How to Fix Schema Errors

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How to Fix Schema Errors

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    What is a schema error?

    Schema errors include mistakes in the formatting of your schema data. These mistakes make it difficult for Google to interpret the structured data to your website

    Schema presents search engines with context to your page. When Google fails to read this information, it is unable to understand what your page is offering to the audience. 

    The different types of schema markup you can provide for your page include:

      • Local business information: location, address, hours of operation, website link, contact details
      • Product specifications: specific attributes like brand, weight, color, style, or price
      • Product offers: any discounts or deals
      • Ratings: scale ratings or star ratings for your business
      • Reviews: number of product reviews

    A search engine can display search results using the URL and meta description, but the rich results are dependent on additional information. The search engine uses schema data to highlight rich results on search engine results pages. 

    When your schema markup is done correctly, your Click Through Rate increases. But if there are schema errors, rich results will not appear correctly on the SERP. Yoast SEO allows you to prepare the schema markup without a developer.

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    Why does fixing schema validation errors matter?

    Once you understand the role of schema markup and schema validation errors, it is essential to understand why they must be fixed. 

    Search engines interpret your page based on the schema. They generate rich snippets for your listing in search results. These snippets increase CTR to drive more traffic to your website. 

    The search engine is a competitive place, and using all of its features is essential to stand out from the crowd. Fixing schema errors enables you to encash the additional features and make the most of every opportunity by grabbing people’s attention.

    Here’s how you can fix schema validation errors

    Invalid values

    The invalid values are a common error in the schema. A missing entry in any field is what causes the errors.

    Accessing your codes and updating it with the right values will fix the error. For instance, you will receive an error for a location schema markup where you have mentioned Detroit without adding Michigan State.

    If the field does not have any value added to it you can remove it to avoid errors.

    Price error

    Mentioning the correct format of the price value can help in avoiding a schema error. This error will be recorded in the Google Search Console. The correct format to enter the price is xx.xx or 00.00.

    Do note that there is no need for a currency sign. Adding the currency symbol will also result in an error.

    So, if your product or service’s price is $49.99, you must enter 49.99 in the schema. This format has to be followed for all price values displayed on your website. Prices for product cost, shipping charges, taxes, discount offers, deals, etc., should be mentioned in the set format.

    Missing tags

    Enhance your website’s CTR with the right schema. This has to be done while writing the code. Any mistake will lead to a schema error.  One such error is the missing tags error. This occurs when a field or entity is missing a closing or opening tag.

    Reviewing the code and identifying where there is a missing tag is the easiest solution to resolving the error. Edit the code accordingly after identifying the error. Use Yoast SEO or a developer to resolve the issue.

    Missing best or worst value

    A value for the highest rating and a value for the lowest rating is needed for the aggregate rating attribute in your schema. If you miss adding any, you will see a schema validation error.

    The aggregate rating schema varies depending on what you’re reviewing. Ratings for a product, location, or restaurant range between one and five stars. The ratings for a movie have a low of one and a high of 10. Make sure you specify the right boundaries to avoid getting a schema error.

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    Schema Errors

    How to Fix Schema Errors