John Mueller on How to SEO-Optimize a Podcast Website

A recent Reddit thread included a question about optimizing audio-based websites featuring Podcasts and Audiobooks. Industry experts, including John Mueller, responded to the Reddit community and shared their opinion. Have a look at the discussion below. 

The question: 

Our website is a PWA and it hosts audiobooks, podcasts, and audio shows how to tell google that treats us from that point of view because it may penalize us for not having content on-page.”

John Mueller’s response on how to SEO-optimize Podcast websites:

You always need textual content on-page, regardless of what other kinds of content you might have.

If you’re a video-hosting site, you still need things like titles, headings, text, links, etc. The same goes for audio-hosting sites. Make it easy for search engines to understand your content & how it’s relevant to users, and they’ll be able to send you relevant traffic. If you make it hard for search engines to figure out what your pages are about, it would be normal for them to struggle to figure out how your site is relevant for users.”

Apart from John Mueller, other reddit members provided various SEO techniques to optimize podcast websites which are as follows:

  1. Transcribe the Content – Transcribe means to make a written copy of a speech (either live or recorded) exactly as it was said by the speaker. Most common examples are online educational tutorials, seminars & podcasts.
  2. Structured Data for Podcast – By adding schema markup you can increase your CTR and presence on SERPs. Click here to get a list of required tags within a Podcasts RSS Fed. 
  3. Structured Data for AudioBooks – Book actions is an entry point on the search for finding audiobooks and enabling searchers to quickly access the books that they find on search results. Click here to get the required tags for schema markup for audiobooks.

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John Mueller on How to SEO-Optimize a Podcast Website