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What are Rich Snippets & How are they Important for SEO?

Won’t you as a user would like to have a holistic view of the results on search engines before opening them? This is exactly what rich snippets achieve for brands and websites. Rich snippets in SEO are what their literal translation means. These are enriching snippets of content, that enhance the information provided by the results on search engines to the user.

What Are Rich Snippets?

Snippets are small pieces of content displayed to the user under the URL for their searches. Rich snippets add a small chunk of content to offer more valuable information to the user, providing a more holistic overview of what the user can expect by opening the link.

For instance, someone searches for “ice-cream recipes” on Google. Google rich snippets will be the results that show key pieces of information under the URL, such as the rating of the recipe, the time taken, an image of the finished product, etc.

How are Rich Snippets Important for SEO?

The appeal of a rich snippet is to be more elaborative, holistic, and richer in information than a regular snippet. Not only does it look nicer than a typical run of the mill snippet, but also urges the user to click on the link as it offers a better overview of what the user can expect to find in the URL.

Rich snippets might not be a ranking factor in search engine ranking, but they play a crucial role in generating more clicks and making your results stand out in a long list of search results.

Types of Rich Snippets

Now that you’re aware of what are rich snippets, let’s take a look at the various types that you can use:

  • Reviews

You can display customer reviews of the services or products in the snippet to capture the user’s attention.

  • Recipes

Displaying a brief overview of the recipe within the snippets can present the viewer with relevant information for food-related content. 

  • Organization

Key points of information about an organization such as their address, contact details, services, etc., can be added to the snippet to provide the viewer with a more holistic view of the organization.

  • How to

Providing the viewers with a brief outlook of “how-to” steps can also generate interest for viewers to open the page.

How to Get Rich Snippets?

Rich snippets in search engines are created using structured data which is compellingly present in the pieces of content. The data structure is key to make it easy for Google to understand it and use it for SERPs. 

For instance, a sentence like “it will take a total of 40 minutes for the low-calorie lasagna to cook completely” can be broken down and structured as the following for Google to easily understand it and display as a rich snippet:

Low-Calorie Lasagna:

Cooking time: 40 mins

Here are some things you need to make the most out of the rich snippets:

  • Identify the right rich snippet from your content to display
  • Structure these snippets and make them more eye-catching

Rich snippets have become the primary attraction factor for websites to convince users to click on the URLs. Structured data in rich snippets is where the trick is, and an SEO service provider like Infidigit can help you in implementing it correctly to boost your click-through rates.

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