New Coronavirus Related Structured Data Types Added By in Version 7.0 Release

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New Coronavirus Related Structured Data Types Added By in Version 7.0 Release

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    (0) has announced the release of new coronavirus-related schemas in its latest release, i.e., version 7.0

    Along with improvements to the “Event” structured data, has also released the new “SpecialAnnouncement” and “CovidTestingFacility” schemas. 

    All of these additions in the Schema Markup have been put in place to offer assistance to businesses and health organizations during the ongoing pandemic caused by the Coronavirus (hope you are in isolation while reading this article).


    The “eventAttendanceMode” is a new property available in the Event schema. This property enables event organizers to specify the modes through which the people can attend their events.

    The “eventAttendanceMode” has three properties: 

    • online
    • offline
    • mixed

    Depending on the preferred type, the organizers can set up the appropriate event mode.

    “SpecialAnnouncement” structured data

    The new “SpecialAnnoucement” schema can be used to notify people of any special announcements relating to urgent situations that occur in the world. This schema has been announced in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

    The structured data displays date-stamped textual information related to an event (such as the Coronavirus) along with informative links and updates from reliable resources.

    The “SpecialAnnouncement” structured data has the following important properties:

    • category – the category under which the announcement is to be made.
    • diseasePreventionInfo – information on how to prevent the disease.
    • diseaseSpreadStatistics – information regarding the spread of disease (legit statistics and observations).
    • publicTransportClosuresInfo – information regarding the closure of any public transport (due to the pandemic).
    • quarantineGuidelines – specific guidelines related to a pandemic (such as the Covid-19).

    Here’s a quick snapshot from the website displaying all such properties:

    Structured Data Special Announcement by

    You can find the entire list of properties for the “SpecialAnnouncement” schema here.

    “CovidTestingFacility” structured data

    The “CovidTestingFacility” schema helps medical professionals inform people about the various testing facilities available for the coronavirus pandemic.

    Any medical clinic that has facilities for testing the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) disease can use this structured data type.

    The “CovidTestingFacility” has the following important properties:

    • availableService – the kind of testing services available to fight the pandemic.
    • medicalSpecialty – what the medical clinic specializes in.
    • openingHours – the days and the timings the testing facilities are functional.
    • hasDriveThroughService – indicates whether the testing facility has a drive-through option (this can help in social distancing).

    You can find all the properties that can be used under the “CovidTestingFacility” here.

    Key Learnings:

    Previously Google published it’s Google My Business help page to offer guidance to businesses affected by the Coronavirus. And now, too has come up with Coronavirus related structured data types.

    It is overwhelming to see how companies are coming up with new ideas to help people and medical organizations during these testing times caused by the Coronavirus. 

    The updates to the “Event” structured data and the new “SpecialAnnouncement” and “CovidTestingFacility” schemas will be really beneficial in this fight against the pandemic.

    We encourage all the medical professionals and clinics around the world to get in touch with SEO experts and make use of these Coronavirus related structured data types.

    Let us know in the comments section what you feel about these new updates in version 7.0.

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    3 thoughts on “New Coronavirus Related Structured Data Types Added By in Version 7.0 Release”

    1. Hi,

      One of my friend’s clinic started COVID19 testing facilities. He is planning to display a special announcement area in all pages of his website to convey this to all his visitors. Where should I add the SpecialAnnouncement schema, in homepage or on all pages?


    2. Is there any schema available for grocery stores announcements due to COVID-19, and Offline classes shifed to online classes.

      Please help me on this.

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    Structured Data for COVID - 19

    New Coronavirus Related Structured Data Types Added By in Version 7.0 Release