When to Start SEO for A Website?

When it comes to implementing SEO practice for a new or a redesigned website, some businesses get intimidated by the amount of information out there and the patience it would take to achieve results.

Whether you’re launching a brand new website or redesigning an existing one, you need to understand the right time to start SEO for a website. Should you begin the SEO activities during the website development stage or later? SEOs and industry experts recommend beginning the SEO process during the designing stage. But is it the right time?

In this video, the Founder and Managing Director of Infidigit, Kaushal Thakkar, talks about the right stage to start SEO for a website to accelerate results. He also highlights how SEOs need to collaborate with the web development team while beginning SEO for a site.

Ideally, the SEO for a website has to be started when the product is being conceptualised.

Even before the engineering team starts working on the product, the SEO team should have already provided the website development team with:

  • The proper recommendations for optimising the website.
  • The kind of internal links that are required to be included on different pages.
  • The type of navigation structure needed.
  • The main pages that need to be focused on the website.

Once the SEO team determines the suggestions, the development team should start working on them.

But what usually happens is we see organisations live with their websites without implementing SEO. Then, later, they come to a stage where they feel like, “Hey, we are not getting enough visits or new users on the website.” So then they ask to add SEO to this particular game.

Like the approach you may take for the other paid channels, this specific approach is not desired for SEO. SEO is dependent heavily on the owned media, which is your website, the content on your website, the blogs that you may have to write, etc. Therefore, it has to happen much earlier in your product life cycle than the latter half of the product life cycle.

I would say that SEO is like a pizza base. Don’t consider it like a pizza topping that can be added later. Do it from day zero.

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When to Start SEO for A Website?