Google Answer Box : How To Optimise For Google Answer Box?

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Google Answer Box : How To Optimise For Google Answer Box?

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    What is Google Answer Box?

    Google answer box is a SERP result that appears on the top of the search results that provide a quick answer to questions searched by the users. Google answer box always features above the regular organic results but below the Google advertising results. Through this box, Google strives to provide the best answer for the query searched by the people. 

    Google answer box is also known as “zero position” or a featured snippet. The content that appears in the answer box does not always come through the website ranking in the first position. Rather, Google prefers highlighting results which have relevant information to answer the question.

    Why is Google Answer Box Important?

    Being listed on Google answer box for competitive keywords will provide more visibility and a lot of SERP landscape on Google.

    From an SEO point of view, getting featured in Google answer box can increase the chances of more traffic to the website. Surprisingly, the content featured on Google answer box has higher CTR as compared to any other piece of content on SERPs. 

    Check out some of the examples of Google answer box listed below:

    • Paragraph Style Answer Box

    Paragraph Answer Box

    The paragraph style is the most common type of answer box. This usually comes with structured answers defined in a straightforward approach for the queries searched by the users.

    • Table List Answer Box

    Table List Answer Box

    Table formats answer box appears for displaying numerical data like prices, salary, eligibility criteria or data that provide answers to informational or statistical queries.

    • Listing Answer Box

    Listing Answer Box

    Google prefers a listing answer box to describe the steps, procedure or list of items on SERPs results for specific queries. For example, keywords that begin with “types”, “how-to” among others, produce bullets or listing answer boxes.

    How to Optimise for Google Answer Box?

    • Identify the keywords having the potential to get featured in Google Answer Box.

    Google answer box appears for the questions which have been searched by people on Google. So, begin by evaluating which keywords related to your business can answer the queries. Simultaneously, keep on checking whether these queries could produce Google answer box on the SERPs results.

    Once the keywords are selected, featuring them as H1 and H2 tags in the content with the short, structured answers will let Google know the answer is provided for the targeted query. Thus, increasing the probability of acquiring the Google answer box.

    For example: After identifying the potential query “SEO vs PPC”. The content, along with suitable header tag, i.e. H1 and H2, title and meta descriptions, were optimised by including relevant keywords that precisely answer the query. 

    Featured Snippet

    • Content Should be Formatted Properly for the Google Answer Box

    Content planning is the most crucial step of determining how to answer the question in short, clear and descriptive words. Take enough time to understand the user intent that will help develop a clear answer which increases the quality of the content. The best practice is to keep the answer length within 100 words and not more than 3-4 sentences.

    • Provide accurate and complete answers

    Conduct thorough research before writing answers for the questions to ensure that information is correct. If the data is accurate, relevant and offers the best answer to the question, they will increase the chances of the page landing in the Google answer box.

    • On-Page Optimisation and Technical SEO

    To optimise on-page elements like the titles and meta descriptions and header tags, the content must include relevant or similar keywords which produce Google answer box results on SERPs. 

    From the Technical SEO standpoint, check whether the website is efficiently optimised or not. Do make sure the search engine crawlers should be able to recognise and index your website effectively.

    • Monitoring the Query Progress and Refinements

    The results featured on the Google answer box changes within a second. So, keep tracking competitive keyword ranking using various SEO tools to be updated with current SERPs results.

    There is a possibility that the competitors may capture the Google answer box for some targeted queries. At this time, update the content by making necessary changes observed from competitor analysis to acquire the answer box position back.


    Hitting zero position on Google is not easy. To win Google’s answer box, it is not compulsory to always rank in 1st position on the SERPs. Even if you rank on 3rd, 4th or 5th position, you can still win the Google answer box if the content is optimised correctly. Hence, it is worth the effort. 

    For website optimisation, implement advanced SEO with the help of an SEO Company in India such as Infidigit to achieve great results.

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      According to the study conducted by Moz, Google’s display titles max out (currently) at 600 pixels

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    Google Answer Box : How To Optimise For Google Answer Box?