You may soon see an Announcement bar in Google Search Console

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You may soon see an Announcement bar in Google Search Console

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    Google is reportedly experimenting with an “Announcement bar” displayed at the top of Google Search Console

    The Google Search Console got a completely new makeover in November 2021 with Google aiming to provide better accessibility and user experience. We might soon see another interesting addition to the Google Search Console interface. 

    The new addition is called the “Announcement bar” and will be displayed in the top section of Google Search Console. Here’s how it looks:


    The above snippet is taken from Myriam’s tweet.

    Currently, the Announcement bar shows three types of announcements:

    • Minor issue announcement
    • Major issue announcement
    • Informational announcement

    Many users have observed this new announcement bar in their Google Search Console (GSC) tool which left them in a state of confusion.

    Isaac tweeted:

    Brady Madden tweeted:

    Glenn Gabe and antibody alex tweeted:

    Google’s John Mueller confirmed that Google is testing this new notification functionality in Google Search Console.

    ”If anyone else is seeing this in Search Console, this is a test on our side of the notification functionality that shouldn’t have been visible externally — sorry for the confusion”, said John Mueller.

    We will make sure we update you as and when we get more information regarding this new change in the interface to Google Search Console. Let us know in the comments section what do you think of the new Announcement bar in GSC?

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    You may soon see an Announcement bar in Google Search Console