How to deal with Plagiarized content before publishing on your website?

How to deal with Plagiarized content before publishing on your website?

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    Are you worried about plagiarized content while dealing with your website? Being a webmaster, you can face such issues because it has become common to get plagiarized writings. 

    This blog will show you an in-depth overview of plagiarism and how you can deal with this problem. Let’s get started to learn about plagiarism and how to solve this issue.

    What is plagiarism?

    Before you move towards the process to deal with plagiarized content, you should know what is considered plagiarism. 

    Many people think that plagiarism is anything that someone copies from the internet.

    No doubt, it might be considered as duplication but it is not what we call plagiarism. If someone has copied the website layout or design, it might be a coincidence but it is not considered plagiarism.

    When a writer copies lines or sentences from some other blogs without changing even a single word, it is called plagiarism. In some cases, it might be due to limited research or any other factor.

    There are multiple types of plagiarism including self-plagiarism and accidental plagiarism. In these types, the writer may not be considered guilty of plagiarizing the content.

    But when a writer is trying to be creative or writing multiple blogs on the same niche, they may repeat their words. In such a case, the writer is not considered guilty but the harmful impact on your website or blog will be the same.

    Another important factor behind plagiarism in writing is extensive data available on the internet. 

    You will find more than 2 billion active websites on the internet. This is the reason why a writer will get his work under the copied section even after taking great care.

    So, you should learn how to resolve this issue without considering types of plagiarism. Here are some ways through which you can do this task within a few minutes.

    How to resolve this problem and get rid of plagiarized content?

    While you are looking to upload articles on your website, you might be unsure whether the content is plagiarism-free or not. 

    A person or team of qualified people can’t manually search on Google and find the matches of the content.

    Therefore, you should do smart work instead of spending too much time on this process. A plagiarism checker is a specific tool that will assist you in this regard. You should use this tool as it will do a deep analysis of your work and show you whether your content is unique or not.

    This tool will compare your content with the entire database of the search engine instead of a specific number of articles or blogs. This way, you can ensure that there will not be a single document with which this tool has not compared your article.

    Once you have found plagiarized content in your work, you can ask your writer to delete those lines or rewrite them. 

    If you’re facing time constraints and want to get the task done without any delay, you can easily use an online paraphraser that will rephrase those lines.

     This tool has been designed with such a fine AI based algorithm that will understand your inserted text and rephrase it without changing the meaning.

    It will not change the core meanings of your text but use the best synonyms as and when needed. You can copy those lines or paragraphs to add to your article after reading them for once.

    Why do you need to remove plagiarized content before publication?

    The main question to ponder is why do you need to remove plagiarism from your articles. There are multiple reasons like harmful impact on your brand, less audience engagement, and others. 

    Due to this, you should avoid plagiarized content and try to make sure that you are publishing 100% unique content.

    One of the most harmful factors for your website in this regard is Google Penalty. Yes, the search engine will never let you rank in SERPs for a considerable amount of time. Also, you might have to face a penalty from Google or the original author to take down your blog.

    According to Google webmaster guidelines, it would be a violation of webmaster rights if you are publishing someone’s article.

    Avoid Creating Duplicate Content

    How to deal with plagiarized content before publishing on your website?

    To avoid Google’s penalty, you should make sure to avoid plagiarism in your articles. When it comes to knowing whether you have been hit due to plagiarism, you might be worried about how to check this.

    In such a condition, you can consult with the Google Search Console that will give a quick overview. 

    It will show you the progress of your website. If you have found an instant change in your blog’s progress, you will get to know that your platform has been hit by the search engine.

    What if someone has copied my website content?

    With the above guidelines, you have learned how you can deal with plagiarized content before publishing it. 

    But you might have a question: what if someone has copied your content. In this section, we are going to guide you in this regard.

    You will come to know how to deal with such conditions and keep your website on the right track. 

    By reading these, you will be able to save your investment as well as the hard work that you have invested in the website.

    How can I take action against that culprit?

    If you have found that someone is copying your content without giving you credit, you can take action against him. 

    There is no hard-to-learn rule in this regard but you only need to follow some specific practices.

    To get an idea about that website, you can use the plagiarism checker and enter your content. It will show you all website links that have copied articles or blogs from you. 

    After getting information about them, you can move with any of the following practices. We recommend you to follow the list as we have enlisted these tricks here.

    • Contact the webmaster

    First of all, you should connect with the webmaster and tell him that he has copied your content. 

    You can request him to get his blog or that specific article down. It is up to the webmaster whether he is going to remove that blog or rewrite it to save his website’s progress.

    But you should contact them via email or any other available channel to get the task done. 

    Mostly, the webmaster will listen to you and remove that blog from their website. But if they have not taken action on your request, you can move towards the following section.

    • Do DMCA Strike

    In this step, you can take a copyright strike against that culprit. DMCA is a specific law that has been designed just for the safety of your rights in the digital market. 

    By using this, you can report to Google that someone is copying your content and you want to take action against them.

    The search engine will analyze your concerned website and take action if it has been found guilty. In such a case, you can push that website lower and rank higher without any hard work. Also, you might be able to get rid of that website if Google has found the entire content copied from your site or any other.

    • Keep monitoring your content

    Now, you should keep an eye on your website content to avoid any hit by Google. Actually, the crawler is unable to identify the original and copied content if it has found them with the same words. In such a case, it will de-rank both sites without any discrimination.

    To keep your website in the right direction, you should keep monitoring the content of your articles even after publication. 

    You should keep checking your content using a plagiarism checker from time to time and take action against if someone has copied it.

    Final Thoughts

    In the above blog, we have covered everything plagiarism. You should keep all these points in your mind if you want to keep your business on track.  It would save a lot of time and hard work that you might have to do to get your blog in the right direction again after it’s hit with plagiarized content.

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    Deal With Plagiarized Content

    How to deal with Plagiarized content before publishing on your website?