase in women’s fashion
    2. 83% increase in essential everyday products
    3. 70% increase in family Christmas gifts
    4. 44% increase in beauty
    5. 36% increase in home decor

    Seeing the sudden uptick in board creations for a few of the categories, Pinterest has come with new features for boards allowing them to get more out of their curated boards.

    New Features Include:

     1. Notes to Self

    You can add notes to your already saved pins by adding private notes to them. The addition of private pins can be pretty useful when you revisit the pin and forget about why you saved the pin.

    Notes to Self

    Source: Pinterest Newsroom

    2. New Board ToolBar

    A New board toolbar has been added, making it easier for users to sort through the collection of pins. A new easy to navigate section is also present on the top of the screen showing the actions that can be performed on that particular board. This feature has become a necessity as active boards nowadays easily contain an average of 150 pins in them.

    New Board Toolbar

    Source: Pinterest Newsroom

    3. Board Favorites 

    Pinterest is also testing a new feature that will enable the pinners to mark their favourite pins on the boards. They can do it by tapping the star icon below the pin. Pinners can also sort boards through favourite pins, making it easier for them to find ideas and take action on them.

    Board Favorites

    Source: Pinterest Newsroom

    Additionally, they have also touched upon on some emerging trends on Pinterest

    • At-Home Workouts

    Health and wellness boards have seen a phenomenal growth with titles such as “workout videos” (6x), “gym workout for beginners” (7x), and “grounding exercises” (5x) are growing on average by 5x times.

    • Home Improvement

    Boards for home improvement have surged with titles such as “homeschool room design” (11x), “furniture projects” (+68%), and “small home gyms” (+48%) are leading the foray. 

    • Babies and Baby Products

    There has been a historical surge in boards created for “baby products” (78x) as people are busy creating wishlist and baby products to buy for their babies.

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    Pinterest Boards Upgraded with 3 New Features