What Is Link Bait? & Most Effective Link Bait Practices

Link Bait

A Brief Guide on Link Bait

Constant evolution and new practices emerge every day in the domain of SEO. Link bait is one of these practices that has become a trend in the past few years for promoting different types of content. So, what is link baiting and how can it help your business? Let’s find out.

What is Link Bait?

Link baiting is an activity carried out by websites to generate backlinks for various types of resources such as blogs. These backlinks are aimed to be generated from authoritative external sources. The aim of link baiting is to create content that is appealing or viral enough to be shared by a large pool of online strangers on their own platforms such as social networks, sites, and blogs.

Why is Link Bait Effective?

Link baiting is one of the most effective forms of link building for websites. It takes advantage of various elements like share triggers, which appeals to a large group of online audiences. Share trigger is a psychological principle that attracts people to link to authoritative or relatable content. This helps businesses in organically generating backlinks for their websites. Backlinks are one of the key Google ranking factors and can significantly boost your website’s rankings.

Link Bait Best Practices

1. Making link bait practical

Create content that can be used by the reader right away. Having practical resources for people to use online, which can help them in some way, is the most effective way to link bait. Some forms of practical content include checklists, how-to guides, cheat sheets, free tools, templates, and more.

2.Making it opinionated

One of the ways in which you can make your link bait more appealing to the audience is to make your content opinionated. Tackling a topic and infusing it with some hard opinions can give readers a new perspective on the topic. Tackling a topic from a new and unique perspective can ignite some conversations, and help in improving shareability.

3. It should be newsworthy

If there is one thing that appeals to a large mass audience, it is news. With link baits, one practice to follow is to make your content newsworthy. Bloggers and journalists are always on the lookout to share and cite stories that can bring in more conversations, which can be a very convenient way to gain some valuable backlinks.

4. Link bait should be emotional 

On the topic of generating conversations, one can only achieve that if they invoke an emotion in the reader. If your content provides an emotional impact to the readers, that is half the job done for link baiting. For instance, platforms like Upworthy share many positive stories that appeal to a large audience, and bloggers often backlink to them for this exact reason.

5. Making it visual

Making your content visually appealing can accomplish many things. For one, it makes it easier for people to consume your content. This simple result can increase the chances of the reader enjoying your content or getting educated from it, and linking to it.

6. Make your link bait a story

Rather than making each and every piece of content logical or objective, it is much better to convert it into a story. Humans will mostly prefer a storytelling approach to consume content over technical and jargon-heavy content. For link baits, relatable and appealing content can prove to be especially helpful in gaining links.

Time to Use Link Bait to Your Advantage

Now that you know what is link bait and how to use it effectively, it is time to use it to your advantage. It takes more than just creating content to link bait. To attract links, you need to ensure that your content is well-crafted, appealing, and has a well-defined target audience with the capacity to link to your content.

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Link Bait

What Is Link Bait? & Most Effective Link Bait Practices