6 Actionable Strategies to Improve App Downloads

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6 Actionable Strategies to Improve App Downloads

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    Mobile phones have become a vital piece of human life. The primary role of utilising cell phones just for calling has blurred since smart cell phones have stepped in the market. Today these gadgets demonstrate like a smaller PC—the best part being their portability.

    Mobile phones gave birth to the idea of applications, which were intended to do a specific task. These applications can now do essential things, beyond what one can imagine; be it playing games, ordering food, complex calculations, and much more.

    Let’s say you made one such application utilising the best of resources and uploaded it to the play store and app store successfully. You would expect your app to be discovered by either typing its name or its vital purpose.

    Like, if your app is about ordering food or screen recording, you need it to be known in the store for these keywords. You would want them to appear in the search result when someone searches for an app not only by using the apps name but also by its primary purpose. You would want your app to be discovered using keywords like ’order food‘ or ’screen recording app‘, etc. These keywords are known as non-brand keywords, and they help improve app-installs. To assist you with the same, we have mentioned below few actionable strategies to improve your app download.

    Do you want to boost your mobile app performance?

    Optimise your mobile app with our award-winning ASO strategies that will lead to higher rankings & installs on Play Store & App Store.

    Do you want to boost your
    mobile app performance?

    Optimise your mobile app with our award-winning ASO strategies that will lead to higher rankings & installs on Play Store & App Store.

    • ASO

    You know an application that requires a push with the goal that users/consumers come to know about. Did you know that vast majority of individuals discover apps by looking out for a different or alternate choices? Well, this is why you should be opting for app store optimisation.

    What is ASO?

    ASO, also known as app store optimisation is a process where you optimise an app to make it rank better. This improves visibility and increases download. Once you understand this, you would realise that you need an ASO service to put through things for you. At the point when you do ASO, you are attempting to make your application noticeable in the store for each person who is searching for them. Picking up the right ASO agency matters. It can help rank your application at the top when you combine ASO and other marketing activities. ASO is not as easy as it would seem; it requires multiple A/B testing and observation to determine which strategy works.

    • UI & UX

    Users will always have multiple options and alternatives for an app. Hence it is crucial to have an app that has an eye-catching design that could influence user’s mind. A better UI & UX can entice users to download an app and try. If your app design is user friendly and appealing, chances are people would stick to your app. You can also design the app by understanding your target audience and making it more attractive and engaging. When a user holds around your app for long, it improves the retention rate for that app. You can show this UI/UX of your app through screenshots or videos that appear when you search for an app.

    • Referrals

    A lot of people trust suggestions from people they know. Having a gainful referral approach makes a viral circle of acquisition. Numerous applications like Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm began a referral approach that profited its users either with coupons or cash. The referral framework was such that if you refer an application to somebody, the person who downloads, as well as the referrer would be awarded cash or coupons in their application. This referral framework was an immense success, and numerous individuals downloaded these applications. Apps like Swiggy, Zomato, and Uber, too, increased many downloads utilising the referral policy.

    • Ratings & Reviews

    Ratings and reviews are crucial. These straightforwardly influence an individual’s choice of whether to download the application or not. Research by Apptentive has indicated that individuals would not choose an app with ratings up to 3 or lower. Reviews are also essential since they depict both the positive and negative parts of the application quickly.

    • Social Media

    Social media is the platform where most users spend their time. This includes using applications like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Tik Tok, and so on. The vast majority of these online networking sites are visual or content-driven that keep users engaged for long. Identify which social media platform would be ideal to advertise your application. Let us take an example. Suppose your application sells design items like shoes, wrist bands, tops, beauty products, and so forth. Here, platforms like Instagram can assist you in showcasing your item. You would need to have a quality image of your item, with proper descriptions and hashtags for better reach. You can likewise run advertisements on Instagram (business accounts) by targeting a relevant crowd.

    It would be essential to have an appealing and engaging content that could entice users to look at an application. There are high possibilities that individuals can ask for any information about your products on these social platforms. They may likewise share their experience/reviews about your item. Regardless of the question or review, it is critical to answering every one of them. You may never know who among them could be your potential customer.

    • Influencer Marketing

    One of the fastest growing online marketing strategies is influencer marketing. This strategy includes an influencer who promotes your products or service with their followers. Many individuals would believe in an influencer who proposes products and services they use instead of random advertising on a TV. Research by Big Commerce says, “65% of advertisers will build their influencer promoting spending plan by 2020”. For instance, let’s say you have built up an application, and now you wish to advertise it. Your application is about a fun game that includes either about killing a terrorist or a car race. There are a lot of gamers on YouTube that have a large number of subscribers. You can contact these gamers/YouTubers and make a creative influencer campaign for yourself. 

    Apps have come a long way now. There are billions of apps available for you to download. In every category, you will find hundreds and thousands of apps to use. Driving downloads to your app could be challenging. However, once you implement these techniques, you will see an improvement in app downloads and app rankings. You can also read about ’App Ranking Factors‘ to have a clear understanding of how ASO works.

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    6 Actionable Strategies to Improve App Downloads