What is Link Building & Why it is Important in SEO

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What is Link Building & Why it is Important in SEO

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    The most straightforward answer to the question “what is link building” would be – the process of creating links from one website to the other. With the rise of Google, link building as a tool to direct traffic and convert leads has achieved strong significance and popularity among online businesses. 

    Link building essentially links one website, with the potential to direct traffic, to another page or website. This method has become one of the more crucial techniques in SEO today. Businesses and service owners, aiming to increase traffic to their site, are the primary target audience for link building services

    A hyperlink helps users navigate between pages with ease. When trying to find out what is link building, one must understand that the primary role it serves in the crawling of the web. When a user visits a website that has a relevant hyperlink embedded into it, users can be directed to pages in the latter website with one mere click.

    Why link building important in SEO?

    The core algorithm of Google that drives searches and traffic is completely based upon links. The visibility of your website, thus, is very dependent on the number of links from relevant and authoritative websites that leads to it. So, if you are looking to optimise your content, the role of link building in it is not something that can be ignored. 

    To understand why link building is important, it is essential to first understand the fundamentals of how a link is created and sustained. The components that make up such links are: 

    • An Anchor Tag that informs the search engine about the existence and direction of the link
    • The Hyperlink Referral indicates the URL 
    • Local Links that take you to different sections of the page
    • Closure of Link Tag that signals the end of the link tag

    An embedded hyperlink helps search engines discover new web pages and lets it determine how well a page can be ranked in their results.

    What are link building strategies?

    Link building functions by convincing the owner of another site to embed relevant links from your sites into theirs. In this case, strategising is important to ensure that the other website readily includes your link wherever possible. Common link building strategies employed by businesses and agencies include:

    • Outreach

    The process involves contacting individuals owning websites in your niche and introduce them to your content. This can help direct traffic to your website. Anything worthy of a link, be it a product, a service, or a personality, can serve this purpose. It serves as one of the central tools for link building strategies in SEO

    • Guest blogging

    This measure involves writing articles to post on a website that might be remotely related to your website’s niche. You can directly embed a link to your website or page in that article itself.

    • Unlinked Mentions

    Finding such mentions help in earning a link. When your product, page, or service is mentioned in the article, it means the author is familiar with your business. Hence, this creates the perfect opportunity for you to reach out and convince them to convert the given mention into a link.

    • Competitor Backlink Analysis

    It is a method of finding links that involve observing your competitors, analysing their strategy, and, finally, applying them to acquire your share of links online.

    • Leverage Social Media

    Link building on social media provides easy ways to share and distribute your content, website, and page. When this gets noticed by the right people, it will lead to newer backlinks.


    While not a lot of people may be aware of what link building services are, a clear understanding of the same can, thus, help them in promoting their business through the use of virtual networks. Such tactics and strategies are almost always beneficial for entrepreneurs and startups. But, if you are not sure how to implement such strategies, you can employ the help of professionals in an SEO agency who can help render your brand’s image and presence virtually to achieve the desired reach.

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    1. Very useful information about link building strategies and their benefits. I will try some of these link building strategies. I hope this will help to increase sites rank on google.

    2. Hi Ankit,
      Very good information on link building provided by you.
      Is there any recient google updates which have effected the same !!

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    What is Link Building & Why it is Important in SEO