Google : Slow Google Ranking Declines Over Time Can Imply Your Site Losing Relevance

Google’s Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller, made a statement regarding sites that have recorded less and less traffic over several months or even years from organic searches. According to him, it can mean that such sites “overall aren’t being seen as relevant as before”

Someone asked John Mueller a question on Twitter related to sites that gradually witness a drop in traffic over many months and years from Google organic search & what it means.

John Muller responded with:

“Slow changes over time are sometimes a sign that your website overall isn’t being seen as relevant as before.”

What do you think could be the reason why Google finds the site not as relevant as before? Below are a few possible reasons listed by John:

  • Sometimes that’s content
  • Sometimes design
  • Sometimes functionality
  • Sometimes bad targeting
  • sometimes other things

He further stated that often, “there’s no simple answer or “one thing” to change.”

Here is the tweet:

John Mueller's Tweet

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Google : Slow Google Ranking Declines Over Time Can Imply Your Site Losing Relevance