What are the Local Link Building Strategies for Local Business Brand?

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What are the Local Link Building Strategies for Local Business Brand?

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    When running a small business in your neighbourhood, you need to find the most cost-effective ways to promote and market your brand through local link building. Your initial customers will most likely be your neighbours and people from your local area.

    To achieve this, ensure you implement the most effective strategies to enhance your brand’s local SEO services

    What is a Local Link? 

    In simple terms a local link is a hyperlink to your business surroundings also known as your business locality. Local links make a website more relevant to people in the area. Local link building focuses on:

    • Making changes to your NAP (Name, Phone Number, and Address) information.
    • Putting together a list of sources.
    • Creating more local content.

    These activities are all executed for the same reason: to ensure your business has high search results for local terms in the organic search results for geo-targeted terms.

    It should also meet the following requirements:

    • Ensure a link back to your website.
    • Give your local audience a chance to hear from you.

    It’s great to aim high, but you need to know your working niche. It is important to note that a local business can only do business in the area. For instance, if your business is in New York and gets substantial traffic from San Francisco, it might not be worth anything to the company.

    Be the local choice on ‘near me’ searches.

    Elevate your presence in local searches and let interested customers locate your products and services with ease.

    Be the local choice on
    ‘near me’ searches.

    Elevate your presence in local searches and let interested customers locate your products and services with ease.

    11 Best Strategies for Local Link Building for Local Business Brand?

    Are you looking to build quality links for your business? If you want to begin a local link-building operation in your business, the strategies below will help you.


    1. Begin with Citations 

    Starting with citations with help you get started. Primarily, citation building, looking for general directories, and adjusting the information will help you ease the local link-building process. 

    Citations are wonderful because they let you put your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) details somewhere in the search. Besides, put your links to some good websites that don’t spam. If the search isn’t too competitive, some random people might see it as a result of linking them back to your site.

    Besides, Yext and Moz Local are great local SEO tools that help you with your citation building, enhancing SEO services to your website.

    2. Set up Social Media Profiles

    The most effective way to get local links is to set up social media profiles. Social media helps you get a chance to connect with your customers when there is no time to talk via your website.  

    Create a profile page on the main social media websites like facebook, twitter, instagram and snapchat. If your website has many backlinks from social media sites that have high domain authority, these links will help your site’s backlink profile.

    You can also include your business’ NAP information on some social media sites, which helps search engines verify that your business information is correct and up to date.

    3. Local Business Directories

    There are many ways to use advanced search tactics on Google. Google has a free tool called Advanced Search that can help you with this.

     When using Google’s Advanced Search tool, you type in your target keyword or phrase. The tool will show you pages with your target keyword or phrase. In the next step, you can only choose to display pages with a URL or title with the target word or phrase in their title or URL.

    As soon as you find a few local directories, you will need to figure out if they get much traffic, work well with your business, and charge for their SEO service.

    4. Industry-Specific Directories 

    If you want to get backlinks from people in your area, it’s good to use another kind of online business directory for that: one that is specific to your industry or niche.

    The specific directories are usually linked to your business, and they typically include information about your competitors as well. Even more, the narrowing can be done to pages that have the phrase in the URL, and the title will only show up. 

    Research and figure out what you want to do before starting if the directory is right for you and your business.

    5. Take help of a Link Tool

    You need to find the best link tool suitable for your brand for quality results. 

    • Ahrefs is suitable for link building, more so for SEO pros. Ahrefs feature includes rank tracking, content explorer, a powerful keyword search tool, and technical audit-based SEO.
    • Linkody is the most backlink tracker that is user-friendly. Besides, it has a good link index.
    • GroupHigh is a link tool that will help you to attract people to link to your site. The initial outreach campaign stage for GroupHigh is finding your bloggers for your business niche. 

    The three are the best link tools to help your local link building for your business.

    6. Reach Out to Local Newspapers & Forums

    It may take a little more work to get good local backlinks with this strategy, but reaching out to local newspapers and forums is an excellent way to get your business out there and get some good backlinks in the process.

    Google’s Advanced Search feature can help you identify relevant pages for each website or domain. Find pages on a specific domain or website that uses your chosen key term or phrase.

    Examples of keywords or phrases are entrepreneur spotlight, small business spotlight, and business. 

    Some local newspapers and forums might write about your aim keyword phrase, so you might be able to link your content or offer to them.

    7. Find Sponsorship Opportunities 

    Another way of local link building is to look for sponsorship opportunities within your community. After finding a suitable group to sponsor, ensure the sponsored group has something to do with your business. Finally, you can only use sponsorships to get local links. 

    Charities, local events, and even your suppliers are all types of groups your business could help. Because most of the websites of local businesses merely get a small amount of traffic since they have low domain authority. 

    In other words, these backlinks alone won’t do a lot to give you good SEO services.

    8. Reach Out to Local Bloggers 

    If you know any local bloggers, you can ask them to write about your business. You can trade your service or product for a feature in exchange for them giving you their audience. Both you and the blogger will mutually benefit from each other.

    Besides, local bloggers are likely to have many followers. Using a strategy of reaching out to local bloggers will enhance building your local links, making your company become much more noticeable in your neighbourhood and reach more people who might be interested in your products or services.

    9. Monitor Competitors’ Backlinks 

    You may look at your competitors’ backlinks to determine if you have any gaps in your backlinks compared to their backlinks. Consider using a service like SEMrush or Ahrefs to assist you in your endeavour.

    Search engine marketing tools like SEMrush allow you to look at your competitors’ backlink profiles. Using this tool, you can check how well their pages or websites are listed on search engines like Google.

    Besides, search for domains that connect to your competitors’ websites but not to yours. Then you may fill in the gaps. Once you’ve located the overlap, you may next search for any openings. 

    10. Broken Link Building 

    Broken link building is a strategy based on contacting webmasters to request a backlink from “broken links” found on their sites. A broken link is created when a website attempts to link with another website; however, the link does not exist.

    Tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs can also help you find broken backlinks, a more hands-on way to build links. These tools can help you find broken backlinks in your competitors’ websites.

    Your next step is to reach out to the local links website’s contact point and share a link to identical content on your site so they can replace the damaged one.

    11. Update Content 

    You can look at websites that provide similar information to your own to see any outdated content that receives a lot of backlinks. The use of a program such as SEMrush or Ahrefs can help to expedite this process significantly.

    After discovering the archival content you have, you can check if you have the most recent content or produce a new piece of content. Then, you can try to persuade the backlinking site to connect to your particular type of content instead of the one they are linking to.

    How to Find More Linking Opportunities

    If you’re already ahead of your competition regarding links, the next step is to get more links than them.

    Explore other businesses in your area and see where they have gotten press. Doing this will give you some ideas about how other companies in the area have built links.

    Some low-hanging fruits can be found by looking at businesses popular in your local area. You can start by looking at popular businesses and see if there are any local writers, blogs, or websites that want to support local businesses or have done so in the past.

    One way to find a business that gets much attention is to look at reviews like Yelp.Make sure you search your city on Yelp and choose the most reviewed business. 


    Check out these 11 local link-building tactics for your business to earn more backlinks! Local backlinks require more time and effort than other local SEO strategies. 

    More people will find you through the power of word-of-mouth, and as a result, your domain authority will rise.

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    What are the Local Link Building Strategies for Local Business Brand?