Satin Tops were highest searched terms in the past two years


Chikankari Kurta for Women was the highest searched brand related term.


Long Woolen Sweater for Ladies searches grew during Sept ‘20 to Feb ‘21.

Other Major Insights

  • Lavender Top Women and Lavender Crop Top saw a 10700% and 9400% record growth. 2 out of 5 users searched for specific lavender colour in topwear, narrowing their searches in the category.
  • Black Puff Sleeve Top also saw a growth of 9400%. It shows people’s interest in looking for black coloured topwear in their favourite category.
  • Followed by sweaters, the second-most searched term during the period was Fur Tops for Women. Again, there was a growth of 1042.86% in just six months.
  • Satin Tops for Women keyword also remained in the top 3 most-searched keywords with a surge in searched by 804.76%.
  • At the end of the winter season (Jan & Feb 2021), searches for Summer Tops for Women and Summer Tops went up by 830.77% and 661.54%, respectively.