Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2022 You Should Know About

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Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2022 You Should Know About

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    Digital marketing is a domain that is always undergoing evolutions based on industry trends. Digital marketing trends are very fluid and keep evolving with time, with new ones coming up and establishing themselves every year.

    2022 is looking to bring in some dramatic trends in digital marketing based on how the world has shifted itself on the internet drastically. Businesses should not only be aware of what these trends entail but also plan on how to leverage them to reap their benefits for their advantage. While the importance of digital marketing is quite established for eCommerce businesses, how does the year 2022 look for marketers? Let’s find out.

    Here are the latest trends in digital marketing that you should be aware of.

    1.  Privacy matters

    Increasing concerns about data privacy have been growing exponentially. In response to the rising concerns for better data privacy, tech giants and small businesses alike have been expanding their protection protocols and safety offerings for their customers.

    Privacy has become a non-negotiable element for consumers, and businesses have to reassess how equipped their safeguarding is. Offering optimum transparency to the consumers about the applicable data privacy policies will be the key element in building trust.

    2. Word of mouth is still important

    While new digital marketing trends will always be emerging, some old ones are here to stay, and word of mouth is one of them that still prevails. Consumers nowadays do not mind spending some extra time on the web to compare resources before making the decision of going for a purchase or engagement of any kind.

    Word of mouth plays a key role in establishing yourself as an authoritative business online. Consumers will always scroll down to see what your customers are saying about you, and how well-reviewed your business is. Digital marketing campaigns should always highlight good word of mouth, and proficiently handle poor reviews by being accommodating and addressing the concerns of the reviewers in order to win them back. Turning unsatisfied customers into satisfied customers is one of the best things you can do for your business, and it provides a great advertising opportunity as well.

    3. Pagespeed is a very crucial factor

    Any digital marketing campaign’s main goal is to bring users to your website. The conversions are highly dependent on how good a user experience you provide to your visitors. The first and foremost factor is how fast your page loads. The attention span of users nowadays is not much, and a small delay in page loading can compel the visitors to close the tab.

    Pagespeed not only plays a role in user experience but also how well your page ranks. It is a ranking factor for Google’s algorithms. Hence, it is imperative that you keep optimizing your website for faster loading speeds to ensure that you are covering up this segment in digital marketing trends. Core Web Vitals can help you in monitoring the key metrics for a user’s experience while they load a page.

    4. Relevance is very important

    Relevance is one of the key factors that determine how impactful your content is for the users. Many businesses often overlook this aspect while generating content. Generic content is abundantly present on the web, and if you are not offering your consumers something with value, chances are they are not going to respond well to it. Hence, generating content ideas that can cater to your target audience’s needs is imperative.

    Relevance is also important in improving your Domain Authority (DA) score. Creating relevant content that addresses the pain points of your consumers and offers solutions can significantly improve your DA score, and help your website rank higher on SERPs.

    5. Personalize content 

    Digital advertising trends are going to see a major shift towards personalized content in the coming time. This is because creating content in the hope that it will appeal to a wide audience is not working as well as it used to a few years back. Instead, creating targeted and personalized advertising that caters to each segment of your audience base is what is generating great results for brands. Making sure that each segment receives these personalized ads in the right place, at the right time, is also equally important.

    6. Multi-channel marketing / Omnichannel marketing

    Omnichannel marketing will very soon become a necessity for today’s eCommerce businesses. It offers consumers the convenience of accessing your services and products across various platforms and devices.

    For instance, big brands like IKEA allow users to order through their website, app, live chats, and even phone calls. Omnichannel marketing has opened the gates for brands to excel in their sales and conversions. For instance, the purchase rates for this form of digital marketing were reported to be over 280% higher than single-channel marketing campaigns in 2020! More channels for marketing campaigns mean better convenience for your consumers and better reach for your business. Better reach means better ROI. 

    7. Video marketing is here to stay

    Videos are the most consumed form of media today. Video marketing is a digital marketing trend that is here to stay. For users and businesses alike, it is a great form of marketing as it is easily consumable, presents an opportunity for complex breakdowns, and much more. A recent study showed that over 75% of consumers said they were convinced to make a purchasing action after watching a video!

    Marketers all across the globe have realized that the last two years have made video marketing an essential ingredient in a successful digital marketing campaign. Products or services illustrated in video format and explained to the audience have a much better chance of generating conversions than written content.

    8. Search intent 

    The reason behind a user’s search is called search intent. It is one of the key ranking factors for search engines. For instance, “guides” or “how-to’s” are given the highest priority while ranking for informational search queries like “how to do SEO marketing”.

    Google prioritizes its results for users by focusing on their search intent. Using various ML algorithms like MUM and BERT, Google is trying to make search engines as human as possible. Hence, search intent reigns supreme when it comes to digital marketing.

    9. Remote work is now a new normal

    Over 83% of the employers have considered the shift to remote working as a success in the past two years. Employers are already embracing a hybrid working model, with remote working being at the forefront. 

    This is an important bit of information for marketers across the globe, as this might drastically impact the traditional working structures of digital marketing. The use of CRMs, digital marketing tools, and much more will see a spike in this and the coming years. Moreover, it will also give marketers and users a new perspective into how significant a role being online plays in their lives. This will open the floodgates for new ideas and approaches of reaching users online, which might transition into new trends themselves.

    10. Everything is driven by the algorithm

    From social media ads to email marketing to newsfeeds across different social channels, everything is driven by algorithms. The job of algorithms is to sort through the billions of bytes of content regularly and optimize the results for enhancing user experience.

    Relevancy and good user experience should be the two key factors marketers should be focusing on in 2022 for their digital marketing efforts. Algorithms will sort your content out and give it priority over others if you nail these two aspects.

    11.  Artificial intelligence 

    AI has taken the digital marketing world by storm in recent years. Intuitive reporting, deep insights, automation, monitoring metrics, and many other tasks have become exponentially easier because of AI’s implementation over digital marketing. 

    With the constant evolution of AI technology and its advancement, predicting your customers’ needs is the next frontier to conquer. The abilities of AI in analyzing big data pools and making mostly precise predictions about user behaviour and purchase patterns is a digital marketing trend that is quite rewarding for marketers.

    12. Content segmentation 

    While many businesses use segmentation for their customers and forms of communication, content segmentation will play a big role in digital marketing in 2022. Brands across the globe should be focusing on considerate and detailed targeting of their content for offering a better user experience to their customers. For instance, tagging email marketing campaigns so that users can opt out of receiving emails they feel are not their cup of tea is a great example of content segmentation.

    A great real-life example of content segmentation can be seen from the brand Bloom and Wild. The flower company offers users the luxury of opting out of viewing content related to sensitive topics such as Mother’s Day, Christmas or other topics. This thoughtful marketing campaign is aimed at treating their customers in the same way as they would their family or friends. This simple approach has allowed their customers to not get bombarded with content they would find triggering or unnecessary for them. For instance, Christmas-related content would not be useful for a person who does not celebrate it, would it? 

    13. Facebook Meta

    Facebook changing its name to Meta might sound like a gimmick to many, but what the tech giant has done is shine a spotlight on their next big goal – the Metaverse.

    Betting big on the future, Facebook is now more focused on virtual and/or augmented experiences, which can bring a drastic shift in digital marketing. Marketers and advertisers will get to experience a completely new ground for their jobs, and executing it will not be a piece of cake. 2022 will set the tone for how digital marketing will shape up in the Metaverse, and marketers should keep a very close eye on this particular development.

    14.  Augmented Reality 

    Carrying forward the Metaverse effect, Augmented Reality is also becoming a very in-demand technology for users. AR helps the users in experiencing products or services digitally to make a sound decision about their purchase. For instance, AR technology is used by brands like Adidas to offer customers a chance to see how the apparel would fit them. Digital marketing utilizing AR is already showing great results for brands, and it is sure to grow in its implementation in marketing campaigns in 2022.

    15. Shorter Video Content

    The huge rise in the popularity of social platforms like Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts shows that shorter video content is generating huge engagement from the audience. Each of these platforms encourages the accounts that videos be as short as possible.

    Shorter videos have proven to be better at keeping the viewers engaged according to a study by Vidyard. The study pointed out that videos posted by brands that are shorter than 60 seconds were effective in keeping a majority of the viewers engaged until the end. Longer videos had more viewers closing them before they complete.

    Time to Hop on to These Digital Marketing Trends

    Now that you know about how digital marketing will shape up in 2022, it is time to focus on these trends and make the best out of them. Having help from established professionals in the domain can make your task much easier and more fruitful. A digital marketing company like Infidigit can help you in making this transition seamless, and reap the rewards of these trends to their maximum potential. Contact us today to learn more.

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    Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2022 You Should Know About