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A Guide to Understanding White Hat SEO

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What is White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO is a marketing strategy employed by companies for optimising their website rank in Google’s search engine results pages or SERPs, according to the search engine’s guidelines. Whichever SEO technique you choose to apply, remember that it should be approved by Google.  If not adhered to, the techniques would then fall under the category of Black Hat SEO

But the question “what is black hat SEO still prevails? Black hat SEO involves a set of tools and techniques that make-up website optimisation plans. But these techniques make use of unethical methods to get higher ranking in SERPs that can eventually get the websites blacklisted.

Why Should You Give Importance to White hat SEO?

For those website owners who are targeting long-term benefits, using white hat SEO techniques is more prudent. Google has constantly been updating its algorithms to prevent black hat SEO techniques from being used. If you don’t use white hat seo practices for your web content optimisation, sooner or later, the website is sure to get banned by Google. Users of black hat SEO tactics are at the peril of receiving a Google penalty

Google penalty drastically reduces the ranking of the website and, with that, the traffic and income from advertisement. In short, any web content developer should know what is white hat SEO and implement it wisely instead of resorting to unethical black hat methods.

White Hat SEO Techniques to Double Traffic

If you want to build a sustainable website that provides long-term returns on your investment, go for white hat SEO methods to expand the business. Here are some time-tested techniques that professionals emphasise on when they talk about what is white hat SEO.

  • Focus on improving user experience

The best way to provide top-notch service to the user is to revitalise the UX or web design. For those owners who do not have the time to design their website, hiring a professional web designer is advised.  Also, keep an eye on the site navigation factor. Make sure that the user finds it easy to browse the site.

  • Invest time in proper keyword research

Using the right keywords, and that too ethically is one of the main tactics of white hat SEO techniques. You can make use of keyword research tools to check which keywords have a higher ranking in your business domain. If you want your website’s keyword research done by experts, choose a reputed SEO service that is followed by top-notch user feedback.

  • Use keywords related to the content 

One of the most important white hat SEO techniques in 2021 is to ensure that all the keywords you use are related to the content. Keyword stuffing is now easily detected by Google. Google’s machine-learning-based algorithm, RankBrain, can set up the context for the crawlers to identify organically used keywords.

  • Include keyword-rich titles and meta descriptions

Titles and meta descriptions hold a lot of power in terms of enhancing white hat SEO. Following the best practices in creating titles and meta descriptions can significantly improve your rankings on SERPs. Use high search volume keywords organically in meta descriptions and titles to improve your Web pages’ visibility on search engines.

  • The content should be of premium quality

When discussing white hat SEO techniques, you have to talk about the optimisation of content. On-page SEO, which includes creating high-quality content with effective meta descriptions, can bring significant traffic to your web pages. Another technique to use white hat SEO through content is to write original content in a manner that convinces the user about your message.

  • Create long and authoritative content

Creating high-quality content targeted at benefitting the reader rather than search engines is the pillar of modern-day SEO. To create authoritative content, the information presented must be as detailed as possible. It would be ideal if it included external links to high domain authority (DA) websites. When users find that the information on your website is rich and valuable, you are rewarded by search engines in the form of high rankings!

  • Include descriptive URLs 

Search engines use your URL structure to get an overview of what your content is about. Hence, URLs should be short and precise. They should convey what search engines need to know about your individual Web pages. For instance, this page is about white hat SEO. So, the URL for the page is constructed in a way that achieves the goal of educating the search engines about the information this Web page contains, which is :


  • Ensure Internal Linking

Internal links help search engines understand your website better and help readers access relevant information on your website without any hassle. Internal linking also boosts the rankings of the pages linked by sending link authority to those pages. This ultimately helps search engines index your websites more efficiently. 

  • Ensure Image Optimization

Image optimization is one of the white hat SEO methods that many websites often ignore. However, it can prove to be quite important. Search engines cannot “see” images in the way that we do. Hence, using alt tags is crucial. Google Images is the second most searched platform in the world. Using descriptive alt tags enriched with keywords can help Google understand the context of your image, and ultimately help improve your search engine result page (SERP) rankings.

  • Link building is another effective white hat SEO techniques

Link building occurs when other websites have hyperlinks redirecting to your page and thus increase the inbound traffic of your website. Google strictly advises using link building to avoid dilution of the page quality. Link building services will help you find the high-ranking links for your outreach and improve the page traffic.

  • Focus on broken link building 

This is an underdog white hat SEO technique. Link building holds a lot of potential in general SEO, but broken link building is even more effective. Firstly, find the Web page that you’d like to get a link from. Then, find out if that page has any broken links. Finally, if you have a Web page that can substitute that link, contact the site’s owner, and ask them to replace the broken link with your link.

  • Invite guest bloggers

Guest posting is a white hat SEO technique that can significantly build your domain authority. There are two ways you can go about guest blogging, both of which Google identifies as very different:

  1. Publishing guest blogs on authority websites in your niche. This is the most effective way of guest blogging, as it ultimately gives your website exposure and also builds authority for your own website.
  2. Publishing guest blogs on any website regardless if it is related to your domain. This method might be risky, as Google can flag your blogs as “link schemes” if you spam guest blogs across various websites.
  • Opt for smart website structure 

If you have just launched your website and it only has a few pages, then website architecture doesn’t play a big role. However, as your website grows, it becomes critical to have a solid website architecture. A seamlessly organized website structure can significantly help the link authority flow from one Web page to the other. This improves the rankings of all your Web pages.

  • Ensure that website is mobile-friendly

Since Google announced its mobile-first indexing in 2020, ensuring the mobile-friendliness of websites has become crucial for websites to rank on the search engine. Use tools like Mobile-Friendly Test to assess if Google considers your website as “easy to use” for mobile users.

  • Use schema mark-up

Schema is a collection of a multitude of HTML tags, which can be added to any Web page. These tags are responsible for creating an enhanced description of the Web pages which appear on search pages in the form of rich snippets. These snippets make your search results stand out and make it easier for search engines to understand your page’s content.

Advantages of White Hat SEO

  • Cost-Effective

White hat SEO methods, in the long run, are much more cost-effective than black hat SEO. For instance, it isn’t required to repair all violations identified by Google. Whereas, in black hat SEO, there is a lot of manual work in resolving black hat SEO that Google often penalises, such as removing spam links from blogs or forums. 

  • Secured Websites

Websites that employ white hat SEO are far more secure against Google’s penalties than ones that use black hat SEO.

  • Stable Rankings

Rankings achieved through white hat SEO methods are far more likely to remain stable in the long term than those achieved through unfair means.

Disadvantages of White Hat SEO

  • Limited Scope

White hat SEO has very little to offer in terms of off-page optimization. There are very few options for doing this without going into at least grey hat SEO.

  • High Competition

Overtaking highly optimized competition becomes very tough using only white hat SEO techniques. However, if the competition is only using black hat SEO or grey hat SEO, then white hat SEO can prove to be quite effective in taking them over.

  • Time Consuming

In the long term, compared to black hat SEO, white hat SEO consumes a lot more time-consuming before it shows results. However, this drawback is covered up by cost-effectiveness.


Before building a website for promoting brands, it is essential to know and use white hat SEO methods. That is the only way to stay afloat in a saturated market when every company is striving to provide the best service to their customers. Companies should also employ technical SEO methods like checking broken links and increasing loading speed to get excellent reviews.  

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Thank you, for presenting such a complex subject as SEO in such a beautiful way. Explains the right and wrong side of White hat SEO and Black Hat Seo. Moreover, The detailed method of White Hat Seo is beautifully presented.

Infidigit September 9, 2020 - 6:57 am

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Shubham December 9, 2020 - 9:51 am

Can you tell me what are the best methods of building backlinks?

Infidigit December 9, 2020 - 10:59 am

Broken-Link Building, Outreach, Guest Blogging, Forum Posting & Social Bookmarking are a few of the methods that will help you in link building.


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