Google Autocomplete gets a redesign with additional sections

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Google Autocomplete gets a redesign with additional sections

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    Google Autocomplete will now show additional information when searching for terms on Google Search

    The new interface for Google Autocomplete looks fresh and displays more information at a glance, making it easier for users to find what they are looking for.

    Here’s how you can test it out:

    1. Open a new tab on your browser (Your default search engine should be Google)
    2. Search for something in the address bar (Example: seo services)
    3. Press Enter
    4. Now click on the Search Bar

    You should be able to see the new Google Autocomplete in action:

    new Google Autocomplete in action

    The new Google Autocomplete interface contains the following sections:

    Related Searches

    This functionality was already available in Google Autocomplete. It displays search phrases that are related to what you’re typing as well as what other users have searched for.

    People also ask

    This section will show you the most commonly asked questions related to the search term you are typing. This is highly effective when you are searching for question-based terms. 

    People also search for

    This is a feature by Google that appears when a user clicks on a search engine result and instantly returns to the results page. Because the user returns to the SERP after not finding what they were looking for, Google makes various suggestions to assist them in searching for the right keyword. This is now integrated into Google Autocomplete.

    Reportedly, Google is also experimenting with a new full-width interface for Google Autocomplete. 

    As pointed out by Twitter user Praveen Sharma, the experimental design features an edge-to-edge UI as well as a revised Google logo with a drop-down option.

    Key Takeaway

    Google is continually striving to provide a seamless experience to users who use Google Search to search the web. This change, we believe, will alter the way users search for a query. Instead of typing something they have thought of, they might simply click on a relevant search term suggested in Google Autocomplete. We recommend analyzing the Google Autocomplete while doing SEO Keyword Research to ensure that you do not miss out on important keywords.

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    Google Autocomplete gets a redesign with additional sections