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A Comprehensive Guide To Guest Blogging

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A blog, short for ‘weblog’, started out as some sort of online diary. The content on a blog could be anything— photography, travel diaries or anything self-published on online platforms. Blogging that started as a platform for self-publication has now extended to the world of businesses, marketing and more formal techniques of writing and content creation. It is a form of content writing and marketing of one’s own company or brand. The company itself generates posts that are written and posted as guest blogging. 

What is Guest Blogging?

As the name suggests, Guest blogging is writing and publishing the content on the website of a different company or organization as a guest. Guest blogging is usually done to boost and develop the marketing of one’s affiliated organization or company. 

Guest posting in SEO is a technique that helps a brand to promote and market their content on a third party blogging webpage with an established audience and traffic. If you’re wondering, “What is guest posting?”, it is the same as guest blogging. The two terms can be used interchangeably.

Why Guest Blogging?

Say you are an author who needs to promote and reach out to an intended audience. You approach a webpage or blog site of an established brand or company that will help you to reach out to the audience using content that conforms to the quality standards. You both reach an arrangement that helps you promote your content as well as fulfils their requirements too. Guest blogging helps you engage with a new set of audience.

How Do You Find Guest Blogging Opportunities?

  • Google search

When searching for websites that accept guest blogs, google search helps one reach the intended Web pages and sites. All one needs to do is type keywords like-

    1. Keyword “Write for us.”
    2. Keyword “become an author.”
    3. Keyword “guest post.”
    4. Keyword “guest article
    5. Keyword “submit a guest post.”

Google will list out the relevant web pages and guest blogging websites and direct you to them.

  • Guest bloggers

There are well-known guest bloggers in every field, and if you are looking forward to guest blogging, you should be aware of the established guest bloggers in your area. You can search for the sites and Web pages they have posted by typing “Guest blog by (the blogger’s name)”. This way, you are directed to the Web pages that accept guest posts for your field.

  • Competitor analysis

Backlink analysis of your competitor organization or marketing agency can also help you track the right website for guest posting. This is done with the help of tools like SEMRush and Open site explorer, or by simply searching on the google search, link: competitor domain.com “guest post”. 

  • Social searches

Social platforms are the best place to search for sites that allow guest posts. The authors of the guest posts or the Web pages share their content on social media platforms to attract more visitors. Twitter, for example, is the most convenient space for guest bloggers to tweet.

How to do guest blogging?

Guest blogging is done to attract the attention of the audience and generate traffic by providing backlinks to your parent organization or corporate brand. Before you start searching for Web pages that accept guest blogs, you should be sure of the goals you want to achieve by guest blogging.

  • Determine the aim and objective that you wish to achieve with your content.
  • Select the most appropriate Web page that will help you reach the intended audience according to your field of expertise
  • You should make sure that the author of the content that is to be posted on the website is well known and established in your field.
  • After getting done with the content, you should make sure that the backlinks that direct the audience to your website are built.

A Recap of Guest blogging

Guest Blogging is an excellent platform for generating content to market one’s personal or corporate brand. With the assistance of an SEO company, you can use guest blogs to communicate with your field’s target audience. This will help you get in touch with consumers efficiently and help you in generating direct traffic to your website through SEO.

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