Five Best Heatmap Tools for SEO: Analysis and Comparison

Heatmap: Introduction

A heat map is a data visualisation technique that uses colour-combinations to depict user behaviour. The colours vary from red to grey. Red exhibits the hottest place where users clicked the most and grey represents the areas where the users least interacted with.

Heatmap Data

Note: The combinations of colours employed by various tools are different. The key concept is ‘that the warmer the area the more users are clicking on it.

Heatmaps are a vital part of any SEO strategy. It is particularly important for an agency providing e-commerce SEO services as they would want to help their clients increase their conversions.

We’ve compiled a list of best Heatmap tools for SEO to help you understand user behaviour on your website.

Here are Five Best Heatmap Tools of 2022:

  • Hotjar

Hotjar Tool

Hotjar is the first one on our list, because it is the most widely-used and trusted heatmap tool. It offers various ways to track user behaviour and generates powerful, detailed reports. It lets visualise how users interact with a website.


  • Represents click, move and scroll heatmaps
  • Records screen of users visiting your website
  • Sets conversion funnels to see where the user drops off
  • Let’s unlimited users use the software
  • Has simple user interface
  • Enables to see heatmaps by device type
  • Has good customer service
  • Integrates HubSpot CRM, Crowded Communities, Smarty, QuickSilk, Unbounce Marketing, Omniconvert, Optimizely, Qwilr, and Astronomer


  • Channel-wise segmentation of users absent
  • Limit on the height of the pages that can be captured is 1500px
  • Potentially slows down your website due to heavy JS code.

Free trial

Yes (15-days)


Starts at $29 per month (10,000 pages views per day)

  • Mouseflow

Mouseflow Tool

Mouseflow is a heatmap tool focussed on conversion-optimisation. It helps see the entire session replays of website visitors. Mouseflow also provides A/B testing features to help understand which UI elements are performing and which are not.


  • Captures forms and points out any blanks/errors in submission
  • Provides option to create custom interactive surveys targeted towards a specific audience
  • Enables channel-wise segmentation of users
  • Enables customers to perform A/B testing by allowing them to change some elements on the page. (without any coding)
  • Integrates 3dcart, Bitium, Freshdesk, HubSpot Marketing, Joomla, Optimizely, SITE123, Shopify, WordPress, Zendesk.


  • Complicated UI for people who are new to user-behaviour tracking
  • Difficult to track pages served with a lot of Javascript

Free trial

 Yes (14-days)


Starts at $24 per month (2,500 recordings and unlimited page views)

  • Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg Tool

The Crazy Egg is an online application founded by Neil Patel and Hiten Shah. It provides heatmaps, overlay, confetti, and other tools to capture the user’s interests. It uses mouse-tracking technology to record how users interact with a website.


  • Ability to re-design a page and its elements
  • Analysis of your CTA’s (Call to Action buttons)
  • Possibility to track users’ activity on pop-ups and login forms
  • Layering of insights possible to Google Analytics data
  • Minute details of the users are captured


  • Has tedious registration process 
  • Does not fully capture statistics of websites with responsive design
  • Records of dynamic objects are not collected
  • Does not have a screen recording feature
  • Is a bit pricey

Free trial

Yes (30 days). You have to enter your credit card details and will be charged $29 per month after the trial ends.


Starts at $29 per month (30,000 visits)

  • Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange Tool

Lucky Orange is a tool for CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and customer feedback. The tool provides various heatmaps, form analytics, polls, recordings, and sales charts for understanding the journey of the users that come to the website.


  • Heatmaps have location-based tracking features
  • Clicks on the pages can be analysed
  • Control on how and where the polls are triggered
  • Behaviour on interactive elements of the website can be tracked
  • Integration of “Lucky Orange Chatbox” to collect feedback from customers is easy


  • Does not track links and buttons opened in another tab of a browser
  • Has traditional UI (Seems a bit dated)

Free trial

Yes (7 days) 


Starts at $10 per month (25,000 visits)

  • Plerdy

Plerdy Tool

Plerdy is a professional multi-functional SAAs application that collects large user data to increase conversions. The tool displays clicked elements, scroll depth, area with the most interactions, and click sequence.


  • Can locate and point out flaws in website design
  • Provides time-to-time SEO alerts (SEO site audit, keyword targeting, hyperlinks and more)
  • States possible reasons for a bounce rate reduction and subsequent solution
  • Does not increase page load time owing to lightweight script
  • Generates leads with its ability to add smart forms 
  • Possesses a proven 99% accuracy
  • Does a channel-wise segmentation of users
  • Can set up individual tags for tracking
  • Let’s view the entire scroll depth of the page


  • No provision to export the information on the dashboard

Free trial

 Yes (They have a free version that provides 2000 pages views per day) 


Starts at $29 per month (10,000 page views, 1,000 video views, and SEO audit of 2000 pages)


One of the most important advantages of Digital Marketing over Traditional marketing is its measurement capability. If you are an SEO agency or a site owner, you already use tracking tools such as Google Analytics to understand the behaviour of your customers.

Heatmap is a very powerful tool to understand user interaction on your website. The various insights provided by these Heatmap tools can be very crucial for conversion optimisation. It is especially important for businesses that offer conversion rate optimization services to set up Heatmaps.

The various types of click, scroll, and move maps can help you understand exactly how users interact with your website. This can help you in your A/B testing by replacing certain elements on the page. Or you could also try a different layout altogether.

All the tools mentioned above have impressive features and have their own pros and cons. Hotjar is one of the most popular out of these. Plerdy is starting to gain popularity due to the SEO features it provides.

Let us know what Heatmap tools you have tried and share your experience using them in the comments section.

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Five Best Heatmap Tools for SEO: Analysis and Comparison