How to Improve Yahoo Rankings

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How to Improve Yahoo Rankings

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    All marketers want only one thing—that the product or service they are marketing should reach the maximum number of people. While the digital landscape has facilitated this to a great extent, there are still some blind spots. Marketers frequently think of Google as the vehicle to reach each and every customer. The assumption is that all other search engines do not have the kind of reach that Google has. This might be partially true, but nonetheless, it is a blind spot. Marketers often overlook the potential of other search engines like Yahoo. Though overshadowed by Google, it still holds a good percentage of the overall global search volume. Additionally, there are various countries where Yahoo is the search engine of choice; where it is equally or maybe even more popular. Here’s how you can use the Yahoo search engine to achieve the desired ranking.

    What is Yahoo Search? 

    Yahoo was established in 1995. Initially, it used its own data storage and Web crawling to deliver results. However, after 2009, Yahoo results were driven by another search engine—Bing. 

    The Yahoo home page contains a news portal, email, and other search engine capabilities. To use search, you will need to type the search phrase into the top bar. On clicking the magnifying glass icon on the screen, or hitting the Enter key on the keyboard, the search results will be displayed on the screen.

    As a site owner, you must focus on search engine optimization (SEO) to build your site impression on Yahoo.

    Why is Yahoo Important? 

    Yahoo holds a good share in search, especially in the United States of America. According to reports, as of April 2017, around 11.7% of the search queries by Americans were made on Yahoo. It means one out of every ten people relies on this Yahoo to resolve their queries. 

    Apart from this, in 2014, Mozilla Firefox, a Web browser, announced Yahoo as their default search option. Following this news, Yahoo saw a considerable rise in their overall market share. 

    So, regardless of whether your business is a small one or a large one, if you want to get some quality prospects, you cannot overlook the importance of Yahoo.

    What do we need to know about Yahoo Search Engine?

    1) Low competition 

    Yahoo does not face as much competition as Google. There’s also a chance that a keyword that’s hard to rank on Google will be much easier to rank on Yahoo. You can be on the first page of Yahoo search results with just a few basic SEO practices.

    2) Yahoo is similar to Bing 

    Yahoo is distinct from Google but nearly identical to Bing. That is, if you optimize your site in accordance with Yahoo, you are automatically creating a possibility for yourself to rank on Bing without putting in much additional effort. The good news is that Bing is more popular in some countries. 

    3) Yahoo is not as complicated as Google 

    Google ranks your page based on over two hundred different factors. Its algorithm is so complex that ranking a single site requires a dedicated team. Yahoo, on the other hand, prioritises a few crucial parameters and is much easier to optimize for. This leaves you free to focus your energies on creating engaging content, using relevant keywords, and developing a link-building strategy.

    4) Yahoo focuses on links 

    Yahoo SEO pays special attention to links. The more you concentrate on backlinks and inbound links, the better your chances of ranking high in this search engine. It is recommended you work on guest blogging, obtaining links from social media, and affiliate marketing strategy. Make sure the links you obtain are not from spam sites. 

    5) Website age plays an important role 

    One of the most vital factors in Yahoo’s ranking is age. The older your website, the more likely it is to rank. But what if you’ve just launched a website? How would you rank in this case? Simply concentrate on other important aspects and, if possible, avoid making changes to your website and content URLs.

    How to optimize your website for Yahoo rankings?

    1) Do keyword research

    It is also critical to devote special attention to locating relevant keywords, just as it is necessary to research trending topics. Check for phrases that your peers are using to rank on Yahoo during the keyword research process. You should also look at the keywords they used on their landing pages, product pages, descriptions, and specific content. If you are unsure of how to proceed with this process, you can use various paid and free tools.

    Tools will provide you with information on the search volume of specific phrases. You can also use them to find long-tail keywords and frequently asked questions (FAQs). Including them in the content increases the likelihood of ranking.

    2) Add keywords 

    Keyword placement is critical if you want to rank higher on Yahoo. Include keywords in the title, slug, and meta tags. However, you must avoid keyword stuffing at all costs. Keyword stuffing is seen as a manipulation of rankings. Thus, make sure that the phrases you use in specific places make sense and are not irrelevant.

    3) Create unique content 

    Regardless of the search engine you use, content is king. If your content does not provide readers with value, they will leave your website within a few seconds of scrolling, thereby increasing the bounce rate. Many users try to trick Yahoo by using headings with the highest search volume, but when users click the heading, the information it contains is completely different.

    The best Yahoo strategy is to make an effort to find the trending topic. Conduct research to create informative content. If possible, include infographics. Make sure to divide the article into pointers and subheadings to make it easier for the user to understand.

    4) Look at the news 

    Never assume that because Yahoo isn’t as complex as Google, it doesn’t release updates. Their ranking factors and algorithms are constantly changing. In case you do not follow it, your page will be at the bottom of the search results. Thus, as a site owner, regularly check the policies. 

    Is Yahoo SEO Worthwhile? 

    There are several parameters that you should consider when finding the answer to this question. The very first is to get the analytical data of your website that gives insight into your website performance, such as clicks, page sessions, and so on. Check to see which search engine brings you the most visitors. Once you have determined the number of visitors, look into where you are getting quality leads.

    Many marketers overlook Yahoo’s ranking due to its low market share. However, sometimes the one with the lowest source of traffic delivers unexpected results. Furthermore, Yahoo is less complex than Google and is easier to rank.

    Can You Rank for Anything on Yahoo Search? 

    Surely not. As stated already, Yahoo rank tracking uses various algorithms to promote your page on search results. If you believe that stuffing keywords and inserting irrelevant keywords will help you rank, you are mistaken. Furthermore, links play a significant role in determining your position in Yahoo search results. In fact, links are far more crucial than other factors. As a result, in case you have a habit of employing poor SEO practices, such as creating multiple Web pages to exchange links or acquiring links from low-domain sites, your page will stagnate. Therefore, the word of caution here is to focus on creating quality content and a good link-building strategy.


    Yahoo SEO is crucial if you want to increase your reach and gain traffic. Since Yahoo algorithms are not as complex as the ones Google uses, ranking on it is much easier. Simply focus on keyword research, keyword placement, engaging content, and most importantly, good link-building strategies. Also, remember that using good Yahoo strategies will help you rank on Bing.

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    How to Improve Yahoo Rankings