7 Ways to Maintain SEO Rankings

While I was more inclined towards spirituality and understanding the algorithms of life, SEO happened.

7 Ways to Maintain SEO Rankings

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    Let’s say you own a website, but having a hard time to acquire leads, make any product sale or drive any revenue through it. How would you know if your website is reaching its potential customers? Well, this is why having SEO Services is important. What is SEO? Why does having SEO services help me?

    SEO service helps businesses meet their potential customers online. The goal of SEO is to optimize a site and improve its visibility.

    Keeping up with the developments in SEO can sometimes be challenging. This is why having an SEO Agency with excellent skills and a proven record can take you from Zero to One in a short period.

    Let’s assume that with all the hard-work and smart-work you did on your website, you achieved 1st position on Google.

    Well, that’s just half the battle.

    Maintaining the ranking is the actual task; you should be worried about it.

    Here are the suggested methods, with the help of which you should be able to maintain your top spot on Google.


    Being in the field of SEO for years now, we have always heard this statement that “Content is the King”. However, that has evolved in today’s time. It is not just the content, but quality, relevance and fresh content is the king.

    You need to keep the content updated with the latest information available. While you keep them fresh, do not miss out on relevancy. Understanding of the target audience is important and the create content relevant to them. 

    Sites ranking below you are giving the best they can to outrank you; to reach the sweet top spot. You need to keep yourself better in all aspects as compared to them.

    To keep your content fresh & engaging, you can add more information in a media format like an infographic, a video or even images.

    Site Speed

    Let’s say your website has unique, relevant and latest content. The content is heavy and it includes all forms of media like, a picture, an infographic, a video or a document.

    Although the content on your site seems to be rich, but your website fails to load quickly on the client-side. 

    Your site will experience a higher bounce rate, and some other competitive site will replace your position on Google.
    To avoid this, it is crucial to have your site speed optimized. Tools like Google Analytics, Lighthouse and even Google Search Console give you an actionable way on how you can fix or improve your page speed.

    Have More Inbound Links

    Another way to maintain your top spot is by increasing the number of links pointing to your high-ranking pages.
    There are high chances that you might attract links naturally since you have achieved the top sweet spot. However, make sure you are receiving the links from the relevant source.

    You can reach out to the people, in your niche and ask them to link back to you through relevant content.

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    Establish Your Prowess

    Let’s say your site is about selling exotic cupcakes for all types of occasions. Be it valentine’s day, corporate event or a family function.

    You need to talk about your core business on all the platforms.

    You need to consistently post about “exotic cupcakes” that you make for these occasions. You should create a variety of posts around your core business and share them on all relevant platforms.

    Speak about it to people consistently, through blogs, create a robust online presence, make YouTube videos, answer on Quora, create and share PR articles, reach out to an influencer for a campaign.

    While you do all of these, make sure everything that you do is highly engaging. A post on Facebook or Instagram should be very appealing. People should consistently like, share and talk about your business online.

    You might be wondering as to how will this help?

    Google bots are present everywhere. Everything you do on social media or other platforms; it sends a signal to Google, which conveys them that the site is highly active. Google recognises this and will reward you accordingly. Also, recently, the concept of EAT SEO has come into the limelight. EAT (Expert, Authority & Trust) is a concept where Quality Raters (QR’s) are instructed to check the content that ranks on top. They check about the author’s experience and expertise on the topic.

    Internal Linking to Maintain Your Rankings

    Internal Linking connects one page to another within your website. Let’s take the example of blogs.
    Internal linking is an important aspect when it comes to content. However, that doesn’t mean you can interlink to any random blogs.

    If your blog post is ranking higher, make sure you interlink it with a blog that is either associated with your blog topic or is related. This way, you are making your users stick around to your website or a blog post for a longer duration.

    Internal Linking is the best way to allow the bots to crawl internally. However, do not overdo it as it might not look seamless. Links that genuinely helps your readers are the best links.

    Improve Social Presence & Increase Social Shares

    Run an online campaign!!

    Let people talk about your business, especially about your product on all possible platforms. Let’s say you are ranking at the top for “pastries online”. This is the best opportunity to provide Google with more strong social signals.

    Make sure you add a widget so that you can share your product easily on all relevant platforms, be it Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or others. People will share your products with others only if they either like the products or it has the best offers and irresistible discounts. Arrange your top-selling pastries, so that it appears in above the fold.

    Create an engaging Facebook or Instagram post around all your top-selling pastries and give out the best offers and irresistible discounts.

    Make sure, you use a creative post with keywords embedded captions and hashtag into it. This generates a buzz amongst your loyal customers and allows other people to try something new for a discounted price. There are good chances of people tagging others on your post or sharing it.

    Although social sharing doesn’t directly help into rankings, it is always preferable to have your business active on the Social Media platforms. The buzz generated through it can keep your online presence healthy and active.

    Backlinks Are Important

    Since you have reached the top spot, there’s no doubt about the quality backlinks you’ve been consistently creating. Continue building them to maintain your position.

    In fact, increase your backlink efforts, but do not overdo it. Get as many links as you can from quality sites. Also, try to get as many UGC links as you can. You can ask people to write about your business on various forums and also asking them to comment on the blogs with a link of your site.

    Achieving a top spot on Google demands constant efforts, patience and time. The traffic and visibility that it gives can never be achieved if your ranking goes down even by one. To help you maintain your ranking, follow above actionable strategies so that your efforts of ranking them on the 1st position doesn’t get wasted. 

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    7 Ways to Maintain SEO Rankings