Myntra Records 186 times Lower CPC Then Paid vs Organic

About Myntra

Myntra being always loved by its customers for its best-quality collections and reputable brands that provide happiness to all age groups and categories. Competing with other e-commerce giants, Myntra has outperformed & become India’s online fashion capital quickly.

What was Myntra looking for?

Making an impact over time in various categories & campaigns, Myntra now has aimed to get lower CPC then Paid vs Organic. Getting to know about this coming in from Myntra was when Infidigit put forward its helping hand in achieving goals

What Infidigit Provided them ?

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Increase in Internal Linking

Implementation of contextual and footer links improved the internal links count for Myntra

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Increase in Backlink Count

With influencer marketing

and backlinks from popular brands we managed to improve the backlink count for Myntra

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Increase in Referring Domain

Backlinks from popular

brands, helped to increase the referring domains for the website.

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Increase in Rankings For Top 3 Position

Sub category gap analysis and deployment of contextual links helped Myntra to increase the keyword rankings

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Increase in Rankings For 4-10 Position

Category specific keyword research and on page implementation helped to improve the keyword rankings in the respective rank bracket.

Total no of Featured Snippets

The research and on page implementation

helped Myntra to achieve rankings for competitive terms.

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Increase in Overall Sessions

The pages where content was missing, we added content there. We made sure that these pages are crawled on a regular basis. This in turn helped to improve the organic sessions.

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Increase in Overall Clicks

Relevant schemas were added to the pages, which helped us to improve the CTR and overall clicks for Myntra

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Increase in Overall Impressions

With their constant support and technical implementation, the Infidigit team increased the overall impressions by 103% for myntra’s website.

0 %
Increase in Non Brand Traffic

Due to constant support and technical implementation the Infidigit team managed to increase the non-brand traffic by 283% for myntra’s website.

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Increase in Overall Traffic

The content gap, keyword identification and various other implementations helped Myntra to improve it’s traffic.

Times Lower CPC then Paid vs Organic

With combined efforts from both the teams, we observed lower CPC then paid vs organic 

How Did We Achieve These Results?

Gap Analysis

1. Sub category gap analysis was performed to find out which of them Myntra was missing out on. Then we started working on the sub categories to drive in more traffic & new keywords ranking.

2. Product Gap analysis was performed to check what kind of products & varieties we look forward to. Then we started working on those products & it’s varieties to get them ranked in top positions to get more traffic.

3. To check which brands were not with Myntra & to share it with the relevant team to get them on board. After the Brands were on board we started working on it to get them ranked in better positions.

4. We also filled the content & keyword gap by covering all the necessary important secondary & LSI keywords in the content. Relevant on page changes were also made to give users & bots a better content about the pages.

Informative Content, Title & meta descriptions

1. We optimized title & meta descriptions with new ideas and implemented refreshed new meta with % discounts, price, powerful CTAs and many more word combinations.

2. Adding fresh content on pages with some concepts like ‘top searches,’ ‘tables’ & ‘top categories.’

3. We kept ourselves in the place of Users to get a perspective of how the content was to be written. The outcome was not just the traffic but also the content that we created had a different value in terms of micro detailing of a particular topic.

Implementing FAQ, video, and rating schema

1. To answer end-users queries, we used FAQ schema, which increases overall clicks & CTR for respective keywords.

To showcase the prices, offers, and availability of products on the SERP to the end-user for better visibility, we implemented the Product schema. 

2. Review and rating schema implementation helped to know the viewpoints of users purchasing the products.

For visibility in a video on SERPs, we used Video schema, which increased the average time spent on the landing page.

3. Identifying new opportunities within categories and brands and creating relevant landing pages.

4. Optimize the content for Featured Snippets listings on the list (both numbered and bulleted) and Table Snippet.

Curate informative content and a dynamic price table on list pages

1. Performed content gap analysis & identified list pages with and without footer content to make it more informative.

2. Content Wrote on pages was more of product relevant pages, unique, valuable to the readers, and SEO-friendly.

3. We implemented a dynamic price table that lists one-of-a-kind products with their price, thus securing a featured snippet on SERPs

1. We have carried out extensive category-specific keyword research.

2. Created landing pages for high-search-volume terms and implemented on-page elements meticulously.

3. Implemented contextual and footer linking to help high-search-volume keywords to gain ranking.

An addition of related categories which helped the users to get the relevant categories handy rather than searching it which in turn improved sessions.

Unique & relevant meta titles and descriptions were updated on pages.

Influencer Marketing & Backlinking from Brands

1. Infidigit turned to influencer marketing to increase user involvement. We partnered with several influencers to promote Myntra to raise product awareness and gain popularity..

2. We also tried getting backlinks from the popular brand websites for the respective brands.

Focus on Head & Torso Keywords

1. We focused more on the head (Search volume above 40,000) & torso (Search volume between 4,000 & 40,000) keywords.

Deep analysis of Keywords

1. A keyword level analysis was done in terms of competition & what we could do differently. What factors were the competitors strong on & what were we missing.

Some Snapshots


Overall Sessions

Overall Clicks

Non Brand Traffic

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