The Death of Android and iOS Apps

PWA - The Death of Android IOS

When was the last time you downloaded a movie or a series to watch it? Today, no user wants to spend so much time or internet bandwidth over something that can just as quickly be streamed online at their convenience. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the native mobile apps (Android Apps or iOS Apps) be streamed to your phone as you use the relevant sections instead of downloading them?

The answer is obviously Yes, and the web solution ‘PWAs or Progressive Web Apps has been around for many years. Brands like Pinterest, Flipkart, Myntra, PepperFry and others use PWA to provide an app-like user experience to their customer on the Mobile website.

PWAs are easy to build and update, consume less phone memory and data, and can load quickly even if your network connectivity is low. They run inside a browser without having to be downloaded, do not need different versions for different operating systems and always remain up-to-date courtesy their precaching feature. In simple words, while you are browsing one page, the other pages are already getting downloaded in the background to provide you with an app-like experience on the web.

Flipkart saw 60% of those customers who had uninstalled their mobile app start using their PWA. (Source: Forbes) Several other brands have started seeing a decline in App Installs & many cases, even a decrease in App Users. Since users have a better experience on PWA, they need not unnecessarily download the app. PWA’s are becoming better and more widely used. The day is not far when you will stop downloading the app and get used to a better experience on the Web; thus leading to the “Death of Apps”.

Almost 75%+ of Google’s revenue comes from Search. When more and more people moved to the app, this revenue must have been at risk. I do not think that this change in user behaviour from Apps to PWA happened by chance. In my view, launching PWA has been one of the best masterstrokes by Google to ensure that people move back to search instead of using Apps.

So how does this impact you as a marketing head or a business head? Your target audience will start doing more searches, and you need to ensure that your brand is present on Google Search and other search platforms.

As an SEO professional, be ready for the surge in search volumes and hone your SEO skills. These skills will now be more required than ever.

Do you agree that the Apps will die? Leave a comment below.

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PWA - The Death of Android IOS

The Death of Android and iOS Apps