ICICI Prulife Case Study (Investment Category)

How Infidigit Reduced ICICI Pru's
Organic Cost Per Lead By 7x

About ICICI Prulife

As one of the leading life insurers in India, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance consistently ranks among the top firms. Their vision to establish a powerful institution that meets customers’ long-term saving needs has had a significant impact on their investors.

Problem Statement (Expectation):

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, an established Life Insurance giant was seeking to improve their lead generation for the Investment Category and decrease the Cost Per Lead of their business.

Strategy: The Audit – Huge Opportunities Uncovered

Birth of the Marketing Funnel

We conducted a thorough Keyword Research and segregated the keywords basis the various stages a consumer goes through. Namely – Awareness, Considerations & Conversion

Creation of New Pages

Conducted an extensive competitor gap analysis to identify missing content gaps

Using REGEX to Find Long Tail Queries

Used Google Search Console to find relevant long tail queries to answer questions from users

Consistent Content Updates

Regular content updates helped increase the effectiveness of our SEO efforts and to improve freshness score

Making the Site Accessible to Crawlers

Improved the internal linking structure by increasing the internal links, addition of contextual footers & fixing broken links

Placement of CTA Buttons

A variety of CTA buttons such as Banners and Featured Box Widgets were used to improve the conversion rate through HotJar analysis and user journeys

Outreach Campaign

Planned and executed an outreach campaign to secure backlinks from prominent content creators in the niche


Results: Massive Success

Ranking on #1 increased by
0 %

Number of Keywords ranking on #1 increased by 66.7%

Ranking on #2 increased by
0 %

Number of Keywords ranking on #2 increased by 133.3%

Ranking between #3 to #10 increased by
0 %

Number of Keywords ranking between #3 to #10 increased by 26.1%

Organic Sessions increased by
0 %

Organic Sessions increased by 198.3% (3x)

Organic Users increased by
0 %

Organic Users increased by 195.6% (3x)

Organic New Users
increased by
0 %

Organic New Users increases by 198.4% (3x)

Organic Leads increased by
0 %

Organic Leads increased by 583.6% (7x)

Organic Session to Leads increased by
0 %

Organic Session to Leads increased by 129.2%

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