SEO & Digital Marketing Weekly Round-up News | 21st June to 27th June 2022

Welcome back to yet another episode of Infidigit’s Weekly Round-up News series. This is your host Akarsh and we have some interesting updates from last week such as Google limiting the HTML file size for indexing and Shopify releasing more than 100 new features. So let’s get started!

Googlebot will crawl and index the first 15MB of content per page

Google has updated its help document on Googlebot to specify that Googlebot will crawl up to the first 15MB of the HTML file for crawling and indexing purposes. And let me remind you, this is not inclusive of elements such as images or videos. 

There has been a lot of commotion in the SEO world to understand how much 15MB is. Let me assure you this is just a threshold number, an HTML file usually weighs around 2MB to 3MB on an average. 

Mark Williams beautifully explained that the size of an HTML file with a file size of 15MB is worth 15,728,640 characters that roughly comprises about 3,346,516 words.

First up, Google Clarifies How To Use Product Rich Results

Google has updated its product rich results support page to add details around how these rich results can be used for product variants where each product has a separate URL. The document clearly states that the product schema can be used for a specific product page and not a category page that comprises a list of products. Adding on, it further clarifies, if a particular product has variants, i.e. different colors and sizes the page may be ineligible for Product rich result.

Google News Redesign Launches On Desktop

Users can now customize Google News on desktop to meet their specific information needs thanks to a redesigned version.

This update adds:

  • The ability to add filters
  • Customizable topics
  • An expanded Fact Check section

This new look has been inspired by the constant feedback received from its readers

Shopify Unveils 100+ New Updates & Features

Shopify has released its Summer ’22 Edition, adding more than 100 new features, including NFTs, Twitter shopping, tap-to-pay on iPhone and many more.

The next update is from Twitter where Twitter Launches New Shopify Integration to Boost eCommerce Opportunities

With Twitter’s new partnership with Shopify, it will enable Shopify merchants to list their products on their Twitter Professional Profiles.

The shopping feature includes a carousel display of products on your profile, and/or a dedicated product display page.

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SEO & Digital Marketing Weekly Round-up News | 21st June to 27th June 2022