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Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

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Artificial Intelligence is already changing the world, and it hasn’t even blossomed yet”

– Melvin Mofos!

We are living in the 21st century, in the period of science and technology. While robots and other physical automation are being embraced as a friend, some people still assume artificial intelligence to be like the villainous Ultron from the Avengers. But this is not the case. Artificial Intelligence is an emerging technology that is beginning to positively impact many aspects of our everyday life. Prominent examples include Alexa, NLP for ecommerce search, weather forecasts, chatbots, and many more. 

Artificial Intelligence plays a vital role in Digital Marketing. Marketers like Google, Facebook, and others are using artificial intelligence. At the same time,  they are researching the hallmarks of Artificial Intelligence that can be offered in Ecommerce marketing strategies as well. With artificial intelligence spreading its wings at such a fast pace, it is necessary to understand the impact of artificial intelligence on digital marketing.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence, sometimes called machine learning, is the simulation of human intelligence demonstrated by machines. AI makes it easier for the device to learn from new experiences and more often act like humans when making new inputs and performing tasks. AI uses a logical approach to analyse the data and gives relevant information.


Impact of Artificial Intelligence On Digital Marketing

With time, machines learning has evolved enough to swiftly grasp the behaviour of a customer. Thus, the quick predictive behaviour of the apparatus helps marketers make informed decisions and solve future problems with the collected information.

Media, communication, healthcare, and education, are some of the areas where we can witness the biggest impact of artificial intelligence.

  • User Experience

A perfect user experience is the only thing that can keep your customers engaged on your websites. Hence, there should be an immense focus on UI/UX as it is a crucial element that helps AI perform optimally. Nowadays, many sites are offering chat functionality. While chat functionality was heavily dependent on human intervention before, AI now helps bots to be present 24/7 on a chatbox to resolve various queries. AI also helps gather information and understand user behaviour, the user’s search cycle, and the purchased products. 

  • Target Right Audiences

Reaching out to the right set of people is essential to provide more value to your brand and its attributes. Artificial intelligence makes it easier to connect to the target audiences based on the searches, demography, age, gender, interests, and many more.

  • Content Creation

Artificial Intelligence helps in creating engaging content. It is able to help the marketers by identifying relevant content that the user wants to read. A  prominent tool that helps analyse the data is Google’s Rankbrain. Its algorithm pays close attention to what the people are searching for and what people want.

  • Image Recognition

It is one of the most excellent features that AI provides users. Such is the prevalence of this technique that most ecommerce sites like Amazon use it to analyse the data from their respective applications.

Image Recognition

Google’s Rankbrain Algorithm uses artificial intelligence written in mathematical terms – Vectors, that makes it easier for the computer to understand. It sources the words or phrases that produce the best results on the SERP. AI also enables Rankbrain to understand the keyword in a better way and provide identical search results for the term and its various intents. 


AI is a vast and ongoing evolution in technology with far-reaching effects. Hence, it is recommended to embrace artificial intelligence in digital marketing as it helps with foster innovation and improve productivity in the years to come. 

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