What Is Content Marketing & Its Types

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What Is Content Marketing & Its Types

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    With the never ending innovations in Digital Marketing, targeting relevant customers is very different from how it used to be earlier. Amongst various digital marketing techniques, content marketing has become the most effective way to reach your customers. Let us understand through this guide the importance of content marketing and its effectiveness.

    What is Content Marketing?

    Content marketing is the strategic marketing used to improve brand awareness, create relevant content, boost revenue, and many more. Content marketing focuses on audience engagement leading to growth in revenue. Various businesses use online content marketing strategies to foster sales and leads by referring to analytics, keyword research, or any other endorsed policy.

    Why Content Marketing?

    Content is present and the future of marketing. Content marketing strategy is essential to understand our customer’s choice. It helps build a trustworthy relationship between the client and the customer, making the audiences aware of the product and the services, creating a brand, and generating leads. Content creation & curation is the heart of digital marketing.

    Content Marketing Strategy

    Types of Content Marketing

    Following are some of the most popular content formation strategies:

    • Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketing or SMM is establishing the presence of business or brand on major social media platforms. Over billions of people are highly engaged on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc. SMM includes activities like posting images & videos, writing texts, sharing, and liking posts etc. It helps in customer acquisition and drives brand awareness

    Social Media Marketing

    • Infographic Content Marketing

    Infographics are the most appealing and widely used method to convey the message. We as humans visualise things and prefer pictures more than the text. Infographics as both the text and the graphics are very good for SEO.

    Infographic Content Marketing

    • Blog Marketing

    Blogs are an essential part of any website. Blog marketing is the process of advertising about brands, businesses, websites, services, etc. through blogs. With proper keyword targeted, blog content needs to be very informative and user-oriented.

    Blog Marketing

    • Podcast Content Marketing

     Podcast content marketing is making the audience at ease. With the help of audio content, one doesn’t need to focus directly; they could listen and enjoy!. The podcast helps reach out to the audiences, once the podcasts get uploaded on trusted sites like iTunes & Stitcher. Podcasts marketing is inexpensive and fast to produce.

    Podcast Content Marketing

    • Video Content Marketing

    Video Content Marketing is the most powerful marketing strategy. Video content marketing helps in increasing the engagement level of the audiences in a significant manner. For example, most people nowadays watch videos on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram. Also, by adding the videos in your content helps in ranking it higher in the SERPs. Video content marketing can include video testimonials; product reviews form the users, tutorials, and many more.

    Video Content Marketing

    Also Read:

         . Case Studies

    These are considered one of the most relevant and effective
    types of content marketing. Case studies open the gates for your business to feature your customers or clients and present to your prospective clients with the work your company has done. You can create niche-specific SEO case studies, which are helpful in acquiring clients in specific markets by showing them what you’re doing right, how you’re doing it, and the results. This sets a great precedent for establishing trust and ensuring client acquisition.

    • Ebooks

    For people wondering why content marketing is important for lead generation, look no further than ebooks. These are a proven way of using content as a lead magnet and also helping in resolving customer problems. Ebooks can cater to many segments in the industry at once. An ebook is the most convenient way of understanding what is content marketing. An ebook can serve the purpose of attracting clients, while also ensuring that the customers have enough information to resolve their queries about your products/services.

    • Whitepapers

    Whitepapers are a very efficient and effective tool for generating curiosity and engagement with your audience. The best whitepapers and reports help the target audience with solutions and data, which can attract a lot of attention from prospective businesses you want to collaborate with. They are not a traditional marketing pitch and are more centred towards educating the audience.

    • Checklists

    Checklists are the most convenient forms of content marketing. They are very easy to create, are amazingly popular amongst clients and customers alike, and are very accessible. For instance, content audit checklists can help businesses in ensuring that their online content is optimised and is organically bringing traffic to your website. There are various types, including tip sheets, worksheets, and cheat sheets. You can conveniently make them by using the key pointers from your content and laying them out.

    • Newsletters

    Newsletters are one of the most used types of content marketing. Using the format of email newsletters is especially rewarding, as they have a much better ROI than other forms of content marketing. These are a very effective tool for businesses in not just highlighting the various types of content they have created, but also foreshadow what’s about to come. This becomes very beneficial in generating interest amongst your audience, and also keeping them updated of all the content and non-content related activities your business is carrying out.

    Content Marketing and SEO!

    Both are inseparable! You cannot do content marketing without SEO and SEO without the presence of content.

    For the websites to rank higher on the SERPs, keyword research is conducted to strategise the content on the sites. As Google’s Algorithm is always coming up with the innovations, keeping the content placing guidelines in mind, helps the website rank higher. And this would eventually help in gaining a high number of organic visitors and sessions. 

    Are you in marketing? Do you need a content strategy for your business? Follow content marketing trends and check our content marketing services, and for more queries, please comment below!

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    What Is Content Marketing & Its Types