22 Neat Tricks to Generate Engaging Content Ideas

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22 Neat Tricks to Generate Engaging Content Ideas

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    It won’t be wrong to say that the Internet is driven by content. However, in today’s climate of content consumption, the decisive factor that makes any content stand out is its originality and quality. Whether it is website content, blog posts, ads, short movies, or anything else, generating new and engaging content ideas is the key to any business’s sustained success.

    So, how can you get these captivating content ideas? Let’s find out!

    Why is Unique and Engaging Content Important? 

    The answer to this question is twofold. One pertains to general human psychology and the other is targeted towards the advanced algorithms that search engines use. Let’s see what both of these entail:

    • Search Engines Prefer High-Value and Fresh Content

    Google has started rating content based on its originality, quality, and value. The search engine algorithms are evolving and getting better at analyzing these three factors intrinsically to ensure that high-value and unique content gets ranked higher for the search terms relevant to the content.

    • People Want to Read Something Engaging and New

    Your content marketing strategy should always factor into account the value of the content for the consumers as well. Unique and engaging content keeps the viewers hooked, and also encourages them to share it across various channels. Moreover, if the consumers are taking away some helpful insights or learning from your content, they are more likely to return to your website and even subscribe for regular updates.

    22 Ways to Get New Content Ideas to Create Engaging Content

    1. Create Bundled Lists of Topics in Advance

    Creating a list of content topics is more important than you think. Whenever you are ready to develop new content, it is imperative to create a list of topics in advance rather than going one by one. It saves time, helps you tap into the most happening trends in the niche you are writing about, and generates the best blog content ideas!

    Ideally, you should create a list of content topics for at least two months in a go, so your content marketing strategy can seamlessly incorporate these content ideas.

    2. Explore Social Media Channels

    Social media is where you can get the most valuable insights into consumer behavior. Social media is a great tool to generate the most relevant and ‘trendy’ content ideas that can generate the most views. 

    It is also smart to engage with your social media followers to get a peek into their minds about what types of content they would like to see from you. Post some questions in your stories and find out what common answers you are getting, and new content ideas will start pouring in immediately!

    3. Keep a Close Eye on Your Blog Comments

    If you are looking for a goldmine of content ideas, just take a peek into your blog comments section. If your readers like your content, they will themselves suggest blog post ideas in the comments about something that they would want to read on your website. You can even go as far as reading comments on your competitors’ blogs to get ahead in the game.

    4. Take Input From Your Audience Directly

    As previously mentioned, pushing out content that your audience wants is the best way to boost the views on your blogs. The most effective way to generate new content ideas is to ask your audience directly. Put out polls on your social media channels about what type of content your audience might want to see next from your website. You can even put up feedback forms where your readers can directly suggest new content ideas and even provide valuable feedback on how you can improve your already existing content!

    5. Perform Comprehensive Competitor Analysis

    What your competitors are doing is always going to factor into any content marketing strategy you develop. The same goes for content ideas. There is a clear line between using their concepts and titles for generating new content ideas and plagiarism. There’s nothing wrong with getting informed about what your competitors are doing and finding out what topics you might be missing out on to fill in the gap.

    You can even go as further as creating better quality content with more value offered for the same topics that your competitors have written about. For example, if one of your competitors has written about a topic titled “5 ways to create engaging YouTube videos”, then you can try to one-up them by writing a topic titled “10 ways to create engaging YouTube videos”.

    You can also get inspiration from the competitors’ FAQs on their websites to get more content ideas to work on. A thorough SEO competitor analysis is imperative to create a proper content strategy for any website.

    6. Deep Dive into Google Search Suggestions and Popular Searches

    Using this technique is not only good for finding new content ideas, but also long-tail keywords with low competition. Just do a quick Google search on any broad topic of discussion that you would want to tap into, and Google will do the rest for you. 

    Check at the bottom of the SERP for the “Searches related to” section, and you’ll have a good start over generating new content topics and low competition keywords!

    7. Get Inspiration from Google Image Tags

    This strategy is similar to Google Search Suggestions but with a twist. Instead of searching for your topic on Google search, type it in Google Images. After clicking on search, you will see many tags on the top, which Google considers very closely related to your search term. 

    So, if you searched for a keyword, all you need to do is combine it with one of these tags that might be relevant to your topic, and you have a content idea with a high search index!

    8. Utilize Ahrefs Content Explorer

    Ahrefs is one of the most used SEO tools out there and its Content Explorer tool can be a wonderful assistant for generating fresh and relevant content ideas. You can find out the content that is bringing in the most traffic in your niche, where the highest value keywords are appearing on the webpages, and even find out websites that are publishing content in your domain but have not linked to your website yet. This can prove to be a very neat trick to find potential backlinking opportunities.

    9. Always be of the Lookout for New Products in Your Industry

    New products are launched almost every day on the internet. The main thing that you need to focus on is what problem statements are these products addressing. Hunting for new products in your niche can help you in finding out these problem statements and generate valuable content that can help address them for people. You can even point out products that offer a certain service and do a comparative analysis or versus blogs on them. This is a great way of addressing a problem statement and also advising people on what products would be best suited for their needs.

    10. Take Help of Topic Generator Software

    A topic generator software like Exploding Topics can be of great assistance to create relevant blog content ideas. This software can help you in finding topics on the web in your niche which are gaining more and more viewership over time. This software can also help you find topics in the low competition keywords, which can prove to be a great asset as a content idea.

    You can also watch the below video for content creation tools for your business.

    YouTube video

    11. Deeply Explore the Website FAQ Section

    We have already discussed this step, but its importance cannot be overstated. FAQs are a goldmine for content ideas, especially on your competitors’ websites. Many of the FAQs are just FAQs, and not explored in detail through a blog or an article. Use this to your advantage by creating detailed blogs that can address these questions, and offer more value to the consumers.

    12. Subscribe for Industry Newsletters 

    Feeling a bit worked up and facing writer’s block? No worries. Get new content ideas delivered in your personal inbox directly! Industry newsletters are a great way of being in the know about the most happening trends, topics, and news in your industry. These newsletters can help you in generating valuable and engaging content ideas.

    13. Scan YouTube Recommended Videos

    YouTube is as great a tool to explore content ideas as Google. You can always search for relevant search terms on YouTube and click on the top-ranking videos on the result page. Here, you will find many other ‘recommended videos’ on the side which are also searched regularly under your search query. You can take this even further by watching these videos to get some inspiration within their content, and also understand if there are any unaddressed issues in the videos.

    14. Use Facts, Data, and Analytics to Inspire New Content Ideas

    Utilizing tools, keeping an eye out on trends, exploring social media, and all other points we have mentioned above are all good, but they cannot bring in value just by themselves. The real value lies in the facts from authoritative sources, updated data, and comprehensive analytics to weed out misinformation.

    Providing fact-checked and data-heavy content is the easiest way to educate your readers so that they take something valuable away after leaving your website. This will urge them to keep returning to explore new information or even revisiting already-read content. Moreover, it also sends a positive signal to search engines about your content being deemed high-value and increases your domain authority.

    15. Google Trends

    Google Trends Datastore is another great tool for generating new content ideas. Using Google Trends, you can conveniently find the most trending topics and keywords in your domain. The tool also has an extension called “Google Correlate”, which can help you connect the dots between different search trends, and associate them together to create high-value content. You can even find the local trends on this tool to create hard-hitting content that caters to the locals’ needs!

    The tool also offers many other features like keyword researcher, content calendar creator, and much more. 

    16. General Forums

    General forums like Quora, Yahoo, and more are great sources of generating content ideas. For instance, you can go to Quora and look for the questions users generally ask in your domain. You can compile these questions as an inspiration for blog content ideas, and make multiple blogs about them. Similarly, you can start answering the questions on these forums which are generating the most engagement, and establish your authority in the domain off-page as well.

    17. Slideshare

    Slideshare is another great platform that can significantly boost your online presence and help you generate great content ideas. The platform has slide decks that have important information and content for every industry out there. You can just type in your industry, and find the most popular slide decks on the platform. These can help you create content that is built on the most popular or searched-for topics in your domain.

    18. Surveys

    The easiest way to find out what type of information your customers would like to see on your website is to ask them directly. Surveys are a great way of tapping into your target audience’s minds, and asking them their requirements and what they feel is missing on your website. Through these surveys, you can ask them about the topics they would be interested in, website content ideas that can enhance their user experience, and much more.

    19. Webinars

    Webinars have become a great source of not only gaining knowledge, but also compiling interesting topics to generate content. Check out the most popular webinars in your domain, and see what kind of influence they have had. You can use the most important talking points in the webinars to generate great content ideas that can address your customers’ pain points directly.

    20. Webmaster tools

    Google’s Webmasters Tools is a great tool to utilize for gaining valuable insights about the search queries of your target audience. All of the keyword search queries on Google are passed through Webmasters Tools. This means you can use this tool to find out what type of content is generating the most engagement and traffic in your domain. This can help you in finding relevant keywords around which you can generate valuable and authoritative content around.

    21.  Reddit

    Reddit is another platform that is abundantly filled with diverse users and information. You can follow various subreddits and accounts in your industry on the platform to see what people are sharing and what are the hot topics of discussion. This can help you create relevant and fresh content, along with identifying new trends in your industry which can be used to generate trendy topics. 

    22. Product or service reviews

    “Customer is King” is a quote that is abundantly used across all industries. So, would it not be great to leverage what your customers are saying about your products or services to generate content? Reviews can be a great source for identifying the key pain points your products or services are solving for the customers. This can help you in generating relatable content ideas, which can talk about these points, along with how your products or services are solving them.


    Content creation is the need of the hour for any business looking to thrive on the internet. Creating original and helpful content is the most effective way of capturing an audience and growing them. To truly excel in generating captivating content ideas, take the help of SEO professionals like Infidigit, who can find relevant topics that can create the most value for your website.

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    22 Neat Tricks to Generate Engaging Content Ideas