Amazon SEO: How to get your products ranked higher on Amazon

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Amazon SEO: How to get your products ranked higher on Amazon

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    What Is  Amazon SEO? 

    The best way for a business to be discovered on the largest e-commerce site is through Amazon SEO.

    Amazon Search Engine Optimization or  Amazon SEO refers to optimizing product listings to help them rank higher on the site’s search results. Sellers can optimize several elements of the product listings to rank on Amazon, including:

    • Product Title
    • Bulleted Product
    • Features  Keywords 
    • Backend Search
    • Keywords 
    • Product Images
    • Products Review
    • Pricing Strategy

    Importance of SEO in Amazon?

    As the largest e-commerce site, thousands of sellers on Amazon are vying for the top search results. To do so, you will need to crack Amazon’s ranking algorithm to rank on the first page of the Amazon search results.  

     This can be done with the help of a viable Amazon SEO plan. The strategy can help in optimizing your product descriptions and listings for the Amazon search engine. Consequently, it can also help your products gain visibility, boost conversion rates, and increase sales.

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    Want your eCommerce site
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    Optimize, rank, and flourish your online store's performance with our award-winning strategies.

     How Is  Amazon SEO Different From SEO?

    Traditional SEO and  Amazon SEO share the same fundamental principles of optimization to rank higher.

     Google is a search engine. Its goal is to provide a satisfying search experience to the users for them to keep coming back. Amazon is an e-commerce website whose main motive is driving sales.

    Amazon ranks products to convert the traffic coming on its website into sales in an efficient and quick manner. Its algorithms work differently from that of Google.

    What is the Amazon A9 algorithm?

    Amazon A9 is the algorithm Amazon uses to rank products and drive sales. A9 uses fewer rank signals than Google’s RankBrain algorithm. 

    It assesses product listings on two specific grounds: 

    •       To rank them for great customer experience, and
    •      How likely they are to get purchased

    It does so by measuring the relevancy and performance of the product listings. 

    Relevancy Ranking Elements on Amazon

    The A9 algorithm measures the relevance of your Amazon SEO optimization. It checks how and where you used a keyword and if it is relevant to the search query. The algorithm considers six factors while ranking products on its marketplace: 

    Product Title

    Amazon’s algorithm considers product title an important factor to be assessed for relevancy. The product title should not be more than 100 words. It should be clear, precise, and appealing.  Product title should include relevant information related to brand, product, material, quantity, and color. It should include the most relevant keywords for your product. 

    Seller Name

    Seller name is also another ranking factor for Amazon’s A9 algorithm. It uses it to assess how relevant your product listing is for a particular search query. Try to include important keywords in your seller name to increase the chances of ranking higher.  


    Keywords need to be chosen according to the product listing. You can do this by looking at the top-selling products in your category. Look at products with the highest ranking and maximum reviews. Mention the keywords organically in your product description to avoid keyword stuffing. 

    Brand Name

    The brand name comes after the listing title and should be visible to the customers. Ensure the brand name is spelled correctly. It should be in the same fashion for all your product listings. This helps Amazon to connect the dots and suggest other products from your brand to the users. 

    Products Description

    The product description can be the ultimate hook for attracting shoppers to make a purchase. The description should highlight the product’s positive characteristics and needs to contain the right keywords. A well-written product description is a great medium to present emotional and positive sales arguments. 

    Product Features

    Amazon’s algorithm prefers categorized and easy-to-read bullet points over text walls. The product features should be written in the same fashion to optimize them for Amazon SEO. The features must describe the size, weight, and color in detail. The features should also contain the necessary keywords for better visibility.  

    Performance-Related Amazon Ranking Elements

    The A9 algorithm ranks products based on how likely they are to sell. A9 algorithm uses certain aspects of your product listings to rank your product in its search results. These aspects are called performance ranking factors.

    Click-Through Rate

    Amazon’s A9 algorithm considers the click performance of your listings for previous listings while ranking them. This is called the click-through rate. You can improve the click-through rate by optimizing your listing based on buyer intent, color, size, and other product features. 

    Conversion Rate

    Amazon’s algorithm considers how many clicks actually resulted in sales. It uses the conversion rate data to assess the number of clicks that resulted in sales. The higher the conversion rate, the more likely your product will appear in top searches. 

    Product Price

     Product price is a vital performance factor in Amazon rankings. No customer will pay more if they get the same product at a lesser price. Don’t overstate or undercharge the price to improve rankings and sales simultaneously.   

    Product Images

    Good product pictures hugely influence Amazon SERPs and are significant sales drivers on Amazon. They impact the bounce rates positively and attract more customers to the product page. The images should be HD quality and at least 1000 pixels in width and height to enable the zoom function.  

    Product Reviews

    The A9 algorithm evaluates product reviews to improve the rankings indirectly. It considers both the review count and rating to rank your product listing. Good product reviews improve click-through rates as customers trust a brand with positive reviews. Also, the more the number of reviews, the more trustworthy your brand appears. 


    You can improve the discoverability and desirability of your product by several notches by optimizing your product listing for Amazon SEO. 

    Remember, Amazon SEO is highly competitive. You need to keep up with the trends and continuously optimize your listings to keep them up-to-date and in sync with the algorithm. 

    You also need to have a deep understanding of Amazon’s A9 algorithm to improve the visibility of your product in the marketplace. The right SEO tools and strategies can help your listings get discovered for better conversions and improved sales. 

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    Amazon SEO

    Amazon SEO: How to get your products ranked higher on Amazon