Keyword Research Tools

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Keyword Research Tools

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    Brief Introduction to Keyword Research 

    Keyword research is the practice of finding keywords that will appeal to users and search engines alike. Keyword research helps companies and businesses find terms, phrases, and search queries that their target customer base relates most to. It helps their product, service, or information gain more visibility on Web browsers. 

    List of Keyword Research Tools

    Keyword research is a continuous practice that companies and brands must adopt if they want to help their business take off and reach more customers. For this, they need to know and predict the words closest to what users might input in a search engine or the search box of a Web browser. Knowing how to do keyword research and using keyword research tools appropriately can help them achieve this. These tools make you aware of which keywords consumers are searching for and the precise number of consumers searching for them. Using this information, you can assess how much organic traffic you are garnering and how your website is performing. You can also find replacements for keywords that are unable to generate visibility. 

    11 Keyword Research Tools for Your Website

    However,  such SEO services tools come at a monthly or annual cost,  and the number of free keyword tools is limited. So, whether you are willing to spend on finding the best keyword research tool or have a tight budget but still want to find the right keywords for your business, these keyword research tools can lead you to them.


    Soolve, a centralized keyword research tool, also acts as a keyword aggregator in that it gives you keyword suggestions from various search engine platforms at one time. It collects results from Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Amazon, and other major platforms, helping you save time by finding similar and trending keywords for you. Using Soolve is very easy. All you have to do is enter the keyword, look through the suggestions, and click on one to get the list of similar and popular keywords. The best part about Soolve is that it gives you precise information and suggestions in one place so you don’t have to visit each engine at separate times. Moreover, it is free of cost. 


    Google Trends

    Google Trends is one keyword research tool that gives you valuable insights into keyword trends over a period of time. The results are presented as graphs to give you an idea of the relative popularity of a keyword at a specific time throughout the year. That way, you can get an idea of when a product, service, personality, or any other trend is most in demand. Moreover, you get insights across various geographical regions and subjects of interest. The tool helps you with forecasting to plan your content in advance and deliver it online at the right time. Although Google Trends only gives you information about what is trending on Google, it is one of the best free keyword research tools

    Answer the Public

    While other keyword research tools give you relevant keywords and similar to the one you input, Answer the Public goes the extra mile. It gives you a visual view of the search questions and autocompletes suggestions used by users. As most consumers ask questions, compare, and look for things online, this tool works like a miracle and suggests keyword queries, phrases, and sentences revolving around the words how, when, where, what, why, which, and so on. It also gives suggestions for prepositions such as for, is, can, with, and so on. Furthermore, it suggests keywords in alphabetical and comparative order for ease of view. It thus helps you understand your existing and prospective customer base in depth. Answer the Public has a free and paid version, but the paid version costs around $400 a month, which can be pricey if you do not wish to invest a lot into keyword research or are not a full-time SEO professional. 

    Answer the public

    Question DB

    Question DB is another keyword research tool that gives you relevant insights into customers ‘most asked questions. It lets you peek into users’ minds and see which questions they have asked most over the years. You need to enter keywords associated with your product, service, or the item you are trying to sell to get related popular search questions. Question DB is suitable for blog posts and content writers, and marketers who capture real-time data and are looking to grow their platform and fuel their creativity.  It is available in free and paid versions, so you can choose either one as per your preference. 


    Keyword Surfer

    Keyword Surfer is a keyword research tool that suggests similar keywords to the one you enter but also gives you volume-based data about a specific keyword. Search volume data is the number of times a term, phrase, or question has been searched by users on Google. This way, you can analyze queries of most importance to the user and curate content based on that. But keyword surfer is not global in operation and gives you keyword volume data only in 19 countries across the globe. These include the USA, UK, Canada, France,  and other countries,  which are listed on their website. As a Google extension application, it is free of cost and convenient to use.


    Keyworddit is the best keyword research tool for picking relevant and popular keywords from the social discussion platform Reddit. It is best for those who write about a niche topic and want to get ideas about popular search queries and terms revolving around them. The best part about this tool, apart from it being free,  is how easy it is to use. All you have to do is enter a subreddit in the search bar, and a list of auto-generated suggestions will appear. After picking a subreddit from the list, you can extract keywords and the monthly volume figures of search queries. You can also view the entire context of the queries asked. Keyworddit is free of cost but is limited to Reddit. It does not gather information on queries entered in other major web browsers.

    Google Search Console

    Google Search Console helps you track your website’s performance and organic reach. It shows you how much traffic you are getting from your website. It provides insights on URLs, crawls, indexes, number of clicks, impressions, and the position of your website on Google. Giving you clarity on the keywords already in use by you helps you replace stagnant keywords with high-ranking ones. Moreover, it shows you the average ranking and click-through percentage of each keyword. It also alerts you to any issues that need fixing. It is also free of cost and a Google extension. There is also an extra feature with tips and videos that assists you in search console training.

    Bulk Keyword Generator

    Bulk Keyword Generator is another one of those free keyword research tools that are simple to use. The research tool suggests relevant and local keywords according to the industry your company or business is in. So, for instance, if you specialize in fitness or home design, a list of keywords related to your offer’s products or services will appear. It also has a DIY keyword generator that is location-based. But the results displayed through the location generator on the Bulk Keyword Generator don’t always reflect how users generally search for products and services. But by focusing on industry-specific keywords, the tool helps companies and businesses save time by allowing them to filter through unnecessary suggestions.  

    Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

    Ahrefs Keyword Explorer has got to be one of the best and most comprehensive keyword research tools available. It has a huge keyword database (of over 7 million keywords) that is continuously growing. This database suggests relevant and traffic-attracting keywords across 171 countries of the world. Moreover, it encompasses and processes large amounts of data from Google and nine other search engines. These include Amazon, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu. Apart from presenting the ranking history of keywords and pages, it also displays advanced SEO parameters such as return rates, clicks per search, and percentage of organic and paid clicks. In addition, you can get suggestions of phrases, terms, and questions that match the keywords entered by you in no time. Moreover, Ahrefs has extra tools you can use, such as the Site Explorer, which analyzes your website’s and your competitor’s backlinks. The Content Explorer, another tool, shows you the most shared content on social media channels, and so on. 

    Ahrefs Keyword explorer

    Keyword Tool Dominator

    Keyword Tool Dominator is probably the best free keyword research tool. It generates popular keywords and helps identify the most used keywords using the 1 to 10 ranking system. Using this tool, you can find short and long-tailed keywords trending on some of the biggest platforms, including Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing and eBay and according to your location. You have to use each individual keyword research tool separately. For instance, to find the most searched terms and queries on Amazon, you will have to use the Amazon Keyword Tool on the Keyword Tool Dominator platform. Not all countries are available on the Amazon tool, though. Dense and commercial countries such as the USA, UK, India, UAE and 20 other countries are available. The separate keyword research tools on Keyword Tool Dominator are available for use free of cost.


    Keyword is a keyword research tool that uses Google’s autocomplete suggestions to provide insights on the most relevant long-tailed keywords associated with your subject of interest. This gives you direct access to what a user types into Google search boxes. You can then use these as a base to come up with your own keywords or content. You can also use this for advertising or marketing. Keyword gathers keyword information from over 190 Google domains. It can also generate popular keywords in 83 languages. It also helps you find relevant keywords used on YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Instagram, Twitter, and PlayStore free of cost. For detailed analysis, it has paid tools such as Keyword Tool Pro and Keyword API. 


    There are various keyword research tools available online, and choosing one can be a daunting task. Both free and paid tools can give you accurate keyword data. Although, paid keyword research tools can give you extra in-depth insight. You can use verified tools trusted by many or opt for a lesser navigated tool as a trial. With consistent usage, you can assess which tool gives you the best results and helps drive more traffic.

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    Keyword Research Tools