Why User experience and NAP are important to local seo

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Why User experience and NAP are important to local seo

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    For a very long time now, people have been relying on their mobile devices to gain information. It’s no secret that many even use these to complete their purchases. Oftentimes, this leads to the variation of an individual’s local pack and algorithms according to their location proximity. Ranking in local search can be challenging, yet rewarding. It is important for local businesses, who want to leverage their brand to include local SEO – especially because it helps augment brand visibility. For similar reasons, User experience and NAP (an acronym of, Name, Address and Phone) consistency is imperative for both Google and businesses to boost brand services. NAP consistency is a vital segment of Local Pack algorithms, besides citation building with it to incite local rankings. 

    When the User Journey Begins 

    Many consider the start of a user journey when an individual spends significant time on one company website. But, in reality, it starts even prior. There are several spearheads that lead to a purchase, like when an individual visited the concerned store, retailer website, used a map – among others.

    In simple words, the journey primarily begins when users first see your brand in relevant search result listings, maps, or even at your physical store. Consistent user experience and NAP becomes highly imperative when local-intent mobile searches lead users to visit the offline store. It’s true that users don’t explore your website directly through guest posts or Google My Business – but via online portals, with inclusion of directories wherein citations and listings are structured.

    Be the local choice on ‘near me’ searches.

    Elevate your presence in local searches and let interested customers locate your products and services with ease.

    Be the local choice on
    ‘near me’ searches.

    Elevate your presence in local searches and let interested customers locate your products and services with ease.

    Search stage 

    When an individual conducts an online search about your business, it is always recommended to make a great impression by providing benefits and accurate information. To achieve the same, you should build a good local value page – especially if your product or service is not local. Moreover, as you begin creating content, it is important that it revolves around the product you are selling to build better User experience and NAP. Besides, you also need to support your content and provide equal value to the location you are based at. This is one of the fundamental reasons why NAP consistency is vital for users, as well as search engines.

    Local Pages 

    In definition, when websites choose to “localize”, they are generating local content and local pages. Usually, these require ingraining thorough detail that eventually help nobody. A lazy local page is typically a doorway page, known otherwise as a thin page offering minimal value to users, with a motive of ranking for local search terms. Google does not normally prefer doorway pages, mainly because they don’t offer any value to users.. More often, doorway pages are deemed quite bad for users partly since it leads to similar search results. It can also take users to several pointless pages. 

    Creating Valuable Pages

    It’s simpler for physical stores in a particular location to aim for local pages that reap value for amplified user experience and NAP. However, as many think, it doesn’t exclude intangible products from the list either way. The major Search Quality Rater Guidelines express content in twofold: 

    1. The main content 
    2. The supporting content 

    For instance, a person searching for “restaurants in Mumbai” will obtain results after Google bifurcates the query into two parts. It breaks down both “restaurants” and “Mumbai” to simplify search results, based both on the local element and the intent

    NAP Consistency 

    NAP consistency is a vital element, mostly since directory listings and citations aren’t built solely for search engines. It is because potential customers do explore them too. In reality, an inconsistent NAP can lead to disappointed users and result in losing important leads. Truly, there are several common reasons behind an inconsistent NAP, some of them are, 

    1. A change of business location, and not simultaneously updating directory listings, citations, among others can cause inconsistent User experience and NAP. 
    2. Many experience an inconsistent NAP after having their store address not registered to the main company address – but still using both online. 
    3. Having different phone numbers for an attribution tracking motive. 

    These reasons can not only dismantle your local SEO, but can potentially push user experience downhill. It is true that when your users are not happy with your service, they might as well never return with any demand. User experience climbs above local pack and SERPs to your respective site – since it can simultaneously depend upon whether your local SEO service satisfies search intent. It is another reason why tracking your marketing success is beyond crucial. 

    User Experience and Attribution 

    Google’s Local Pack typically paces with varying algorithms, as opposed to traditional organic search results. It also heavily depends on the location of the user when making the query. Google My Business is loaded with attribution issues – especially after several clicks from GMB listings have been claimed as direct traffic by Google analytics, not an organic one. In an event like this, the major key is to use a distinct parameter, like 


    Using this parameter will minimize NAP or citation consistency issues, allowing people not to be as worried as prior. Ideally, when you have a consistent User experience and NAP, your brand will supposedly appear within the Local Pack. In case you are in the Local Pack, you’ll probably also retrieve a significant number of clicks on the result page. 

    Bottom Line 

    More than half local businesses are not unlocking the full advantage of the opportunities laid bare in front of them. There is no doubt that a consistent NAP can generate augmented user satisfaction, leading to more leads. User experience and NAP are vital components that push a business ahead, especially if locally situated. And there is no doubt that incorporating one will reap unprecedented rewards in no time.

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    Why User experience and NAP are important to local seo