TikTok in Social Commerce – Platform Tests Links in Bio

TikTok In Social Commerce - Infidigit

The social video platform, TikTok, recently began a new experiment, marking its entry into the social commerce space. Available to a select number of users, the app is testing a feature which allows users to add links to their bios and posts. These links shall direct audiences towards products or services on various platforms. 

TikTok in social commerce – How does the platform benefit from it?

As per some of the recorded videos circulating online, the app allows people to buy products featured in the videos directly without leaving the app. This measure can prove to be a significant step for TikTok in the social commerce space. With influencers in most social apps already benefiting from this linking feature, TikTok enters the competition late but with an advantage. 

TikTok recently hit the one billion download mark on both the App Store and the Google Play Store. When looking at the global user base, India ranks first with 466.8 million downloads. That is almost 31 percent of the total number of downloads. Whereas, Instagram, the other app that offers linking options in its social posts and bios, has 376.2 million downloads. 

This feature can be a lucrative addition to TikTok’s social commerce plans, as it already has shoppable advertisements available on its platform. 

TikTok in social commerce – The future

With apps like Instagram and TikTok in the social commerce space, the e-commerce market can witness the rise of an influential avenue to reach users directly. As more than two billion people are expected to buy goods and services online by 2021, the social media platforms have a big market to tap into as the months progress. 

With the limited test update continuing to run its course in the USA, the Asian market, especially India and China, could prove to be a gold mine when the feature goes global.  

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TikTok In Social Commerce - Infidigit

TikTok in Social Commerce – Platform Tests Links in Bio