Conscious, Focused and Impactful SEO Strategies

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Conscious, Focused and Impactful SEO Strategies

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    In the SEMRUSH Conference 2019, Charmis Pala, the Global Head of SEO at Cleartrip shared his valuable insights on impactful strategies that can be used for a successful SEO project.

    Charmis placed special emphasis on the technical approach to SEO and admitted that there are a lot of challenges when the technical side of things are not going right. He also said that one must monitor their website on a daily basis. 

    Charmis explained a scenario where say, you figure out that something has gone wrong with your website. However, you can’t really track where the problem is or what specific event led to this breakdown. In such scenarios, it is important to monitor the website at regular intervals and report issues as they happen. This post covers what Charmis said in detail and its applications in everyday life. 

    Agile Automated Marketing System

    When adhering to an Agile Automated Marketing System, we must look into the following aspects:

    • Perform regular on-site health checkups
    • Regulate the events responsible for your website’s health

    How do we use an Agile Automated System?

    “Agile” means to move rapidly, proficiently and successfully. Agile methodology helps in implementing SEO that is brisk, productive, and measurable.

    • Develop a script/internal tool

    Charmis Pala recommends developing a script that runs on the website and checks for any errors/mistakes made. The errors include missing header tags, a decrease in crawl rate, mistakes in structured data or improper canonicals.

    An organization can have this internal tool/mechanism to daily scan/check the most important pages in regular site interval audits and alert the admin if any problems are detected.

    This internal tool could report or point out the slightest of errors made on the pages. It could be as simple as missing tags or grammatical mistakes.

    In this way, you can ensure effective overall on-site health and stay updated on any issues that occur on your website.

    An advantage of having an internal tool for SEO is that we can optimize it to the level of granularity that we require.

    • Use third-party tools to monitor changes on the website

    For those SEO organizations that don’t have enough tech bandwidth to develop such tools, Charmis Pala recommends using third-party tools such as SEMrush to monitor their website traffic, ranking, health, and other technical aspects.

    • Focus on the motive of the project

    One of the first things an SEO must focus on are keywords and their rankings. But first, getting a clear picture of what the motive of the project is is a must. Also, a study proves that more than 50% of searches are non-click searches. This makes it all the more important to focus on the motive of the project.

    The motive could be: 

    • Appearing in a featured snippet
    • Ranking for carousels
    • Featuring in knowledge panels
    • Wanting to rank in the Google Videos section
    • Targeting the Google Images Section
    • Wanting to rank for Content/Blogs
    • Wanting to rank your products for conversion

    Once your motives are clear, your deliverables can be decided. In this way, you can make sure what goals need to be achieved as there is a clear picture of what the measurement metrics are.

    As Google has been revamping its SERP from time to time, there are various elements or features that we can look to target when aligned to a particular goal. The following is a list of important SERP Features which you must :

    • Featured Snippets
    • Instant Answers
    • Knowledge Panel
    • Carousel
    • Local Pack
    • Top Stories
    • Images
    • Site Links
    • Reviews
    • Tweets
    • Videos 
    • Featured Video

    How do you measure the impact of technical changes?

    Charmis Pala says if there are some tech changes being made on your website, there are some key aspects you need to keep a track of. 

    • Page Speed

    Whenever you make any changes to your website, you must keep a close eye on the website speed, i.e. whether it has affected the page load time significantly and disrupts the User Experience.

    • Crawl Budget

    Crawl Budget is the number of URLs Googlebot is able to crawl inside a given time frame. The Crawl Budget must be seamless, i.e. the Google bot needs to be able to crawl your website with ease. Charmis Pala says that you need to optimize your crawl budget by making sure that your most important pages are crawlable, not using too many redirects and having a clean Site Architecture in place.

    Key Takeaways

    • The very first thing that you need to take into consideration when starting an SEO project is to sit down with the client and decide the motives of the project. Once the motives of the project are clear, then the POA(Plan of Action) and other deliverables can be agreed upon. This way, the measurement metrics would be clear as well. 
    • Your website health is another important aspect when it comes to your SEO campaign. You need to have the proper tools/ scripts in place to monitor your website at regular intervals. Any issues with the website, either small or big, must be brought to light as soon as the error occurs. For this, we need to adapt to an Agile Automated Marketing System.

    Let us know in the comments section what you feel about these conscious, focused and impactful SEO strategies.


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    Impactful SEO Strategies

    Conscious, Focused and Impactful SEO Strategies