Covid 19 has shown us the importance of digitally transforming our marketing activities

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Covid-19 pandemic has re-engineered our daily routines. Social distancing is the new normal and the internet has played a major role in keeping us connected to the outside world.

People are spending more time online now, more often than ever. According to the preliminary statistics published by Forbes[1], internet hits have surged by 50% to 70%. A study on media consumption says that online media intake has surged by more than 4 hours since the COVID-19 lockdown, in comparison to the average of 1.5 hours in the pre-corona times[2].

Businesses are expected to witness a seismic shift in shopping behavior of millions of households as the pandemic will push more and more buyers to go online. An article published by livemint[3] highlights findings of a survey conducted by Capgemini Research Institute, which states that consumers will seek convenience in the form of online shopping going forward. Concerns around health and safety will become paramount as “they will expect safer in-store and last-mile practices”.

With end-users remaining indoors and spending more time on digital platforms, it makes sense to shift the focus of your marketing strategies from traditional means of print and outdoor activities to digital and mobile campaigns. After all, that’s where your customers are going to be. Isn’t it?

Last week Major retailer in Australia – Accent Group[4] announced that they would shut dozens of stores in pivot to online. Economic times on 5th May mentioned that LG, Samsung, Vivo and few others are rolling out hyperlocal sales platforms in India. These retailers have already commenced the online journey.

Benefits of digitally transforming your marketing activities are not a secret anymore. Data oriented approach makes it easier to identify and define your target audience. You can generate customized marketing campaigns to reach a specific set of customers and get better ROI. Adjusting the budget allocated to a campaign is possible with just the click of a button. Such flexibility is not possible in traditional marketing methods.

If you haven’t tapped on the potential of digital marketing, now is the time to do so. And, for businesses that are already leveraging the power of digital, now is the time to focus on expanding your reach, if not revenue. It is also an excellent opportunity to engage with your customers, both existing and potential, at a deeper level with the help of blogs. Data from Hubspot[5] shows that companies that use blogs as marketing means, get around 55% more website visitors as compared to those that don’t.

In marketing, communication is the key! Now is the time to connect smart with your customers using the capabilities of digital marketing.

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8 thoughts on “Covid 19 has shown us the importance of digitally transforming our marketing activities”

  1. Sir, The blog is very informative and the numbers provided, prove that there is an increase in time spent by people on the internet. I also think there will be a major shift in marketing digitally, as the COVID situation is not going to stabilize for a foreseeable future.

  2. Marketing during COVID is a difficult activity like making people pay for a product that is not a part of their daily life can sometimes be a very big issue hence the solution is to include technology into the businesses. I believe that as a business, you must invest in chatbot technology so that you don’t have to see your customers departing to your competition.

    1. Thank you, Brad, for sharing your valuable feedback. Yes, I do agree with you that chatbot technology is very beneficial for online businesses in this pandemic situation. When users visit your website, queries can be answered at the same time with the help of this technology.

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Lead Generation Strategy

Covid 19 has shown us the importance of digitally transforming our marketing activities