Google showing homework practice problems with search results

Google has started showing, or rather say testing, homework practice problems in search results pages along with the organic rankings. The search results have been sourced from BYJU’S, Toppr and other similar online learning websites and portals.

Below is the screenshot of how it looks. There is a question and a couple of answers given from which you can select an answer. There is also a hint given if you want more clues to the answer.

Practice Problems Questions

Going by the buzz in the SEO community, it is clear that this is an experiment by Google. However, the only question that pops up is whether they are crawling and creating quiz questions on their own or they have partnered with Toppr or BYJU’S, as questions from their platform appear in the SERP.

Here is another example

Query Overview

Until then, we have to wait for an official confirmation from Google about how more publishers can use this feature to improve visibility.

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2 thoughts on “Google showing homework practice problems with search results”

  1. Thanks, Ashwin for giving the latest updates. Maybe they are just crawling and creating the quiz on their own, but it could be possible that they have collaborated with BYJU’S or Topper

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Google showing homework practice problems with search results