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What are Inbound Links & Why to Use Inbound Links

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Being new to inbound marketing means learning about several different terminologies and what their function is. One such term you may have heard while guest blogging is to add different kinds of links. Three types of links are useful to a blogger in garnering more website traffic, namely, external links, internal links, and inbound links. In this article, we are going to understand what are inbound links.

What are Inbound Links?

Inbound links refer to site links that come from a third party website to your own site. Inbound links in SEO are made up of two components: the link to the page on your website, which is simply the URL to your site, and an anchor text, which is the text decided as per keyword research and is highlighted in the link that directs people to your website. 

Why Use Inbound Links? 

  • Improved ranking

Inbound links SEO strategies are one of the most popularly used strategies by SEO services to help your website show up on the Google search index among the top results. The more inbound links your site receives, the better your ranking gets on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). However, this isn’t the only ranking factor used by them.

  • To get referral traffic

Referral traffic is created by third party websites when they mention your site link to drive traffic to your website. The more number of sites that ‘refer’ your site on their pages through inbound links, the more number of visitors you receive depending upon the traffic the source page gets.

  • Brand Awareness

Inbound links SEO strategies can help you generate brand awareness through planned promotions on websites with higher search rankings than yours. This will generate some curiosity among readers and get them to visit your site. You can go on and convert them by establishing an effective sales funnel from there. 

How can you get backlinks?

  • Create Great Content

Good content is integral to your SEO rankings. Infographics, charts, and attractive visuals play a big role in creating aesthetically pleasing content rich in information. Provide valuable content that readers are actively seeking without random keyword stuffing and you will find great results while getting backlinks. 

  • Target Keywords

Using targeted keywords will help you boost your page visibility as users are more likely to seek your content out actively. While adding inbound links, your links must be anchored using high-ranking keywords so that they gain more traction. To choose the best keywords, use online SEO services to conduct keyword research, and look for keywords that rank high but are not overused. A mid-range keyword between 10-100 would be great as they wouldn’t drown your page out among other links

  • Guest Blogging

You can post your blogs on a third-party website by being a guest blogger and providing some great content to their visitors. In return, high-ranking websites can be a great place for your potential audience to find you by clicking on the links provided. For instance, your guest blog can be linked back to your landing page or to other helpful blogs connected to the current one, so viewers can head over and continue reading.

Inbound Links: The Key to Improved Site Traffic

Using inbound links to generate more website traffic is a great way to increase your page rankings. Although it is not the primary factor because the quality of your content and the value it adds to the right audience matters too. Use our tips to get the best backlinks and improve your online presence!

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