Quora Answers Collapsed and Deleted: Explanation and Solution

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Quora Answers Collapsed and Deleted: Explanation and Solution

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    Quora serves as a forum where individuals post questions and receive responses from fellow users. We, as SEO experts, leverage this platform for link building purposes for our clients/brands and also provide users with high-quality answers to relevant questions. 

    Recently, we have been noticing that there are several answers which are getting deleted from Quora moderation or have collapsed. 

    This article will explore the strategy of avoiding the collapse or deletion of Quora answers by refraining from adding links, and the advantages of this approach.

    Why is Quora important for Marketer and Content Creators?

    Every marketer or content creator should include answering Quora questions  into their content marketing strategy

    Currently, Quora has over 300+ million active users. With this number, you can figure out that Quora is a goldmine for every marketer and content creators. However, we’ve recently faced issues with our answers being deleted and collapsed on the platform. To address this, we conducted an experiment and found a solution. Let’s delve deeper to understand the details.

    Problem we encountered with our Quora Answers

    1. Understanding Deleted Quora Answers

    Deleted Quora Answers refer to responses or posts that were once published on the Q&A platform Quora but have been removed or deleted by either the author themselves, Quora moderators, or the platform’s community for various reasons.

    Quora Answers are deleted based on a variety of signals:

    • Community Flags and Moderation: Imagine Quora as a friendly community. Think of Quora as a cozy neighborhood. When a user flags an answer, it’s like a neighbor knocking on your door to point out something that doesn’t quite belong. Then, the moderators are like the community watch, stepping in to check things out. If they find the answer really doesn’t fit with Quora’s vibe, they might have to take it down.
    • Breach of Quora’s “Be Nice, Be Respectful” Policy: Picture Quora as a community where everyone’s invited for a friendly coffee chat. Here, the ‘Be Nice, Be Respectful’ policy isn’t just a rule; it’s the heart of every interaction. Quora wants its users to be nice and respectful to each other, just like we’d expect in a real-life conversation. Answers that violate this policy, by being mean or disrespectful, can be removed to maintain a positive atmosphere.
    • Duplicate Answers and Repetitive Content: Think of it like a bookshelf where you want diverse books. If many answers are saying the same thing, it’s like having too many copies of the same book. Quora may remove duplicates to keep things fresh and informative.
    • Infringement of Quora’s Partner Policies: Quora partners with others, and there are rules to follow. If an answer doesn’t play by these rules, it’s like not abiding by the terms of a partnership agreement. In such cases, the answer may be taken down to keep things in order.

    Furthermore, there are instances when linking to a reference, even if it’s entirely relevant to the question but has potential commercial or personal content, Quora may automatically flag it, sometimes even in error. In such cases, Quora might remove these answers until you successfully appeal the flag.

    Quora Moderation

    2. Understanding Collapsed Quora Answers

    Collapsed Quora answers are answers that have been hidden or minimized due to policy violations or content quality concerns on the Quora platform. 

    Quora Answers are collapsed based on a variety of signals:

    • Spam and Self-Promotion: When answers are more about promoting a product or service than genuinely helping with an answer, they can be considered spammy. Quora wants answers that provide value, not ads.
    • Low-Quality Content and Irrelevance: If an answer doesn’t address the question or lacks substance, it might be collapsed. Quora aims for helpful and informative responses, not random or irrelevant ones.
    • Violation of Copyright and Plagiarism: Answers that copy content from other sources without proper attribution or permission may be collapsed. Quora respects intellectual property rights.
    • Harassment and Inappropriate Content: Quora strives to be a safe and respectful community. Answers containing harassment, hate speech, or explicit material can be collapsed to maintain a positive environment.
    • Credibility of the Author: Quora values expertise. If an answer comes from an unverified or untrustworthy source, it might collapse. Quora aims to ensure that answers are backed by credible knowledge and experience.

    Quora Answers

    Solution for Collapsed & Deleted Quora Answers


    Initially, we answered questions without including links and focused on providing relevant information to build profile authority. As we are not adding links to our website, we have added our brand name in some of the answers (in bold text) to ensure it grabs user attention. 

    By doing this, we have observed that all the answers are live and are receiving views, and one of the answers even received an upvote. In the second phase, after approximately 30 days, we plan to add links to some of the answers that are in top positions.

    Some of the Answers (Live Without Links)

    Some of the Answers

     Source:- https://www.quora.com/What-must-be-done-before-every-weight-workout/answer/James-Clear-16 

    Source:- https://www.quora.com/Where-should-I-buy-beauty-and-hair-accessories-online/answer/Jessi-Caro?prompt_topic_bio=1

    Some of the Answers (Live With Links Added After sometime of the posting)

    These are the answers we posted with the links immediately and the answers got collapsed. 

    Source: https://www.quora.com/How-can-I-get-examined-for-erectile-dysfunction-Ive-never-seen-a-doctor/answer/Reyuk-Paul?prompt_topic_bio=1 

    Source: https://www.quora.com/Where-is-the-best-PCOS-treatment-available-in-India/answer/Priya-Singh-11366?prompt_topic_bio=1 

    Solution for Collapsed & Deleted Answers

    1. Respond to questions without including links, focusing on providing pertinent information.
    2. Concentrate on establishing profile authority.
    3. Even though we added links a few days after posting the answers, our answers still collapsed. From this, we can conclude that the answers were live and performed better without the links.

    Benefits of Not Adding Links

    In the early stages, refraining from including links in our responses helps prevent our answers from being flagged as spam. This approach can enhance our credibility on the platform.

    Alternatives to Adding Links

    Rather than inserting links into your responses, consider offering valuable and pertinent information that directly addresses the user’s query. This may involve providing examples, statistics, or sharing personal experiences. Additionally, you can enhance brand awareness by incorporating brand names in bold, all without the need to include links, while still providing valuable assistance to the user.

    Read more: A Complete Guide to Quora Marketing


    In summary, refraining from including links in your Quora answers can yield immediate benefits for both the user and the platform. By delivering pertinent and valuable information, you can enhance the credibility of your profile. Always prioritize delivering value to the user and addressing their questions directly. This approach can lead to a positive experience for both you and the user on the Quora platform.

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    Quora Answers Collapsed and Deleted: Explanation and Solution