How To Drive Traffic & Sales For Your Business? – 7 Dazzling TikTok Marketing Ideas

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How To Drive Traffic & Sales For Your Business? – 7 Dazzling TikTok Marketing Ideas

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    TikTok is on the path to capture one billion active users this year. It provides plenty of ways to attain incredible growth if you utilise its potential in the right way. Currently, there are 852 million monthly active users and more than 1.5 billion application downloads globally, indicating its importance to all kinds of people, from young generations to marketers. 

    More businesses and brands started to include TikTok in their marketing plan to get easy growth among millions of audiences. When TikTok came into live, it was just an application to give lip-syncing videos to entertain people. But later on, it became an excellent place for marketers to grow their business by reaching their target audiences.

    TikTok has energetic users for strengthening your business and gathering a loyal community for your brand. Use this opportunity to achieve strong purchases and drive TikTok users to your website. Here are some valuable tips to get more traffic to your business website and increase conversions for your product.

    #1. Know Audiences Showing Interest On Your Brand

    TikTok is an engaging social media application that caters to a diverse audience. However, not all TikTok users will have an interest in your business, and it is a tedious process to reach massive audiences all of a sudden. Instead, target people who show interest related to your business. A great way to increase your followers also depends on targeting your audiences based on their interests and needs.

    Also, track the performance of your competitors to gain ideas and the content going viral to improve your brand reach. By gathering the perspectives from competitor content, revamp your approach to grab the attention of their followers towards your content.

    Make content according to your target audiences. For example, if your audiences are young between the ages of 18 to 25, give funny and entertaining videos by incorporating your business objectives in your content. If you know the audience’s interest, you can quickly gain followers to your page.

    #2. Provide Link On Your Bio

    The first impression of TikTok users is your bio information. Make your content enjoyable to get your videos on the “For You” page. The FYP is like the news feed on other social media, and the TikTok algorithm pushes your video on FYP only if it is engaging and interesting. When people see your engaging post, the viewers first watch your profile. If the information on your bio is exciting and relevant, the visitor will definitely change into your followers.

    The essential factor required for increasing your website traffic through social media is by providing your website’s link. TikTok also helps include your link by providing options in the bio. Some accounts have mandatory options to include TikTok, and some do not. So, follow the below points to include the link:

    • On your profile page, click the three dots in the right corner.
    • Select the “Join TikTok tester” option and sign in with your email address on the new window.
    • After finishing the above steps, you will automatically receive an update. 
    • Go to the Play Store and update your TikTok application to get a link inclusion option.

    #3. Gain Audience Engagement

    TikTok is completely a visual medium that makes it easy for you to promote your brand with audience engagement. Use your unique and exciting content to get views on TikTok by gathering the attention of new audiences. Give captions in a way that brings out interaction with your followers. The three best ways responsible for gaining engagement for your brand are:

    • Getting like for your content
    • Increase the shares of your content if it is interesting
    • Show your online presence by interacting with audiences.

    Gain popularity for your brand by making your audiences perform the above actions. For example, instead of copying content ideas from others, use your creativity with trending music to display your videos in front of your target audiences. 

    #4. Perform Live To Create Trust

    Come up live on TikTok to bring out the visual appearance of your product to your audiences and create brand trust with a good relationship. Show your online presence with higher engagement to improve your followers count on TikTok. The only criteria to go live on TikTok is to have more than 1000 followers. Gain potential followers and build authenticity to your business with your attractive and engaging content.

    Since the live videos appear at the top of your follower’s feed with a notification, it becomes easy for people to discover your content. 

    • To perform a live video, click on the “+” icon in the middle of the tab menu.
    • Select the live option available on the record button.
    • Create a title for your live stream before you start to show your uniqueness.
    • Click on the “Go live” option to begin your live.

    If you want to gather more audiences to your page, show your product features visually to your followers and communicate the advantages with an experiment to strengthen the trust. A great way to gain potential followers and customers is by visually viewing your product, and the live feature helps you achieve it quickly. 

    #5. Challenges On TikTok – An Important Factor

    One of the engaging factors that create brand awareness among a wide range of people is through TikTok challenges. Gain popularity for your brand and increase website traffic by either creating or participating in challenges. This way, you are more likely to get leads from potential people interested in your business. 

    Use your unique ideas and creativity to make challenges more engaging. Since the competition on TikTok is higher for companies, relevant and interesting content is essential to bring more people to your account.

    Scroll down your “For You” page to know the trending topics and view some challenges to get ideas for making your own challenge as successful. There will be plenty of challenges on the FYP, and choose the trending one to gather audiences. Make yourself unique on the challenges with creative ideas and attract their audiences to visit your page and gain traffic. Then, when you have some quantity of followers, you can start your own challenge, make your followers participate, and make your brand popular.

    #6. Upload Videos At The Perfect Time

    Increase your followers’ interaction and gain the attention of your target audiences by posting your content at the correct time. Identify your audience’s presence on TikTok and post videos at that time to gain more engagement for your videos. If you have a Pro-account on TikTok, you can easily track your audience’s performance through an analytics tool. Find your audiences’ active time, location, and interest, and get a detailed report of your audience’s demographics to grow your account with energetic users.

    Increase the engagement level on TikTok with your audiences by posting your content at the best time. With some reports, the right time to post your content on TikTok is suggested to be between 6 AM and 10 AM and 7 PM and 11 PM. Also, don’t forget to post content on weekend days because the audience’s engagement is usually higher on Saturdays and Sundays.

    #7. Use TikTok Ads As An Investment

    TikTok advertising helps to achieve more potential followers to your account and increase sales conversion for your product. The brand reach will be higher while running TikTok ads for your business. There are various types of advertising options on TikTok, and a few of them are:

    • In Feed Ads:

      It is similar to Instagram ads that appear on the FYP of TikTok. The length of this ad is 9 to 15 seconds, where you can include a call to action button to increase sales and website traffic according to your business goal.

    • Brand Takeover Ads:

      It is a full-screen video ad that displays immediately once you open your TikTok application. You can make the ad either in the image, video, or GIF format that appears on FYP.

    • TopView Ads:

      It is also a full-screen video like the brand takeover ads, but the only difference is, this type of ad appears after 5 seconds when you open your TikTok app. It is like a regular video with sounds and an autoplay option.

    • Branded Effects:

      Using this ad type, you can customise your content by adding filters, stickers, etc. It easily attracts the audience’s attention with its appearance and gains new followers for your account.

    Wrapping Up

    TikTok provides endless opportunities to grow your business with plenty of users and gain higher engagement for your brand. If you want a quick increase in sales conversion, use the above ideas to gain audiences to your page and enjoy using TikTok.

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    How To Drive Traffic & Sales For Your Business? – 7 Dazzling TikTok Marketing Ideas