Crawling issues for Shopify websites have been fixed by Google

Google has fixed a crawling issue that was potentially affecting crawl rates for Shopify websites

Users have been complaining about their Shopify websites’ crawl frequency being significantly lower than normal over the last few days. The crawl rate, according to some, had dropped. Some users complained that their new pages were not indexed for a couple of weeks.

Google’s John Mueller acknowledged that there were some issues with crawling which have now been fixed. He also mentioned that the issue was not specific to Shopify websites.

“We looked into the sites that were mentioned and for all of them it was a temporary drop in how we calculate how much we can crawl. This happens from time to time, and catches up after a few days usually”, said John.

Jackson Lo, the Sr. SEO Lead at Shopify, was quick to thank John Mueller and the Google Search Console (GSC) team for taking prompt action and fixing the issue.

Dips in crawl rates can be troublesome and worrying. If you have experienced crawling issues during the past week, we encourage you to keep a close eye on Google Search Console’s Crawl Stats report. We believe that the crawl frequency should be back to normal in a couple of days.

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Crawling issues for Shopify websites have been fixed by Google