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Anchor Text: Types & Its Best Practices

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What is Anchor Text?

Anchor text is the hyperlink text on websites that you can click to move from one Web page to the other. As the name suggests, the term anchors two completely different URLs together. Anchor text serves many purposes like landing you to different Web pages and downloading and linking documents on platforms like Google Drive.

Importance of Anchor Text

We might have used the notion of pages, but anchors can virtually bridge any two elements across different pages, sections, microsites, websites, etc. Hence, you might find download links, video play links, or even links to files interconnected with anchor text. The general practice is to hover your cursor over the anchor text and see where it redirects the user. 

Anchor text in SEO is essential for two key reasons:

  1. It simplifies the user experience by making navigation and the decision-making process more manageable. Anchor text can help your user get a glimpse of what the content is all about and help them determine whether they want to read further or not. This way, the user experience is enriched since the user can quickly sift through the page.
  2. Google and other search engines take several inputs from your page to understand what the content is about. Anchor text is one of the critical elements in this list of information.  

Hence, anchor text can help you both attract and retain traffic. 

Types of Anchor Text

  • Generic anchor

A generic anchor, one of the most used types of anchor text, is used to land users to a different destination. Common and generic anchor text examples include “Click Here”, “Read More”, or “Visit the page”. These are used to move users from one location to another on the Internet, or for other actions like directly downloading a file attached to the link.

  • Exact match 

An exact match is a type of anchor text that contains the primary keyword which directly mirrors the Web page that it has been linked to. For example, if the keyword “Anchor Text” in the content of the Web page and it links to a page that is all about anchor texts, then that would be considered an exact match. This type of anchor text is the most effective way to help users access different Web pages that can help them comprehensively research whatever they’re looking for. The best example of Exact Match can be found on Wikipedia, where you can find a plethora of keywords linked to the Web pages that are precisely about the linked term.

  • Partial match 

A partial match is a variation of exact match anchor text. In partial match anchors, the text that is linked is a variation of the keyword (usually latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords), which is linked to a Web page. For instance, a text which goes “How to build anchor texts” can be linked to a page about anchor texts, where the user can find the section “How to build anchor texts” in the content. This is mainly done using LSI keywords, which is a prevalent search engine ranking factor for a Web page and can significantly improve its ranking. Moreover, internal linking can significantly improve the rankings of your Web page too.

  • Branded anchor 

As the name suggests, branded anchor text in SEO uses the name of a brand to lead the users to a website or a Web page. For instance, in a blog about keywords, the anchor text “Ahrefs” can be linked to an article related to keywords on the main Ahrefs blog page or even the main Ahrefs Keyword Tool page. This technique is often used as an outbound marketing strategy by businesses to organically generate traffic on their website and let the interested users engage with their brand.

  • Naked link 

A naked link anchor is often used on Web pages that are published on different domains or platforms to redirect the user to a specific page related to the brand that has published the content. A naked link, as the name suggests, is a URL that is used as an anchor. For instance, in a blog published on a forum about “SEO companies in India”, the URL “https://www.infidigit.com/seo-company/” can be used as a naked anchor to land the users directly to the page of the SEO company.

  • Image anchor 

This type of anchor text has become popular in recent times. When you link an image, search engines go through the text in the image’s Alt Attributes and consider that to be the anchor text. 

  • Long-tail anchor

Long-tail anchors are quite similar to partial anchor texts; however, they have more words. These are often used as a detailed anchor for the readers to understand what exact page they would be redirected to once they click on it. Long-tail anchors can be subheadings or even entire sentences like “learn more about SEO benefits by clicking here”. They are often used by businesses to land visitors looking to buy the services or products the business offers to the brand page.

Anchor Text Best Practices 

There are many effective ways to ensure you’re properly using anchor texts in your content. Here are some best practices:

  • Keep the anchor text short

The anchor text should be concise, clear and effective.

  • Ensure page relevance

The linked page should be relevant to the content of the Web page the anchor text is used in.

  • Maintain a proper keyword density

Don’t stuff the same anchor text in the content, as Google might consider it as suspicious activity.

  • Keep experimenting

Build internal and external links, learn about SEO, and keep expanding your horizons using anchor texts.


Anchor texts can be an excellent tool for businesses to improve the SEO health of their Web pages. In the context of Google, anchors offer a way to distinguish legitimate websites from scamsters. Hence, it is always practical to consult an SEO service provider like Infidigit to ensure that your anchors are effective.

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