What is SEO Automation? Learn about The Best SEO Automation Tools 

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What is SEO Automation? Learn about The Best SEO Automation Tools 

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    SEO is one of the most critical things that determines your performance on the internet. It comprises numerous tasks that can get repetitive and are also time-consuming. If you try to complete these tasks manually, you are very likely to lose focus on your marketing goal. This is why it is recommended to switch to SEO automation. The automation process heavily relies on AI and ML, which are capable of performing multiple tasks at once. Although automation cannot be used for end-to-end SEO, it can be used in conjunction with your SEO team to deliver promising results.

    What is SEO Automation

    SEO practice entails numerous repetitive tasks that require a significant amount of time and effort to complete manually. SEO automation accomplishes these tasks by combining various tools and software. You can deploy automation on technical SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO. For example, AI and ML in automation can assist you if you are having difficulty with title tags or meta descriptions. Similarly, using natural language processing can aid in the structured data markup of your web page.

    SEO automation is the most efficient way to monitor your site’s ranking, backlink analysis, competitor performance, and a few other factors. However, keep in mind that you cannot automate every aspect of SEO.

    Looking for an extensive SEO Audit for your website?

    Unleash your website's potential by harnessing Infidigit's 400+ SEO audit to achieve peak site health & dominance on Google organic search.

    Looking for an extensive
    SEO Audit for your website?

    Unleash your website's potential by harnessing Infidigit's 400+ SEO audit to achieve peak site health & dominance on Google organic search.

    How Does it Work?

    The process of SEO automation begins with data collection. The data is gathered from your and your competitors’ websites and is related to backlinks, rank tracking, keyword performance, and site crawl information. Next, the automation tool using AI and ML refines and eliminates irrelevant information which is unrelated to your industry or plays no role in shaping your SEO strategy. You will receive a notification based on the alert you had set up. 

    SEO automation tools also make suggestions on log-file, content, backlinks, and keyword research. If you implement these recommendations correctly, your SEO campaign’s chances of success will increase.

    Which Section of SEO Can Be Automated? 

    Automation can help streamline your SEO and marketing campaign. You can employ SEO automation tools on various basic on-page, technical SEO, and social media aspects. For example, you can automate the creation of regular performance reports, the identification of new keywords, backlink analysis, website tracking, and competitor performance analysis.

    1) Rank tracking 

    The primary reason for focusing on SEO is to improve your site’s and web pages’ position on search engines to drive traffic and qualified leads. Every page content you create serves a purpose and is optimized for specific keywords. As a result, you must monitor how these pages perform and how their rankings have changed over time. However, manually tracking each page is difficult, especially for the enterprise-level site. 

    You can automate this process with an SEO tool such as SE Ranking. It will track changes in the rankings of old and new web pages. 

    2) Website Monitoring 

    If you want to improve your SERP position, you must keep track of various aspects of your website. These include broken links, load time, security protocols, page structure, image optimization, etc. If any of these elements are not up to search engine standards, your SERP position will suffer.

    Numerous on-page SEO components contribute to ranking. If you prefer to track each flaw manually, it will take a long time. But with automation, you can gain insight into the factors that are working against your site and immediately correct them.

    3) Competitor Monitoring 

    Ranking and maintaining your position on search engines is difficult. The sole reason is you are not alone in devoting time to SEO; every competitor is also working hard to rank at the top through SEO. Keeping an eye on various strategies your peers are using is essential. If their strategy is assisting them in improving their position,  in different countries like united states, Canada ,India etc. you can incorporate it into your approach for a better result.

    Monitoring hundreds of peers at once is difficult. You can use SEO automation to help you with this and easily find numerous ways to outperform your competitors on search engines.

    4) Backlink analysis 

    Backlinks are a vital component of SEO. Having both quantity and quality links pointing back to your site gives the search engine the impression that the contents on your site are valuable and can answer customers’ queries. It boosts your site’s domain score and ranking and helps you generate quality leads. However, if the majority of your site’s backlinks come from spam websites, your SEO strategy will be futile.

    When you have hundreds of web pages on your site, it can be difficult to track the source of backlinks that each of these pages generate over time. But regardless of the size of your website, backlink analysis is a breeze with SEO automation tools.

    The Best SEO Automation Tools 

    seo automation tools - Infidigit

    1) Ahrefs

    Ahrefs is one of the best tools for all your SEO needs. But when it comes to automation, it is ideal for backlinks analysis. The monthly subscription of this tool is available in the price range of $99 to $999. Since backlinks are important for rankings, you should keep track of the sources from which you obtain backlinks. It will also give you a list of sources from which your competitors are obtaining links information for several countries like united kingdom, united states, India etc.

    Additionally, you can set up notifications for new link points to your site, new keywords on which you begin to rank, brand mentions, and lost backlinks.

    2) SEMrush

    SEMrush can help you meet all of your SEO needs and is capable of automating multiple SEO aspects. This tool’s paid monthly subscription starts at $99 and can go up to $399. 

    SEMrush provides you with a list of the most relevant keywords to target to improve your rankings. It also navigates through your competitors’ websites and provides data on the keywords for which they rank first. And we can pull out the data for different countries like united states and India.

    It further aids in keeping track of your domain’s position. Using SEMrush, you can see how your website performs in comparison to other websites. Simply put, the SEMrush SEO automation tool can assist you with anything related to keywords and automation.

    3) Screaming Frog

    The Screaming Frog SEO automation tool is ideal for meeting the needs of your marketing campaigns. This is a freemium tool, with the paid version costing $167 per year. When you integrate Screaming Frog with your website, it will navigate to different pages to identify the aspects that are holding back your site to better its SERP position.

    Some of the underlying issues detected by this tool include broken links, duplicate content, audit redirects, metadata, and title tags. You can configure the crawling schedule of this tool as per your needs, and it will return results for analysis.

    4) Ubersuggest

    Ubersuggest is a free tool that provides you with great content ideas and a list of keywords, targeting which you can better your ranking. When you enter a search phrase on the Ubersuggest homepage, it retrieves data based on the difficulty level, search volume, cost per click (CPC), and a graph highlighting the keyword trend. 

    On the home page, you will find a tab called “Keywords ideas,” which provides a list of LSI keywords that you can use to optimize your existing content. You can use Ubersuggest to perform automation on tasks such as competitive analysis, content research, and keyword research.

    5) Answer the Public

    You may run out of ideas very quickly if you publish content every single day. However, with the Answer the Public tool on your side, you will never have to encounter this situation. Answer the Public is a free SEO automation tool. When you enter a phrase into this tool’s search box, it returns a long list of related questions, comparisons, prepositions, related terms, and alphabetical results.

    The free version of Answer the Public provides five searches every day and is best suited for content creators and website owners. However, if you run an SEO agency and manage multiple projects, you should consider upgrading to the premium version.

    6) SE Ranking

    SE Ranking is capable of handling multiple SEO tasks at once. You can purchase a monthly subscription to this SEO automation tool for $39 and $189, after which it will begin monitoring various SEO aspects daily.

    Some of the most vital SEO aspects that this tool can help with include keyword research, backlinks monitoring, rank tracking, and website analysis. SE Ranking also has a wealth of data that can be used to plan your SEO and marketing campaign strategy. It provides detailed information on technical errors, internal links, image optimization issues, site speed, meta descriptions, and title tags.

    7) Morphio 

    Morphio is relatively new and is said to have features that many of the existing tools are yet to incorporate. It is essentially a marketing automation tool that, with the help of anomaly detection and machine learning, can help manage various complex SEO tasks with ease. You can also use them to monitor changes in your competitors’ metadata. This tool’s AI provides you with a list of top-performing content. The anomaly detection provides you with keywords that you have not targeted yet but have a high potential for traffic generation and improving ranking.

    8) SentiOne

    SentiOne SEO automation tool especially focuses on social media. You are probably wondering what the relationship is between search engine ranking and social media. There is no direct correlation, but social media campaigns play an important role in driving traffic.

    SentiOne provides insight into what others are saying about your brand on social media and how they socialize with it. When someone mentions your brand, the tool sends you an immediate notification, allowing you to determine whether reaching out to them with content addressing their query is worthwhile. SentiOne further assists you in reaching out to bloggers to improve your backlink profile.

    9) SISTRIX

    SISTRIX is an SEO automation tool that allows for customization. You can use it to track any aspect of your SEO campaign that you want. The tool comes with a monthly subscription of $112 with a few additional fees. You must first determine which SEO areas you want to focus on before you subscribe to SISTRIX. Once you have decided on that, you can select your package.

    SISTRIX is ideal for competitor analysis, content idea generation, keyword research, and connecting with industry influencers. You can use this tool to improve your ranking and devise a strategy to maintain it.

    10) SERPWoo 

    When targeting a keyword, you must first determine which of your competitors ranks for that keyword. SERPWoo can help with that. This SEO automation tool monthly subscription starts at $49.95 and can go up to $299.95. When you enter a keyword into this tool, you will be given a list of the top 20 websites that rank for that phrase. You can also learn about these sites’ page link authority, social shares, domain link popularity, and a few other metrics.

    Simply put, it tells you what is causing your site or web page ranking to fluctuate, either positively or negatively.

    11) Google Search Console

    This tool is provided by the search engine behemoth Google and is completely free to use. Google Search Console provides data on a variety of key metrics. CTRs, impressions, page sessions, inbound links, internal and external backlinks, and a few others are examples. 

    You can filter the data by geographical location, page, and device. Google Search Console’s “Performance” tab provides a detailed overview of your site’s performance. The “Queries” section reveals which specific phrases people use to find your website. You can also receive notifications for page speed suggestions, mobile usability errors, sitemap submissions, top linking pages, and so on.

    Which Section of SEO Can Be Automated?

    When implementing an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy, you might need to repeat various tasks that can consume more time and energy. So, to ensure you don’t lose focus on your business goals, it is recommended to automate SEO functions such as:

    • Structured Data Markup Automation

    Structured data is a standardized format that makes it easier for search engines to better understand your content on individual web pages. Adding structured data enhances your rankings in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) with rich results and boosts your organic growth. However, accomplishing this task manually can take a long time. SEO automation tools can help you add structured data markup much more quickly and make you qualify for higher rankings. 

    • Automating Image Resolution for SEO

    Optimizing the images on your website allows search engines and users to understand your content better. An important aspect of image optimization is resolution. Google needs large images in multiple formats (1:1, 4:3, and 16:9) to display the content in tabs, Google Discover, and carousels. With various SEO automation tools, you can create different versions of images needed by Google and enhance user experience.

    • Automating the Creation of Product Descriptions 

    Product descriptions might be short, but creating those few sentences can take time. New products that keep on being added to the list require unique descriptions, which makes the entire process time-consuming and repetitive. An SEO automation tool can come in handy, especially for e-commerce sites, in generating product descriptions. You can feed the AI tool with product names and features, and it will create a description based on the given details. 

    • Will AI Provide a Solution for SEO?

    From analyzing keywords, and rank tracking to competitor analysis, AI is transforming how companies perform SEO. The use of SEO automation tools is expected to rise over time. These tools will help companies design more robust and successful SEO strategies to rank higher in user queries and enhance user satisfaction. 

    • Using AI to discover fresh, unexplored content ideas

    Providing an AI tool with information like target keywords, target audience, or product descriptions can help you generate SEO meta descriptions, blog topic ideas, marketing emails, and more. However, it is crucial to remember that Google considers content entirely generated by AI as spam. So, publishing whatever an AI gives you may not be wise.

    Is there an alternative option to SEO automation? 

    You will hardly find any tool on the market that provides a one-stop solution for all SEO automation needs. Some tools focus on backlink analysis, others on keywords and a few on social media. It means that you will need to set aside a substantial budget and invest in various tools to achieve the desired results. Thus, the alternative to SEO automation tools is the hiring of an SEO agency. These agencies have a team of experts who have managed a variety of complex projects throughout their careers. In addition to SEO, the agency assists you with content creation and marketing.


    Why is SEO automation important for digital marketing?

    SEO automation is essential for digital marketing because it saves time, reduces human error, improves efficiency, and allows SEO professionals to focus on strategic tasks that require creativity and analysis.

    What are some common SEO tasks that can be automated?

    Commonly automated SEO tasks include keyword tracking, content optimization, backlink monitoring, site audits, reporting, and social media posting related to SEO content.

    What are the benefits of using SEO automation tools?

    The benefits include increased productivity, better data accuracy, faster SEO results, improved scalability, and the ability to stay updated with search engine algorithm changes.

    Can SEO automation tools replace human SEO professionals entirely?

    No, SEO automation tools are meant to assist and enhance the work of SEO professionals. They can automate repetitive tasks but still require human oversight, strategy development, and decision-making.

    Can SEO automation tools help with link building?

    Yes, some SEO automation tools can assist with link building by identifying potential link opportunities, monitoring backlinks, and even sending outreach emails, though manual oversight is crucial.


    An SEO automation tool can handle a variety of repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on more important things. The reports generated by these tools can help you devise a well-planned SEO strategy. Since automation tools have limited functionality, it is best to hire an SEO agency and use these tools in tandem with them.

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    What is SEO Automation? Learn about The Best SEO Automation Tools