Price Drop Rich Result Introduced By Google

Recently, Google modified its Product Structured Data documentation with the latest Price Drop Rich Result for E-Commerce website product pages, also known as Price Drop Appearance. The most interesting part about Price Drop Appearance is that a product page can become easily eligible for this rich result. 

Structured Data and Google Rich Results is a community responsible for creating, maintaining, and promoting schemas for structured data on the Internet. structured data was created by some of the leading search engines like Yahoo, Yandex, Google and Bing. Google shortlists specific structured data types used to display rich results in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

It has been seen that product rich results are positioned well on Search Result Pages that helps in increasing the CTR.

Product structured data highlights review stars, product pictures, etc. on the SERP, which differentiates the particular result.

Have a look at the Screenshot of Price Drop Appearance Rich Result

What is a Price Drop Appearance?

“Price Drop Appearance” is a rich result that helps the viewer to understand the lowest rate of a particular product via Search Engine Result Pages. 

Google will be tracing the cost used for the “Offer” structured data on the dedicated product page.

When the stock’s cost is modified, Google will update its rich result called “price drop appearance” that shows there’s been a price drop for a particular product.

How to Be Qualified for Price Drop Rich Result?

As per Google’s renewed Product Structured Data documentation page to become eligible for the price drop appearance rich result, add an Offer structured data type to your Product Structured data not an “AggregateOffer” type. Also, note that the price needs to be definite, not a series (For Eg: it can’t be $40.99 to $111.99).

Also, be assured that your structured data type is correctly implemented to take the maximum benefit of the price drop appearance rich result.

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Price Drop Rich Result Introduced By Google