SEO & Digital Marketing Weekly Round-up News | 23rd to 29th May 2022

Chirag Patel, the SEO Jedi at Infidigit, infuses Rock & Roll into SEO discussions. He shares insights on evolving SEO strategies. An experienced Senior Manager in Digital Growth, Chirag’s expertise includes SEO, ASO, and content strategies.

SEO & Digital Marketing Weekly Round-up News | 23rd to 29th May 2022

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    We are back with another edition of Infidigit’s weekly roundup news series. My name is Chirag, and I will be taking you through some of the Digital Marketing updates from last week.

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    Let’s start with today’s episode,

    • Google Launching May 2022 Broad Core Algorithm Update

    Google has released a broad core algorithm update on May 25, 2022. It will take roughly two weeks for a complete rollout. Don’t be alarmed if you observe fluctuations in data.

    • Google Ads CPC Bug Inflates Click Prices By 300%+

    There was a bug where CPC amounts were incorrectly increased in certain non-US campaigns. However, later on, the same day, this issue was fixed.

    • Google Analytics 4 Doesn’t Support Google AMP Yet

    According to Krista Seiden, the Google Analytics guru, GA4 does not currently support with AMP pages.

    There are many websites that heavily rely on AMP, and not having access to such a feature is a big miss.

    • DuckDuckGo’s Search Deal Prevents Browser From Blocking Microsoft Trackers

    It was discovered that DuckDuckGo’s mobile browser transfers data to Microsoft-owned properties when visiting certain websites.

    This is a serious privacy threat for website owners.

    • Google Ads Adds New Audience Targeting & Reporting Features

    Earlier this week, Google Ads emailed some advertisers about three new audience targeting and reporting features such as

    1. You can now reusing audiences across campaign types in Google Ads.
    2. A new simplified view of your audience reporting is live, making reporting even easier. 
    3. Audience type name changes are live in your Google Ads audience reports and console.
    • New Google News Trial Being Tested

    Google is Testing a new Grid Layout For Ads for both desktop and mobile. The news portal looks more news like and is a bit refreshing.

    We have added links for the all the news updates in the description box

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    See you next week!

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    SEO & Digital Marketing Weekly Round-up News | 23rd to 29th May 2022