Blogger Outreach: How Does It Help Your Brand Grow?

Blogger Outreach: How Does It Help Your Brand Grow?

Many people are unfamiliar with the concept of blogger outreach because, although blogger outreach is used a lot, it is not talked about a lot. Blogger outreach is a strategic method that helps build relationships with several industry influencers to achieve specific targets. It includes, but is not limited to content marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO). Earning backlinks in SEO and new content promotion also form part of blogger outreach. Most people refrain from incorporating blogger outreach, especially since it makes them look pretty diffident. Blogger outreach may seem overwhelming to most, but it quite naturally helps your brand rise the ladder. Blogger outreach is a confusing concept because many think it’s more spam than content-relevant. However, in reality, it is not. 

What is Blogger outreach

Blogger outreach is a marketing strategy in which brands approach one or more industry-famous bloggers or influencers to promote their products and services. Blogger outreach revolves around content marketing (like guest posts by industry leads) or partnerships (like promoting services to large crowds via influencer posting). With the help of the right influencer, your business can reach unanticipated heights. For instance, if your business is related to architecture, you can reach out to bloggers who’re part of allied industries, like interior designers. The benefit is that you share a common audience base but you are not rivals. You offer different things to the same audience base. This can gradually attract new clients. 

Why blogger outreach is a good strategy 

Blogger outreach is an extremely cost-effective marketing tactic that helps your brand acquire the targeted and focused exposure it needs. Essentially, blog outreach is a good strategy because it not only enhances visibility, but also gives a push to the content marketing and SEO strategies. Bloggers who show avid interest in your business can help promote your service to the right audience. These bloggers are trusted by their fanbase, and, through their promotions, can be instrumental in propelling your business to great heights. 

Types of Blogger outreach 

  1. Sponsored posts 

Sponsored posts are one of the most crucial types of blogger outreach, especially because they create a brand presence you most likely didn’t anticipate. Sponsored posts, as the name suggests, are posts that bloggers are paid to publish on their content site. These will contain redirecting links that navigate to your business. The cost of sponsored posts depends highly on how influential and established the blogger you are communicating with is, along with the kind of post you are requesting them to publish. 

  1. Product reviews 

The other most commonly used blogger outreach method is product reviews. Many businesses choose to send their products to several bloggers and influencers in lieu of a review. The review can be a short, informational video or a photo on social media. Most bloggers and influencers often like what they have received, and show it to their audience with positive feedback. Product reviews are an integral part of blogger outreach because it is a sureshot way to attract the kind of attention your brand requires. 

  1. Product features 

Product features, as much as product reviews, is one of the best blogging platform strategies you can use. Product features are very similar to product reviews. The product you offer will be featured in a post, explained within a broader subject, just instead of a formal review it would have got if chosen the former. For instance, a blogger who consistently promotes dancing can promote shoes with flexibility. 

  1. Giveaways 

 Blog outreach strategy works best when the approach is multipronged. Giveaways are another key type of blogger outreach strategy, especially because it positively impacts both bloggers and the brand. In giveaways, the brands provide the items and the bloggers host competitions in which the product is given away. Giveaways, hosted via YouTube videos, blogs or any other social media campaign, attract audiences and help draw attention to the brand itself, thereby also favoring the blogger. It creates comprehensive brand awareness and draws customer attention. 

Steps to Create Blogger Outreach 

  1. Define your goal 

Having clear milestones before starting a blogger outreach campaign is vital. Create an outline of the outreach campaign you are going to start. These goals will specifically help you measure the results. If you want more sales, define your goals in a way that can boost lead generation. 

  1. Define your criteria

Blogger outreach best works when you have laid down clear criteria to define your goals. It is best to build a roadmap that can help you decide which blogger is best for your brand. Considering your goal is to include guest blogging, you might want to list ways that can help you measure results, like blog traffic and engagement. Understanding your criteria will help choose the right blogger. 

  1. Identify the right targets 

After navigating your goals, it’s about time that you begin building blogger prospects. Start recognising which targets suit your brand. You can make a table of bloggers that might turn your business uphill. You can use a simple spreadsheet that defines which influencer is relatively best for your native brand. 

  1. Find your prospects email id 

After understanding which bloggers best suit your brand, it’s time that you start hunting for their email addresses to pitch your content. Using dedicated websites that help you find their email addresses via domain name can also be a crucial step. 

  1. Create a target persona 

Knowing your target bloggers is almost as important as understanding their demands. It is partially one reason why every successful campaign incorporates audience research and analysis into the blogger outreach. It is vital to create a persona of the target audience  before pitching your services. Developing a transparent ‘target persona’ bridges the gap between solid blogger outreach methods. 

  1. Create an attractive bait 

With a vivid understanding of your prospective bloggers, it’s about time that you begin implementing your outreach program. Starting to think how your service or products can benefit your prospects is the first step towards better blogger outreach. It can include anything—wealth, fame or sometimes even less exposure. For example, if you want to build backlinks, it’s always a good idea to start searching for the broken one in the first place. 

  1. Structure your message 

After building an attractive bait, you should start structuring the messaging. The email you eventually send will determine whether the whole journey has been fruitful or not. You should maintain a clear messaging draft that gives a transparent picture of the service you’re trying to offer. Blogger outreach best works when you send transparent, to-the-point messages.

  1. Manage and organize your outreach project 

Organizing your blogger outreach project begins with data collection and developing a clear target persona. After this, you analyze the campaign, schedule a timeline and increase productivity. Produce an effective outreach process to structure emails better and manage the campaign effortlessly. 

  1. Measure result 

Measuring results is about deep analysis. Tracking and optimizing your strategy are best practices of blogger outreach campaigns. Conduct a meeting to analyze and scrutinize the outcome of your campaign to determine whether it had gaps. It becomes easier to collect feedback and strategically plan upcoming blogger outreach campaigns. You can use tracking systems to monitor the action of a prospect, helping you know whether they clicked or downloaded links you provided. 

  1. Optimize your strategy 

The roadmap you followed to organize your blogger outreach campaign can potentially generate results. However, it is equally vital to optimize your strategy once you have conducted a meeting and fully understood the feedback you have received. It’s no secret that even the best and most effective campaigns still have a couple errors, but every good practice methodically eradicates each error. 

Blogger outreach best practices 

  1. Choose bloggers in relevant niche 

It is integral that you choose bloggers as per your brand. Partnering with a blogger who doesn’t share the same niche as your business might adversely affect your services, mostly because the audience will vary according to the influencer. For instance, if your market revolves around apparel, it’ll be pointless to pitch your content to bloggers who promote health. Blogger outreach is only worthy if you choose influencers who are relevant to your business profile, and are equally authoritative for a robust pitch. Determine how broad and interactive their audience is. 

  1. Write well crafted and simple message 

Every blogger or influencer receives hundreds of emails per day. Sending unusually verbose, and indirect messages might go unnoticed. One of the best practices for better blogger outreach is to craft concise, and simple messages that directly attract attention, unlike lengthy, unwanted emails. The best way to achieve that is by making sure that your email is instantly attractive and clear. It can help you start a conversation with the blogger and might as well draw help build a greater exposure.

  1. Think different 

Many businesses have already adopted a clear blogger outreach strategy. Thinking different and outside the box can help build industry exposure and a strong online presence. Blogger outreach can be an influential asset for different brands, but the method they use to draw potential customers can vary. Pitching a sponsored post or giveaway can help you stand out, but only if you are extremely creative with your ideas. 

  1. Build long-term relationship 

Prior to offering anything, it’s a good idea to be clear about what you’re expecting from the blogger. A long-term relationship with a blogger or influencer can directly boost traffic to the brand’s website. Interacting and effective relationship building is integral to have trust that will simultaneously affect the audience, alongside the business too. 

  1. Emphasize your USP 

If the product or service you offer is exclusive, then you might have a greater success opportunity. However, there can be other businesses who offer the same service as you. Pitch your service in a way that distinguishes it from others. Define your Unique Selling Point (USP), and emphasize on why a blogger should take your pitch in place of others. 

Bottom Line 

Blogger outreach is important for every business, whether new or not. It can draw traffic and increase sales. If you haven’t yet introduced blogger outreach into your marketing campaign yet, then it is about time that you do, because it can reap unrivaled rewards for your brand.

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Blogger Outreach: How Does It Help Your Brand Grow?