What are Google Alerts and How do They Help Businesses?

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What are Google Alerts and How do They Help Businesses?

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    Online marketing works via different methods. It can be anything from social media to email or simple text messages that earn attention from the audience. However, the driving force of every major brand begins from Google. Google helps markets go beyond the boundary to reach a wider audience virtually.

    It is no secret that half the population has shifted to virtual spaces, choosing to connect online. Google offers an abundance of tools for marketers that assists them to connect and interact with the audience. But, how does Google alerts augment strategies, as much as business blueprints? 

    What are Google Alerts

    Google alerts is a free tool developed and offered by Google that notifies people the results that either show your name or the brand you are building. Google alerts cut down the amount of time you spend planning and researching to identify where your brand stands. 

    Google alerts help maintain tabs about your business – such as, where it appears, who is mentioning it, and which are the sites that it recurs in. If you optimize Google alerts for similar reasons, it will send you notifications whenever your business or name appears somewhere.

    How does Google Alert Work? 

    Google alerts work in a very specific, yet relatively simple manner. When searching online on Google alerts, the search parameters can be set as per, 

    1. Alert frequency 
    2. Sites you want the sources from 
    3. Preferred language 
    4. Search area region 
    5. Amount of results you want

    To answer What are google alerts, it’s important to understand that Google alerts work only if you have an active Google account. If you don’t have an active Google account, it’s best to create one. After registering, you can easily type the search phrase you want results for to augment and understand your service. 

    How to set up google alerts

    Businesses should learn how Google alerts work – especially since it saves time many would rather spend working on analyzing a website. The working principle of Google alerts is effortless and simple. To begin, click the link google.com/alerts that will redirect you to the main page. You can then type your business relevant term in the search bar. 

    As soon as you hit search, Google alerts will show you relevant and recent search results for the used term. If you are searching for mentions about the terms, you can just scroll through and later leave. In case you want to boost long tail keywords, it’s best to target ones.

    However, if your goal is to have recurring results for seo competitor analysis, then it’s best to create an alert mentioned right below. You can select the necessary options when the dropdown box appears to receive notifications the way you want. This can count as one of the major SEO tips you need to introduce. 

    How to Use Google Alert? 

    When setting up Google alerts, many often ask how google alerts work? Google alerts can help you magnify your business across different areas of the world, especially by lending you an extra hand to monitor your success rate, or competition ratio around the market that you are also part of. 

    Now that you’ve gained a clear insight about how to set Google alerts, the proceeding stage is to understand how to use it. In the case of personal branding, you can use Google alerts to explore your name, as well as to find out how many times your brand was mentioned. Google alerts is a very efficient tool that navigates through your business and allows you to understand where your business currently stands.

    The best thing about it is that you can promptly interrupt and control negative reviews or misinformation too. It helps discover new trends on several different topics that can create engaging, traffic generating texts. You can also similarly monitor what your competitors are doing presently around the web. 

    How To Disable Google Alert? 

    As much as you can create Google alerts you can also stop them anytime you want. Much essentially, it only monitors the Google network, excluding social media, forums and other search engines

    However, to disable Google alerts you can access the service, by clicking on the “trash can icon” that will show the alerts you need to remove. Other than that, you can also unsubscribe to stop receiving alert mails. However, it remains a free tool many use to push their product or brand name through the roof. The best part is that you can disable Google alerts anytime you want or anytime you feel it is rather unnecessary. 

    Benefits of Google Alerts for the E-commerce Firm 

    Google Alerts can augment e-commerce firms, here is how, 


    1. Business Information:

    Google alerts help businesses know where their name appeared, and which site. It is sometimes beneficial to include common misspellings to augment search results. Monitoring where your business appears can help you understand which set of people or services often mention your brand name. 

    2. Product Information:

    Google alerts also help companies stay aware of the products that have been mentioned or have appeared on certain platforms online. 

    3. Company Executives:

    The reputation of company executives can impact organizations and it is equally best to know whether their name has appeared somewhere online. 

    4. Customer Activities:

    Google alerts help companies stay aware of the demands a customer can potentially have, helping them amplify the developments to acquire the best audience engagement.

    5. Competitor Tactics:

    Many use Google alerts to stay updated about current activities their competitors are pushing in the market space. It is one of the primary SEO tips many use. 

    6. Influencers:

    The trends influencers follow can also magnify business opportunities, and several brands stay updated about it via Google alerts. 

    7. New Industry Developments:

    Google alerts keep brands updated about technologies that are evolving in the market space, as well as providing them information about new industry developments. 

    Best Google Alerts tips to boost your SEO 

    1. Monitor long tail terms:

    One of the major Google alerts tips is to use the search terms as potential long tail keywords. Using short, strict terms is mainstream since it is already very broad. For instance, “real estate” itself is a very broadly spread term, while you can replace it with terms like “best real estate in Mumbai.” Longer keywords are user-specific and can be easily accessed. 

    2. Keep an eye out for unlinked mentions:

    When trying to understand which terms you specifically want to target, one of the obvious choices is to go by your brand name. Google alerts is an effective tool that helps to keep pace with what people are currently talking about you on the web. You can keep an eye out for unlinked mentions which are simply places where a site is only mentioned without having a redirecting link. 

    3. Define your goals:

    When setting a Google alert, cut down the names that might not be of much help. Do not set an alert for every industry that comes on top of your mind. Instead, only set alerts and limit them to specific companies or names that define your goals, and help you align with the majority of them.

    4. Track your competitors:

    Tracking your competitors through Google alerts can be a very good idea. It can help you stay on track, and align your business ideas with ones that are already and broadly part of the market. There is no doubt that your business is not the only one making profit. Creating alerts for your competitors can 

    give you insightful and beneficial marketing strategies that can further help your business. You can easily find backlinks and topics that people are currently inclined towards. Understanding their marketing tactics can help you improve yours.

    5. create an alert for news and trends:

    Google alerts are very beneficial when you want to strategically include current trends. You can easily keep pace with the latest news and trends that are keeping people engaged via Google alerts.

    Bottom Line 

    Google alerts are not limited to helping people know where their brand name has appeared. It can simultaneously amplify your SEO campaign and take it through the roof. One of the major SEO tips is to stay ahead in the game, regardless of the brand you own. With Google alerts, you can track your success and further boost it. Google alerts have made sure that brands have easy navigation, and effortless research plans – since what it does automatically resolves the concern many companies often have.

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    Google Alerts

    What are Google Alerts and How do They Help Businesses?