ICICI Prulife Case Study (Retirement Category)

How ICICI Prulife Reduced Organic Cost Per Lead By 5x

About ICICI Prulife

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance has consistently been amongst the top-most companies in the Indian life insurance sector for several years now. 

What was ICICI Prulife looking for?

With the growing demand for Retirement & Annuity Plans, ICICI Prulife wanted to improve organic visibility and reduce cost per lead. With this objective in mind, Infidigit’s team of SEO experts put forward its helping hand in achieving noticeable numbers.

What Infidigit Provided them?

Improvement in Organic Keywords
0 %

Content gap analysis and deployment of contextual links helped ICICI to increase the keyword rankings


Improvement in 2nd to 5th Keyword Ranking
0 %

The SEO campaign resulted in a rise in the rankings and increased the website visits for several keywords.


Improvement in 6th to 10th Keyword Ranking
0 %

Category specific keyword research and on page implementation helped to improve the keyword rankings in the respective rank bracket.

Increase in Organic Clicks
0 %

Relevant schemas were added to the pages, which helped us to improve the CTR and overall clicks for ICICI

Increase in Organic Sessions
0 %

With extensive technical, on-page and off page SEO implementation on the pages, Infidigit was able to increase its organic sessions.

Increase in Organic Leads
0 %

Our strategies were complemented with timely technical implementations. This was one of the driving factors that contributed to the increase in leads.


Increase in Organic Sessions to Leads
0 %

With combined efforts from both the teams, we observed Organic Sessions to Leads increased by 88%


How Did We Achieve These Results?

Content Gap Analysis

Content Gap Analysis was performed across along with competitor gap analysis for the Retirement & Annuity Category to identify missing content pieces in terms of the type of content, pages, content structure, and layout

Landing Page Creation

On the basis of the missing pages, we also created new pages with relevant content keeping customer satisfaction in mind.

Optimising Existing Content

Content is one of the most crucial aspects of any SEO campaign. Infidigit believes in adding content that is relevant to the user. So, we further optimised and updated the existing pages with relevant queries in the form of FAQs which helped users to find solutions to their questions. We also upgraded the UI and Content Layout to further enhance user experience.

Added contextual footers to help improve the crawl rate. This activity made it easier for bots to crawl. Furthermore, we reached out to the various pages, thereby helping us in passing page authority and improving the page ranking.

Structured Data Markup

Made use of various structured data such as FAQ Schema, Breadcrumb Schema, Video Object Schema, How To Schema, etc. to help crawl bots understand the pages better and gain rich results to improve the CTR.

Influencer Marketing

We partnered with several influencers to promote ICICI Prulife to raise product awareness and gain popularity in the same niche/industry. With this approach, we took into consideration some top metrics such as the website DA, traffic, and spam score, that helped us to improve ranking for commercial keywords.

Optimise the CTAs

Made use of heatmaps to understand the user behavior on the page. On the basis of that information, we implemented different types of CTAs like Banner and Featured Box Widgets, mapping the user journey to improve the conversion rate.

Some Snapshots

Keyword Ranking

Organic Clicks

Organic Sessions


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