A Complete Guide to Quora Marketing

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A Complete Guide to Quora Marketing

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    If you are a marketing enthusiast or a startup founder, you will have spent some time gaining knowledge on how best to market your product/service. The first step to marketing is inevitably brand building. It is essential to figure out the core USPs of your client’s or your own brand and understand the brand identity you want to put forward before you start any marketing exercise.

    One of the best ways to establish your brand identity and reputation is to offer your target audience thought leadership content. What does this mean, you ask? Well, once you’ve narrowed down your niche, shift focus to creating and sharing content that helps establish you as a subject-matter expert in that niche. In other words, you create a stellar top-of-the-funnel for your prospective clients.

    When your prospects stumble upon your thought leadership content, they begin to trust in your authority and perceive you as a source of value irrespective of whether they engage in commercial transactions or not. Now you might be wondering how this benefits you? It does, and does so significantly.

    The secret to running any business is to be able to connect with your customers and build a relationship with them. When you kickstart content marketing with well-researched and comprehensible informative content which appeals to your client base, you do just that!

    Quora is one of the best platforms where you can build a following, attract new audience, and building an engaging relationship with your target audiece by answering their questions. Quora as a platform can do wonders for brands if used right, and Quora marketing is the key elements for brands to leverage the full power of this engaging platform.

    Let’s explore how quora marketing can become a critical element of your SEO strategy for building brand awareness.

    What is Quora? 

    Quora is a one of a kind social media platform which enables knowledge sharing. It is absolutely free to use and an incredibly popular online destination for individuals looking to have their questions answered and curiosities fed. Besides asking and answering questions, it also enables its users to follow their topics of interest so they do not miss out on related questions being asked. Quora registers a sky-high search volume and this makes it a very lucrative space for organizations trying to establish their brand identity. It ranks well for search queries and is also projected to keep growing in popularity. So if you haven’t explored the social knowledge-sharing platform yet, it is time you did.

    Why do you require a Quora marketing strategy?

    Given the reputation and popularity of Quora, most marketers have already locked down on their Quora marketing strategy. If you still haven’t, it’s never too late to start. When you approach Quora for marketing, you need to understand that it fundamentally works differently than other popular social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. What works for you on these platforms will rarely work for you on Quora as the user intent that Quora is built around is different. Where Twitter is used for brand exchanges and repartees and Instagram is used to appeal to the Gen Z audience with visually driven content, Quora is all about addressing audience queries. In other words, if Twitter is your professor friend and Instagram is your cool younger cousin tuned into the latest trends, Quora is the wise and experienced uncle who is a repository of all kinds of knowledge. When in doubt, who do you look up to? Once you are clear about this, marketing on Quora becomes easier.

    Approximately 300 million users visit the platform monthly searching for new information. What this signifies is that there is a ready user base curious about learning about new products and services. In marketing jargon, these users are called warm leads. Unlike other social media platforms, Quora users spend considerable time on the platform looking for reliable and trustworthy information without bouncing off. Quora is also a champion of evergreen content. Where content on other social media sites gets buried over time, Quora preserves your questions and answers so you can access them months or even years later. It preserves the relevance of your content.

    Now that we’ve established Quora to be a unique and powerful channel for distributing content and building your brand with organic awareness, let’s look at specific reasons why you require a Quora marketing strategy –

    • Significant reach 

    As already discussed, Quora registers monthly user traffic of approximately 300 million. It is also among the most respected UGC platforms available.

    Search visibility – Questions posted on Quora are searchable by Google. In fact, Quora answers rank high for several popular keywords. Additionally, the answers shared in response are evergreen which means you can always rely on them to keep driving visitors to your site.

    • Access to high-quality leads 

    Quora lets you answer specific user questions. You can use your answers to establish how your product/service solves customer problems and redirects potential customers from your Quora answer to your landing page.

    • Audience insight 

    Quora is used by real people looking to gain knowledge. It is a great place to initiate a business-client relationship. If you are able to successfully provide solutions to questions from a frustrated audience, they might be willing to reward you by investing in your brand. You will be able to build loyal bonds with strangers who may even turn into your brand advocates someday!

    How to Market on Quora

    If you wish to market on Quora, it will pay to outline your Quora marketing strategy first. Additionally, Quora is a great platform that allows you to participate in user research. Before jumping directly to the steps that will help begin you marketing journey on Quora, do the following:

    • Begin searching on Quora to find topics with a substantial user following. It will help you approximate the user size for the topics you will likely be contributing to.
    • Spend time doing competitor research. Are your industry peers leveraging Quora? How are they approaching Quora marketing?
    • Create an ad account to make yourself eligible for running Quora ads.
    • Install Quora Pixel and add this to your website to understand your website audience count that is also present on Quora.
    • Create a list match audience. Update your mailing list on Quora Ads Manager to assess match rate and overlap.

    Once you’ve identified your audience on Quora by performing the above, it’s time to begin marketing to them. Here’s how to go about it:

    • Come up with an interesting bio

    Social media is all about seizing and successfully retaining audience attention in a short time span. A bio is most often the first touch point between you and your audience. so it becomes incredibly necessary to craft a witty and engaging bio. Note that Quora doesn’t allow company profiles on the platform. You will need to select who from your organization will be posting on the platform and create an individual account for them.
    When you answer questions on Quora, it displays the first 50 characters of your bio as a tagline below your name. You can use this space to insert your company name for better visibility. Quora also lets you add web links within your bio, so you can use this to redirect traffic back to your website.

    Quora is well suited to marketing initiatives and thought leadership enthusiasts. It also offers the facility to add topic-specific bios. So if you wish to establish yourself as an SME in different niches, you can write bios for each topic separately. As a best practice, fill out your entire profile. A complete bio increases your chances of being found on the platform and also adds credibility to your account.

    • Follow preferred topics and track conversations

    With Quora, you get to follow the topics of your interest and keep up with the conversations being had related to them. Your competitive market research gets simplified. You can then use these insights to create valuable content for your audience on the platform. When you activate notifications, Quora sends you notifications each time someone has answered a question that you have followed. The platform also makes it easy to find related topics and questions. The auto-suggest feature on the search box also throws up useful recommendations for related topics for you to explore.

    • Select which questions to answer

    Quora has millions of questions on its platforms and several more people waiting for answers. It is important to have a Quora marketing strategy as it isn’t possible for you to answer all questions on the platform that are related to your preferred topic. But how to identify the questions worth answering? Use a keyword for which you want to rank or one that’s related to your business to search questions; now, sort it by posting date. The best way to build your authority on Quora as an SME for a niche is to answer select topical questions which are still trending. Look for answer threads with upvotes. The more upvotes a Quora thread registers, the higher its user view count. Also, try to look for top-performing questions where you can suggest valuable edits. Imagine getting a link back and redirecting traffic to your website from a most viewed answer. While it isn’t always easy to get your edits accepted on such questions, it is always worth a try for the rewards on offer!

    • Answer questions with authority

    When answering questions, cite case studies and meaningful statistics to build social proof. Post answers that will stand out. Utilize link-building techniques and leave links in your answer to redirect back to your website to related useful content to establish thought leadership. Don’t reign in the passion, let your brand voice shine through. Use emojis if you want to. People are more attentive to visual information, so if possible, add graphic representations to illustrate your answer better.

    • Use Quora Blogs

    Not many people know this, but Quora also lets you build blogs. The question-and-answer format might be the most widely recognized Quora feature, but that’s not all it offers. It’s quick and simple to create a Quora blog as the platform makes a full suite available to you. You can get your blog up and running in minutes. You can either use this blog to create fresh content or repurpose the content on your blog if you have one already and backlink to it. Either way, you will reap benefits for doing so in terms of more user traffic to your blog or Quora page. Quora blogs are boosted on its network so you don’t need to market it separately.

    • Engage with other users

    Yes, Quora is a knowledge-sharing platform based on the premise of asking and getting your questions answered. That said, it is also a social media platform. Don’t forget about this quality when using Quora for marketing your business. Quora offers an easy and convenient way to connect with potential leads and customers. Sprout Social data states that 55% of people intentionally seek out brands to interact with on Quora. When individuals deliberately seek out your brand on social media, they likely do it with some complaint. Hear them out patiently and respond to them sensitively. You can use this opportunity to solve their grievance as a client or prospect and clear the air about rumors that might be afloat about your organization.

    • Overview analytics constantly 

    Assess whether your Quora marketing strategy is working by constantly staying updated with the ROI of the questions you answer. Analytics tracking is important for any social media campaign you run, and Quora is no different. While answering questions frequently and engaging with others regularly is an amazing way to build your presence and reputation on the platform, it is important that you also gain insight into the impact your efforts are bringing. Quora provides easy metrics, from learning the number of people that viewed your response to the number of upvotes your answer received, reviewing analytics on Quora is a cakewalk. If you add a tracking link to your answer, measuring the rate of click-throughs you have received for your website is also possible. With access to this information, you are better poised to assess which questions are providing the most value for you as a brand and which topics you should continue to engage with.

    • Leverage Quora ads

    Quora ad account lets you create ad campaigns. You can pick from four different campaign types – Conversions, App installs, Traffic and Awareness. Once you have selected your campaign type, you can specify your campaign budget. Quora lets you define daily maximum and lifetime budgets. The daily maximum is the maximum amount you are willing to spend on your Quora ad in a day and the lifetime budget, of course, is the maximum budget you are willing to spend on a campaign over its lifetime. Next, Quora asks you to define ad sets and choose your targeting. Targeting options vary from keywords, interests, topics, questions, etc. After the targeting has been specified, you will need to pick the format of your ad and create the ad. Done, your ad is ready to go live!

    How to find your target audience on quora? 

    Quora is a place for businesses, as well as people who are seeking answers. From link building techniques to creating brand awareness, it helps achieve a lot many things. But, how can you target your audience on Quora?

    1. Search on quora:

    Start by leveraging the already existing keywords and subject topics, and simultaneously explore for opportunities that can offer a robust follower count. It can actively contribute to giving an idea about the audience background a specific topic has. 

    2. Search your competitors:

    It is always a good idea to explore who your competitors are in the industry. Try learning whether they are actively running advertisements over writing user relevant answers. You can adapt the techniques they are not using, fueling your business and making it stand out.

    3. Create your account:

    You can also create an ad account that can augment every individual business opportunity you have. 

    4. Install the quora pixel:

    It is a good idea to add pixels on your website, simultaneously creating a vivid website audience to further understand how many visitors are there on Quora. 

    5. Create a list match audience:

    Moreover, specifically upload your Email list on Quora Ads Manager to further inspect the match rate and its overlap. Many Quora users especially use their personal email addresses when creating an account on Quora, which makes it clear that business email will most likely not work at this platform. 

    Paid Marketing on Quora 

    Once you join Quora, you are likely to see Ads Manager, situated under the Create Ad option, making it clear that prior to anything, you will have to create an ad account. Once completed, you can straight ahead jump to Manage Ads wherein you can explore your spending summary, further dissected into four parts, 

    • Clicks 
    • Spend 
    • Conversions 
    • Impressions 

    There are multiple methods to market on Quora. When it boils down to paid ads, the best option you might come across is conversion targeting. When simplified, Quora’s conversion optimization campaigns mainly utilize a particular “conversion” pixel which permits different businesses to track how impactful Quora Ads are after applying it on their website. 

    Further, in case you want to use conversion pixel, you might need to place it on the concerned site – especially to track movement between your website and the given platform. Besides that, you will also be required to set a Cost Per Action (CPA) and usually also pay based on CPM. 

    Best Practices for Quora Marketing 

    1. Create an Amazing Profile:

    Despite the platform you are using, it is always a great profile that attracts attention. In reality, Quora often does not allow creating a profile for a brand, but for individuals. This is one reason why you will need to recognise who in your company is going to post answers. Quora typically uses the first 50 characters in your profile to showcase above each answer. It makes adding your company name as imperative as building a brilliant bio. Adding your company name will allow users to understand your background and what services you currently have. In most cases, your full bio can also simultaneously include clickable links. 

    2. Track relevant topics:

    Another major way to use Quora is by conducting vivid research first. It will help you learn about the topics people in your industry are currently talking about, besides tracking. To start, type a relevant keyword in the search box that you want to follow. Quora apparently delivers a list of suggestions that you may also want to explore, other than the one you are centered around. 

    3. Find the right question to answer:

    One of the major ways to learn Quora marketing includes having knowledge about which questions are essential to answer. It’s true that more than a million queries are currently airing through the platform, and half of them will not reap any value. It is partially because you are willing to showcase people the expertise you share in a specific space. 

    One of the key methods to explore relevant questions is to type a keyword into the search box and selecting “search”. Once it shows the results, start filtering which question best fits your query. It is important to recognise which topics are relevant at this point for better visibility to add a dominant voice over new discussions. 

    4. Give Insightful responses:

    It is important to make your answers sound legitimate and unique. A one liner wouldn’t attract as much attention as a descriptive answer would. Offering insightful responses might attract attention for newer discussions. An insightful answer can be anything between a descriptive, yet brief response – or a crisp, and interlinked response – both of which make enough sense. It can often also portray your thought leadership. 

    5. Engage with other Quora users:

    Engaging with other members of the same community always impacts brands. Quora isn’t a search engine, but a social networking platform. Forgetting to engage with potential leads might trap you into losing traffic.

    While it is important to answer as many answers as possible, let’s not overlook the importance of being social and connecting with fellow Quora members. Many users ask questions about a specific brand, and nobody can aim an answer to questions like that better than the leading employee themselves. You can explore similar people by tracking the top answers under relevant topics, or by sharing content anywhere outside the platform itself to generate leads who will visit for the solution on your profile.

    6. Analyze Constantly:

    Analyzing your campaigns with beneficial tools can help you track results. Marketing on quora feels the same. In a way, being active on Quora can make your presence seem more accurate and trustworthy. The more answers you deliver, the more your reputation will grow.

    Put Quora Marketing On Your To-Do List

    Quora offers wonderful possibilities to marketers trying to foray into thought leadership. Currently, there is no better social media platform than Quora to establish yourself as an SME in your industry niche with the help of valuable content. Even if you are only investing a short amount of time in Quora marketing, it is important that you do so. Of the multiple social media marketing channels available, Quora is easily among the ones that provide the highest returns for your marketing efforts. It helps you build a directory of evergreen content, create valuable backlinks, build easy client relationships, and gives you access to a plethora of user analytics – what more could a marketer want?

    Infidigit is an SEO company that can help your brand grow by leveraging the full power of quora marketing. Having SEO professionals with deep insights and experience on the platform, Infidigit can help you create a seamless marketing strategy that utilizes all the tricks mentioned in this guide to their full potential. Contact us today to learn more.

    Bottom Line 

    Learning how to use Quora as a major marketing strategy of your company can help drive unimaginable traffic. While there are numerous tips to grow presence on Quora, the most vital is to offer value. It is about time that you include major quora marketing strategies to build a powerful tagline.

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    A Complete Guide to Quora Marketing