How to do Google Reverse Image Search using Desktop or Mobile

What is Google Reverse Image Search?

In simple words, it is similar to your regular Google Search, the only difference is that here you use an image instead of text.

The Google Reverse Image Search can be helpful in the following scenarios:

1. To trace the original source of any image 2. Copyright violations check 3. Finding details for any photo

Below given are the step-by-step instructions to perform a reverse image search on Google using your desktop or mobile device.

How to Do a Reverse Image Search Using the Chrome App on a Mobile Device?

– Open Google Images in the Chrome App. If you are doing a reverse image search of any image that you have found on the internet, using the chrome app is easier than the other options.

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– Select ‘image’ from the top navigation bar. – Search for any image you are looking for, e.g. ‘Phone Wallpapers’ and tap your desired image from the list of results shown in the SERP.

– Once the image is opened, click and hold on the picture for a couple of seconds. Then select ‘Search Google for this Image’ and Google will show you the results that contain different sizes of the image and details about where else the image is located.

You can also use Search Engines like Bing and Yandex for Reverse Image Search How to Do a Reverse Image Search from Bing on Mobile?

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How to Do a Reverse Image Search on Desktop?

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