The Ultimate Guide on How to Use Google Scholar to Find Content Ideas

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Use Google Scholar to Find Content Ideas

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    How Does Google Scholar Work?

    Google Scholar is a search engine cum repository of journals, publications, research papers, and case studies spread across niches, domains, universities, and regions. 

    It is revered by academicians and researchers the world over. Still, very few know it to be a wonderful marketing research tool for finding new content ideas and discovering relevant trends related to an industry.   

    It can transform marketing and open up new avenues of content creation

    Google Scholar works the same way as a search engine. It ranks the research articles and texts based on their relevance and reputation, i.e., based on the times an article has been printed, viewed or downloaded within a given time period. 

    This means that when you search for a keyword or topic on Google Scholar, the search results will lead you to the most relevant and talked about topics. These topics and related articles can form the base of your blog topics and content creation needs. 

    The researchers submit their topics to Google Scholar Metadata Program, from where they are indexed, ranked, and made visible on search results.  

    10 Techniques for Finding Content Ideas on Google Scholar 

    Search by Year to Find Popular Topics 

    You can search topics for a particular year on Google Scholar by filtering the search results. When you search for topics by year, you get an idea about the trending topics you can use to your advantage and create content around them. 

    Investigate Similar Articles on a Particular Subject

    Google Scholar has an inbuilt feature that you can use to search for articles related to a particular topic. You can use the ‘Explore Additional Articles’ option for five more pages of similar content ideas. The feature can be useful for searching trending content for other related keywords. 

    Discover the most read publications and articles 

    Google Scholar also allows you to browse the top 100 publications in several languages and see which articles and authors were cited the most and by who. This feature can be useful for finding content ideas and topics for your blogs and articles. 

    Check the Citations for Further Information

    The ‘Cited By’ option on Google Scholar can help you look for other search results within the Scholar database. The option shows the number of times other journals cited the result. For example, if you look at an article cited 500 times, you know it is high-quality content and can help you improve your research and learnings for the topic. 

    Limit Your Search Results by Field 

    You can use the Advanced Scholar Search function to limit your search results by inputting keywords, places, and phrases and filtering the results where they occur. The filters also let you choose your result by authors, publishers, and dates and focus on specific areas. 

    Using keywords to research 

    The keywords listed at the top of each Google Scholar research article can be used as inspiration for content ideas. Reciprocally, if you have a keyword in mind, you can explore the results to find new ideas or improve the existing ones. 

    Learn about new advancements in the industry and find ideas that are related to them

    Google Scholar can be strategically used to find what your competitors are doing or find out and write about the topics relevant to your industry. You can also use it to find ideas about your product and service. 

    YouTube videos on the same subject

    You can also use Google Scholar to look up YouTube videos related to the searches. You can discover content ideas from Google Scholar research and use the YouTube keyword suggestion feature from the advanced search section of YouTube to find video content ideas.  

    Increasing your consumer base via Google Research

    Google Scholar is a treasury of leads if you do it the right way. Consider searching for relevant topics in your industry and see who is writing about them. This can help you speed up your market research and find potential clients or partnerships in the future.  

    View studies from prestigious universities

    Google Scholar is a vast library of research articles and studies from scholars across universities and institutions. You find what kind of content is published by which university and get ideas about potential trends. You can stay ahead of the curve and create sustained content marketing strategies.  


    Given the depth of research and ideas clustered in the Google Scholar database, our tips have just brushed the surface. It is a great channel for discovering content ideas, relevant topics, and trending subjects on your own. If used well, Google Scholar can be your bookmark cum ideation tool for content that helps you rank on Google search results. 

    Whether it is the next set of digital marketing trends or the latest trends in SEO, Google Scholar will never disappoint you with the quality of content ideas that would have otherwise taken months to be discovered organically. 


    How Do You Conduct a Google Scholar Search?

    To search on Google Scholar, begin from the homepage, just like Google search results. Enter the keyword, topic, phrase or related words in the search bar and click on the search icon to see the top search results. There are multiple ways to conduct searches on Scholar. You can search by keyword and sort results by relevance parameters such as most cited, most recent, author, region, journal, or university. 

    Along with every search result, you get a list of related articles to explore to find content ideas and blog topics relevant to your industry or trending at that time. 

    How Do I Search for Journals on Google Scholar?

    To search for journals on Google Scholar, simply enter the keywords for which you want to find relevant journals followed by ‘journal’ or ‘JSTOR.’ Google Scholar makes discovering new or industry-relevant journals easier and quicker. 

    For example, if you want to search for a journal related to SEO trends and practices, type SEO trends and practices + JSTOR. You can then use filters to narrow down your search further. 

    Can You Use Google Scholar for Research? 

    If you know how to use Google Scholar, it can be a formidable tool for marketing research and content ideation. You can explore topics your competitors are yet to touch upon and discover trends that may take shape soon. You can also segment your search results based on the time of publication, the publication, or the author’s name, depending upon the intent of your search. 

    These ideas and trends then can be incorporated into marketing strategies to rank high on Google search results and create pillar content for the authoritative brand voice all businesses seek. 

    Is Google Scholar Free? 

    Yes, anyone can access the information on Google Scholar for free. You may find a free copy of the research paper or study you are trying to find online. Just enter the article title in quotation marks and click search. 

    How Can I Turn On Google Scholar? 

    You don’t need any additional account to use Google Scholar. All you need is a Google account. Log into your Google account on the Chrome browser and open Google Scholar in a new tab and search for your topics and ideas. 

    How Can I Use Google Scholar Most Effectively?

    Google Scholar can be effectively used for content topic ideation and creation, marketing research, scholarly research, video content discovery and more. Use filters to narrow your search and segment them based on specific parameters. 

    Similarly, use keywords, phrases, topics, or the name of the journal, university, publication, or research paper to initiate your research and explore further to discover a mine of ideas.  

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    The Ultimate Guide on How to Use Google Scholar to Find Content Ideas